Lauretta Onochie calls CAN Cankerworm Association

Mrs Lauretta Onochie, President Muhammadu Buhari’s social media aide has called the Christian” Association of Nigeria (CAN) the Cankerworm Association of Nigeria. She made this in a statement on a post on her Facebook page titled CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (CAN), NOT IN TALKING TERMS WITH GOD!

This piece has nothing to do with the millions of Christians in Nigeria who Love the Lord with their whole hearts and their neighbours as themselves, as commanded by our Lord, Jesus Christ. On June 16, 2018, lost in the euphoria of Nigeria versus Croatia match at the on-going FIFA World cup tournament in far away Russia, was the cheering news that the Nigeria Police had nabbed the five suspected killers of two Rev Fathers in Benue. Their names were given as follows: Manga Husseini, David Akenawe, Agada Tsesaa, Tarza Orvanya & Ngyohov Shin. The mostly sleeping Nigerian media, for reason explained to the nation by one of our veteran journalists, did not consider it “Breaking News”. They did not even do their usual “Cut and paste”. 

This is a bid to demarket President Muhammadu Buhari, a man elected to salvage a nation that it’s ruination was backed by unrighteous men parading themselves as Christians. The CAN of worms that reap from the bloody trade that is going on in our nation, did not deem it fit to pat the security operatives on the back. Why would they? The Cankerworm Association of Nigeria, previously known as “Christian” Association of Nigeria, had achieved its aim, using the blood of two innocent Catholic Priests, to bring back the Catholic Church to their unrighteous fold. The lives of those two innocent Priests, were pawns in the desperate game by certain evil former Landlords of our nation, who are in bed with the demonic Cankerworms and purveyor of hate messages and fake news. It was in the hey days of the Jonathan administration. Sin was in vogue. Corruption was the currency of trade for the association of partakers of stolen funds otherwise and regretably known as Christian Association of Nigeria. It was very fashionable to commit atrocities and be honoured with a front seat in church and a title. But the Catholic Church in Nigeria would have none of it. 

The Catholic Bishops decided to quit the unholy organisation CAN, as there was no more christianty in the Christian Association of Nigeria. They cited poor leadership and POLITICISATION of the association. The Catholics further went on to add that some attitudes, utterances and actions of the national leadership of CAN which in their opinion negate the concept of the foundation of the association and the desire of Our Lord Jesus Christ, made it imposible for them to continue in the same organisation as unrighteous people. And then, as if in answered prayer for the Catholics, Nigerians rallied round Muhammadu Buhari, a man of honour and integrity, sacking the government that fed the greed of the CAN of worms who constantly received stolen funds meant to make the lives of Nigerians better and easier. This made the Tape worms very unhappy. Tgey began to plot to bring vack the Catholic Church to their fold. Their silence was deafening when IPOB tried to destabilise the country. So when IPOB suddenly dumped Christianity for Judaism, watchers alleged that the Worms had not been able to meet their financial obligations to IPOB.

I am a bible Student and EVERYTHING I do, is guided by my belief in ONE God as supported by the Christian Holy book, the Bible. Any Association that attaches “Christian” to its name, must be built on what Jesus Christ taught us. But the criminal merchants are in bed with criminal elements in our today’s opposition, as they were with the Looting government of PDP that ran our nation aground under you know who. They have now managed to drag the Catholic Church into their pig sty to wallow in their mud. But it won’t last because the Catholics would see through the unrighteous smokescreen and flee from CAN. Again.

 I have not seen where Jesus preached hatred the way the Nigerian worms do. He taught us to LOVE even those that do not love us. Preaching hate in their coven is a direct insult and disobedience to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. But such criminals, existed in His days and Jesus did not mince words in labelling them appropriately. He called them BROOD OF VIPERS. He also called them WHITE-WASHED GRAVEYARDS harbouring dead men’s bones. What is the difference between then and now? Oh I know. The Temple keepers of those days, trekked or rode on donkeys. Today, it’s Private jets bought with funds stolen from Government coffers and donated in form of Tithes and offerings to the Worms. Abomination unto the Lord! He also chased them from the temple saying they had turned His Father’s house into a den of THIEVES and TRADERS. It’s very true today. The report was made of a woman who retired from the Civil Service and a Tithe of N60m was received from her. Stolen funds. We got our money back. Many of them are now finding it difficult to maintain their high profile life styles since President Buhari turned off the taps. I think I was being diplomatic by calling them CAN of worms. We need to define what sort of worms They are. 

They are CAN of Tapeworms. Parasites! Sucking for free, the blood of their ignorant followers in addition to scamming corrupt political leaders. With all the stolen resources available to them, they can afford to find out the truth. But their aim is not to find the truth. Evidence abound that Aides of the political friends of the Tapeworms are the ones on a killing spree, in the name of herdsmen and some of them are already in custody. They have conveniently looked away when the police, in response to the petition of the Benue state Governor, invited his predecessor for questioning. They have said nothing regarding the arrest by the Police of the killers of the two Catholic Priests in Benue State. EVERY LIFE MATTERS. So what sort of a Christian would be silent when over 1000 Fulanis were massacred but amplifies the killing of 70 people massacred in Benue? 

Thankfully, we have many Christian preachers, real Christians, across the nation who do not preach the same hate sermons churned out by the “Christian” Association of Nigeria. Profiles of those arrested show that they are MOSTLY from the warring ethnic groups. So why are the Tapeworms speading lies and instigating hate across the nation? The answer is not farfetched. They want to have another access to federal government funds, meant for the development of our nation thereby shortchanging the people of Nigeria. So they reckon that demarketing the anti corruption champion of Africa, Pres. Muhammadu Okechukwu Buhari, will again, throw the National treasury at their feet. We have had governments in this nation – the good, the bad and the ugly. At no time have we had one that shamelessly peddled religion as a weapon of governance as the government under Pres. Jonathan. We had never seen one that had openly pitched its peace-loving citizens against each other on religious basis using the now frustrated CAN of Tapeworms. It is being alleged openly that many members of the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, are some of the most corrupt and rotten leaders in Nigeria. That’s to the credit of the Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s administration that elevated them above the law and stuffed their mouths full of stolen funds. Have we forgotten a private jet, $15m and South Africa? No we haven’t.

 These worms, Tapeworms, need to borrow a leaf from many Christian preachers of righteousness across the nation. These are men and women of goodwill, ordained in righteousness and are preachers of nothing but peace, love and understanding. Now let me educate the rest who have been belligerent towards others in our nation who worshìp OUR God in a different way. It is God who chooses what family everyone is born into. Consequently, and by implication, He chooses the religion we all inherit. He wanted me to be a Christian so He caused me to be born into a Christian family. He wanted Gov. Nasir Elrufai to be a Muslim, so he was born into a Muslim family. We both relate as brother and sister.

 So do most Christians and Muslims across the nation. Religion nor ethnicity does not come into play because we are children of the same God and citizens of the same nation, NIGERIA. The attitude of many pretenders to Christianity is de-marketing Christianity to the point that Islam is now the fastest growing religion on earth. (Ntor! Ask Google). This is in spite of the fact that ISIS and Boko Haram, are doing to Islam what CAN is doing to Christianity.

 It was perfectly fine for a so called Christian President to attend Organization Of Islamic Conference (OIC), and bring it’s benefits to Nigeria. (I suspect they may have looted those benefits). But totally an Islamisation agenda of the Buhari Administration for Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to take advantage of the SUKUK interest -free loans for the development of his native Enugu State. In Germany, there’s a Christian political party. This morbid hatred for a righteous man, is enough to propel these religious merchants and bigots to register a political Party. Religious and tribal bigotry are not going to hand them political power. 

It’s not going to give them what they crave, which is, unfettered access to our national treasury for the purpose of looting. Until they become a registered political party, until they cease to be demonic and irresponsible in their utterances, until they repent and become Christians, their words are nothing but noise and hate speech. Until then, they do not represent Christians nor speak for us. Until then, they are a brood of vipers and a CAN of Tapeworms. God bless Nigeria. Lauretta Onochie.

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