www.odogwublog.com reports that ahead of the 2018 Children's Day and Democracy Day celebrations in the country, the Biafra Shadow Government (BSG) has called for a boycott of the celebrations, as a protest to the wave of killings in Nigeria.

BSG made the disclosure in a statement signed by it's head of Internal Affairs Directorate, Engr Ayers Shimobi and made available to odogwublog.com.

BSG condemned the killings in Churches, especially in Benue State where two Catholic Priests and 17 parishioners were killed in cold blood by suspected herdsmen amongst other places. 

Further, the BSG said "it is clear that the Biafra child has no future in Nigeria. Our moral, religious, and cultural upbringing runs parallel to what is obtainable in Nigeria. How can Biafra children celebrate when their places of worship are being desecrated; innocent people are being killed, with villages burnt down at peace time, when things we hold sacred are messed up, and abominable acts are becoming the order of the day", the group lamented.

Further, BSG said the boycott order was part of its nonviolence measures adopted to draw the attention of the international community and the Nigerian government to organize "the much needed referendum for Biafrans to choose whether to continue with Nigeria or to have a separate sovereign nation of Biafra".

According to Shimobi, the Biafra land includes the South East and South South States as well as Benue and Kogi States of Nigeria. 

The Biafra Shadow Government described the boycott order as civil disobedience and called on all Biafrans on Biafra land to stay away this years May 27th Children's Day celebration as well as the May 29th, Democracy Day celebration. 

BSG directed Biafrans that "parents should keep away their children from participating in whatever programme that might be mapped out by Nigeria for Children's Day celebration because it is clear that the Biafran child has no future in Nigeria", the statement read.

Further, the BSG said " Biafrans are also called upon to shun Nigeria's democracy celebration because no democracy is practiced in Nigeria".

According to the group, what is currently practiced in Nigeria is "a mockery of democracy. The  real democracy practice which our ancestors handed down to us are being messed, creating fiefdoms in place, and we call on Biafrans to support and adhere to these directives".

The BSG had last year,  made a similar call which was obeyed.