Benue Killings: ‘’Stop this hypocrisy,’’ MASSOB tells President Buhari reports that Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB) yesterday condemned President Muhammadu Buhari's sympathetic condolence to the people of Benue state on the killings of 19 Christians including two Reverend priests by Fulani herdsmen as hypocritical and taunting. 

 In a statement by Leader of MASSOB, Comrade Uchenna Madu, the group wanted to know, ‘’How can a patron and institutor of killer squad send condolences to the victims of his foot soldiers? Such condolence are glaringly full of impurities and hypocrisies’’.                    

The statement further read in part: ‘’We know that MIYETTI ALLAH, the real terrorist movement using Fulani herdsmen as a camouflage is the fourth worst terrorist organization in the world ranking. They have openly vowed and threatened by their sponsors and patrons which includes the Islamic religious, traditional and opinion leaders that they will continue to dominate and terrorize all perceived enemies and oppositions.        

 ‘’They have also insisted that president Buhari must continue as president of Nigeria because he is their own, implementing the religious instruction of Othman Dan Fodio.                          

‘’President Buhari's condolences to the people of Benue state through a christian media adviser is to ridicule the Christian faith. MASSOB charged the Catholic church and the people of Benue state not to accept President Buhari's condolence massage because he hypocritically exempted his Islamic foot soldiers from the gruesome murders of followers of Jesus Christ, he claimed in his condolence massage that it was gunmen.                                          

‘’MASSOB also described the current government of Nigeria under President Buhari and Osibanjo as a huge monumental failure which can never be redeemed again. We have seen the hypocritical handwriting which was as a result of the secret and deceitful pact / agreement reached and agreed by the Hausa Fulani representing Arewa and Yorubas representing Oduduwa against the people of old Eastern region on the platform of APC.                                          

‘’It is very obvious and more clearer that President Buhari  will handover the Relay baton of APC to a Muslim Yoruba man after his tenure. They are seriously working on this Islamic agenda which no APC bigwigs from old eastern region can stop. Chibuike Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha, Ogbonnaya Onu, Chris Ngige and others from Igbo land that later joined APC as a national party are all political errand boys and stooges of the real owners and controllers of APC.                        

‘’With President Buhari body language and Osibanjo's consistent defense of his master, the appointments of all security service chiefs from Buhari's Islamic kinsmen, his continuous defending and protecting of his foot soldiers popularly known as Fulani herdsmen, his insensitivities against non Muslims and inabilities to protect the citizens are all clearer signs and evidences that Buhari is executing an arranged and planned agenda that is detrimental to non Muslims in Nigeria.                          

‘’The rot, imbalances and inequalities in education sector where there are special and preferential laws for northern citizens against the southern citizens, the economic harsh policies against the people of Eastern region, the continuous tribalism and sentimental hatred exhibited against the people of eastern region and Christians in Nigeria are all manifestation of worst government .                                    

‘’MASSOB still maintain and insists that President Buhari remain the last president of Nigeria. His secret pact with Bola Tinubu and other top selected Islamic leaders in Nigeria will never be achieved. Nigeria is already sitting on a time bomb which will likely explode soon. The consciousness of future survival of the people of Biafra, Middle Belt and Oduduwa have been reawakened for total defence of our lands and our people from every manoeuvring of Buhari and his kinsmen’’.  
Benue Killings: ‘’Stop this hypocrisy,’’ MASSOB tells President Buhari Benue Killings: ‘’Stop this hypocrisy,’’ MASSOB tells President Buhari Reviewed by Unknown on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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