How Buhari chased away Igbo Industrialists by Voice from the East

BUHARI  CHASES  OUT  IGBO  INDUSTRIALISTS  ;  INNOSON   RELOCATES  TO  GHANA .                              !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

VOICE  FROM THE  EAST – VEAST , an Igbo  Group,    held   an   urgent Meeting  on the  unfortunate   fate  of   Igbo  industrialists  in Buhari’s  regime.  VEAST  evaluated the  case  with  passion for change  and came up with the following observations:
·     Buhari, an avid  hater of  Igbos, makes no mistake   to even show  it  publicly.
·       All  Igbo   successful business men   are  hounded  as goat for the slaughter  and technically  frustrated  for being  Igbo   and nothing more   , nothing less.  
·      The only leaway  given to them  is to relocate  their businesses to  either  West   or  North  to be  safe  and free from harrassment  and intimidation.
·       This  exactly , was the sin of  Innocent  Chukwuma, the  industrialist   whose  Motor Plant   is  located   at   Enugu  in  Igboland.
·     EMZOR  whose  Plant is   incidentally in Lagos  has the  sin that he is  a  progressive Igbo  manufacturer  of  drug.  Buhari  and his   satanic and Mohammedanic  sharia   proselythizers  reasoned that   to cut EMZOR’s  tail, the fictitious  claim of  CODEINE has to be framed  up against him.
·    Dangote  as  the rallying point of  businesses  in the North, with all   possibilities  of money laundering  as  government- made  richest man in Africa,   has  no such harassment. Are   Igbo  business  people  the  only ones that  Buhari   can isolate for possible   drug   abuse?  Is  Innoson also  a  peddler of drugs  also?  Has  Buhari   consulted  specialists   to say that human body does not need  codeine?   From all we  know, codeine  can only  be abused, whereas  it is  quantitatively  medically  useful  to the  body.  Has  Buhari   proved that EMZOR   has  abused  the  use of codeine   in his  drugs  before  ceiling off his  drug plant  permanently ?
 ·      Conclusion:    Buhari  must  be  dealt  with,  removed from power, sent to jail and can die  in jail  , for Nigeria to be  free from the cage of islamic terrorism  which Buhari  with  vendatta , represents.

Comrade   Kindness Jonah, is the CONVENER  of  VEAST.

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