Trump’s meeting with Buhari will bring Biafra struggle to limelight – IPOB

LEADERSHIP of pro-Biafra group, Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in a statement Tuesday, commended all their members, Middle.Belt people and Christians that turned out en masse to protest at the White House, Washington, USA, the continued killing of innocent people in Nigeria especially Christians when President Buhari met with President Trump.

The statement signed by their spokesman, Emma Powerful, indicated that the meeting was a positive one that would bring the Biafra struggle to the limelight. “The leadership and family members of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide commend Biafrans, Middle Beltans and other Christians who came out yesterday 30th April, 2018 to protest at the American White House against the continued killings of innocent citizens of Biafra and Benue State including non Muslims throughout Nigeria. “We equally congratulate the people of America and President Donald J Trump for openly condemning the barbaric killings of Christians in Nigeria by APC Government led by Major General Muhammad Buhari. “President Donald Trump is a God sent to ameliorate the suffering of Christians in Nigeria. The suffering and persecution of Biafrans who are predominantly Christians has gone beyond imagination and proportions since the coming of Buhari Government to power in 2015.

“IPOB worldwide would not hesitate to encourage other civilized world who are lovers of freedom and Christians to join hands with the good people of America and Donald Trump to help save Christians in Nigeria particularly the Biafrans who have been facing humiliations, extermination and persecutions from the hands of Fulani Islamic caliphate led by Major General Muhammad Buhari a Fulani man. The persecution against Biafrans started in Nigeria since 1945 till date. “We are advising Biafrans and few weak minded Biafrans to understand the implication of what happened in American White House.

The meeting of yesterday between Trump and Buhari was awesome and must be praised for President Trump standing on the side of Christians in Nigeria and it will put Biafra struggle to the limelight and right position within the international politics. It is no more news that the Hausa Fulani north who are educated expressed concern about their fears concerning the consequential division of the country as a result of what Trump said,” the statement points out.

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