www.odogwublog.com reports that rumours going around that donkeys are slaughtered and freely sold in place of cow meat at Nnewi meat markets, Anambra State has been dispelled and described as malicious.

The chairman of Nnewi Butchers' Association, Chief Amobi Nnoruka while debunking the widespread rumor said he would never allow such a practice to happen, not minding the fact that some of the butchers in Nnewi have refused to come under the association's umbrella.

He said that the association got a court judgement in 2011 that empowered her to supervise all cow meat meant for sale in Nnewi markets and that the association has not relented in carrying out her supervisory responsibility.

Nnoruka said veterinary and sanitary inspectors visit Nnewi market abattoirs on regular basis which would make it difficult for such practices to take place.

The Nnewi butchers association chairman pointed out that the problems facing the butchers has to do with government neglect in the area of infrastructure and other basic amenities noting that for quite a long time now there had not been access roads to the meat selling markets despite huge revenues generated from the section of the market in taxes and levies.

He said further that the butchers has no toilet facilities and that the water borehole which is the only source of water supply to the section of the Nnewi main market has almost collapsed which according to him calls for urgent intervention the government so as to put in place a conducive business environment.