Only Igbo traitors 'll attend Ohanaeze summit' - IPOB .....vows to scuttle event reports that the Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB), has said that only Igbo traitors and saboteurs would attend the Ohanaeze summit slated for Awka the Anabra State capital on Monday, May 21.

IPOB in a strong- worded press statement issued yesterday  by  its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful,  accused the Nnia Nwodo-led Ohanaeze of organising the event to appease the federal government, and vowed to scuttle the summit.

The pro- Biafra group warned Igbo leaders and eminent personalities who still cherish their integrity to stay away from the summit or be counted as part of those sabotaging Igbo interest for pecuniary gains.

"We shall  compile the names of all keynote speakers at the event to add to the register of all those that have over the years been betraying our people, especially the individuals that packaged and executed Operation Python Dance", IPOB said.

"No sensible person will identify with Nnia Nwodo in Awka unless he or she is a sell-out like he is", the statement added.

IPOB accused Nwodo of protecting the interest of the federal government while pretending to advance the cause of Ndigbo, wondering how he would be banking on the army for protection in a public event on Igbo soil if truly he is as popular among Ndigbo as he claims.

"Neither Arewa Consultative Forum nor Afenifere ever boasted that Fulani army will protect them, which shows that they are widely accepted as the authentic mouthpiece of their people unlike Nnia Nwodo who is exclusively an agent of the North.

 "History will record that in the year 2018, Hausa Fulani soldiers were invited by a supposed Igbo leader to give him protection in a public gathering in his own land. What an abomination.

"A so-called leader that collaborated with the oppressor to invade his land like Afonja did in Illorin that cost Yoruba people Kwara State till today is exactly who Nnia Nwodo is. Without Fulani soldiers Nnia Nwodo would never be in Awka in the first place not to talk of dreaming of holding a summit. 

"But at least Monday the 21st of May 2018 will prove to the world that Nnia Nwodo is a puppet of the caliphate because Fulani not Igbo soldiers will come to protect him."

IPOB accused those behind the planned summit of collaborating with the federal government during the infamous Operation Python Dance which claimed the lives of many Igbo youths, and vowed to resist the summit as a mark of honour for the victims of the operation. 

"This will forever seal the status of Nnia Nwodo as a slave of the Fulani caliphate. Nnia Nwodo's attempt to officially turn Igboland to Fulani Protectorate on May 21, 2018 will be publicly resisted by diehard IPOB. 

"The spirit of victims of Operation Python Dance, killed with the active connivance of Ohaneze Ndigbo are watching us to see if we will let them down.

"Isn't it shameful that Nnia Nwodo is going from house to house in Enugu begging our more respected elders to follow him to Awka, boasting that Fulani soldiers are coming to protect him.

"To allow Ohaneze Ndigbo to hold this summit means we have surrendered Biafraland to Fulani caliphate forever and ever. On Monday Nnia Nwodo will rely on his Fulani masters from the Sahel to protect him as the Yoruba traitor Afonja did at Illorin but we IPOB own the land and rely on the people of Biafra through the grace of Chukwu Okike Abiama to protect us and our land from our oppressors and collaborators within. "

Only Igbo traitors 'll attend Ohanaeze summit' - IPOB .....vows to scuttle event Only Igbo traitors 'll attend Ohanaeze summit' - IPOB .....vows to scuttle event Reviewed by Unknown on Saturday, May 19, 2018 Rating: 5

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