Plot for full Islamisation of Nigeria by 2025 uncovered - CAN reports that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Advisory Board, says it has uncovered plots by some Islamic fundamentalists to fully Islamise Nigeria by 2025.

Chairman of the board and Methodist presbyter,  Anyanya Circuit in  Akwa
Ibom State, Very Rev. Otuekong Ukut, who revealed this yesterday in a key
note address at the 8th annual synod of Ebenezer Methodist, Umuahia, called on Christians to rise and vigorously resist the evil agenda.

The cleric said the on- going massacre of mainly Christian communities in the North and Middle Belt by herdsmen and Boko Haram was to dislodge Christians from their ancestral lands and  pave way for the total Islamisation of the country by 2025.

Rev. Ukut said that already, all Northern states had fallen to the Islamic fundamentalists, hence , their desperate push towards the Middle Belt and Southern parts of the country which he said must be resisted at all cost.

He warned Christians not to joke with the 2019 elections which , according to him will decide the fate of the country depending the religious inclination of the winner of the Presidential poll.

The cleric wondered why some Christians are still standing aloof while  the " jihadists"  are already registering underaged voters to help them manipulate the outcome of the elections in their favour.

He urged Christians of voting age to get their voter's card and use it wisely in 2019.

" Use your votes and deny them unfettered access to gun and power", he urged Christians.

He regretted that the security agencies had appallingly decided to look the other way while herdsmen continually spill the blood of Christians in the country.

" They have captured all the Northern states and have now pushed into other parts of Nigeria to meet the target of

“They have captured the federal government of Nigeria and all the arms of defense-the Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, Civil Defence, Customs, Immigration, Prisons and Presidency among others”.

The cleric threw his weight behind the clamour for political restructuring, insisting that it the remains the only survival option if Nigeria is to continue as a united entity.

He however, suggested that if it becomes obvious that Nigeria could no longer peacefully co- exist as one political entity in view of the daily killings of Christians and the federal government's criminal silence, it would be better if the country is dissolved into managable smaller entities.

He supported a fragmented Nigeria as earlier suggested by the  Independent People
of Biafra (IPOB) "where (North-Sarduana Republic), (Middle Belt-Tiv-Tukun), (West-Oduduwa) as well as (East-Biafra) and (South-South Atlantic Republic) will be on their own to end the bondage once and for all".

The cleric called on  Christians to embrace up for defence of their faith in the face of persecution.

" Be involved  in active politics, seek election, vote and be voted for, just as only measure that will save Christians from wanton killings, rape and mayhem."

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