Why I posed nude on my birthday

Few days ago, Liberia-born US-based Nollywood actress, Jojo Charry, set the Internet on fire with her nude birthday photos. While some admired her, others admonished her for posing nude.

In this exclusive interview, the beautiful thespian explain the reasons behind the nude photo shoot, her encounter with lesbians, and plans for the future. Enjoy it.

How did you get into the movie industry?

I was born in Liberia but grew up in Ghana. Eighteen years ago, I moved to Washington DC, USA. Then some years back, Desmond Elliott introduced me into the Nigerian movie industry. He was the first producer that gave me a role in a Nigerian movie, but which was shot in the United States. So, he got me involved in Nollywood. The movie was ‘The Trap’. In all, I did about four movies in the United States with Desmond. Later, when I came down to Nigeria, I shot a movie, ‘Friends or Foes’ with Debby. I also did ‘Emeka the Lalala’ with Chigozie Atuanya, we shot some parts in Houston, and then came down to Nigeria to shoot the remaining part. But sadly his father passed away.

Do you have your own movie production?

Not yet. I’m still learning the craft. I’m not good enough to venture into movie production. It would take a little while.

But do you have that in mind?

Maybe some day in future. But for now, no at all.

Your nude birthday photos went viral online with lots of backlashes, did you regret ever posting them?

To be honest, I have always thought of doing a nude photo shoot for a long time. When I was younger, I felt my body was too sexy and it scared me. I was ashamed of my body, it was too grown. Now that I’m older, I saw that it’s a trend; everybody craves to have a sexy body. Even people are paying, some going under the knife to have my kind of body, so why am I covering myself? I had to embrace myself. Like, this is who I am; the body is not going anywhere. It is going to be mine forever.

So, the last time I came to Nigeria, I was like, let me do a nude photo shoot. I love my body just like I love myself. So, I wanted the world to see what I have got in me. However, it’s not like I was totally nude, because I wasn’t showing anything. But Nigerians are taking the matter too seriously. I am not mad at them; I am just enjoying it all. I don’t care. People must talk, complain, regardless of what you do or didn’t do. That’s the kind of world we live in! I just do whatever makes me happy.

How about your boyfriend, what were his reactions?

He is very supportive of everything that I do as long as it makes me happy and comfortable. He made sure I was ready for the tongue lashing, before I posted those photos.

Was he there with you during the shoot?

He was supposed to be there but he couldn’t make it. We actually came down to Nigeria together but he had to go back to the States during the shoot for something urgent.

Obviously, your stylist, Swanky Jerry and the camera crew saw your nakedness, didn’t that make you uncomfortable?

Swanky asked me all over if I was ready for such a daring shoot, I told him I was; and then we went into action. I was not shy or uncomfortable because it was all professional. It wasn’t a sex scene or something of such, just a nude photo session. They all did their work professionally. I was very confident!

Are there things you do to maintain your sexy body?

I eat a whole lot of healthy food. I also wear Waist Trainers. I have my own Waist Trainer line coming out soon. In two weeks time, we will launch it. It’s for women that want a sexy body and slim waist.

Your body looks so sexy to ignore; do women woo you too?

Of course, my body is too sexy; they can’t resist it. All kinds of women woo me all the time (smiles).

How do you react to that?

I just laugh and walk away.

Any crazy encounter with them?

Yeah! I was offered 10,000 US dollars to join an orgy party. It is a one-night party full of beautiful women that would have moments of really intense sex!

From experience, what do you love about Nigerian guys?

I love Nigerian guys because they are hustlers. They are also very cool people. I love their confidence. They always want to represent their country. They are fun and very lovely set of people.

Seems your guy is a Nigerian too?

(Smiles) Well, I still want to keep my relationship private because I don’t want people getting into my business. I can’t tell you where he is from; that’s my little secret.

What got you attracted to him?

A whole lot. He is proud of me. He is very calm, not a show-off like me (smiles). He is very caring and loving and quite business minded too. Sometimes, he doesn’t give me enough attention and I always complain, but I just try to understand.

Any plan to walk down the aisle soon?

Of course, if the good Lord says so. In every relationship, that’s what every girl hopes for, likewise me. I don’t mind getting married to him because I love him so dearly.

What happens if you get pregnant and he is not ready for marriage?

I don’t believe in having a child out of wedlock. But, if I get older and haven’t found the right guy, I might consider that. Or maybe I get pregnant and we both decide to keep it, then it’s fine. The good Lord will bless us. Being a baby mama depends on the circumstances I find myself.

Do you worry you might lose your sexy body after childbirth?

Not at all. That’s where the beauty spa and Waist Trainer come in. I’m not scared at all. I have to try everything possible to maintain my sexy body because I don’t want my husband to go anywhere else. He met and married me looking all hot and sexy, I must strive to maintain that look for him.

Celebrity marriages don’t last, any plan to make yours different?

My prayer is that whoever I’m getting married to, we will have a very good understanding. I’ll never give my husband any reason to think about divorce. Whatever issue we have would be resolved between us, no third party. We should not forget the reason why we fell in love. Honestly, divorce is not a good feeling and I don’t wish that for myself.

Aside acting what else do you do?

I work. Yes, I have a 9 to 5 job to pay my bills. I actually work for my aunty as one of her directors. She understands my acting job too, so whenever I have a script, I get her permission, then I go for it.

Were your parents in support of your acting career?

My mum and dad are very supportive. They made sure we follow our dreams, as long as you are making enough money to sustain yourself, and also take good care of your children when they start coming.

What is your position in the family?

I’m the seventh child in my family. My father has nine children. But I’m the only child from my mum.

How was it growing up in a polygamous family?

When we were in Ghana, things were good although, we didn’t live together as one big family. We have always lived separately. We are planning to have a family get together this year.

Where do you project yourself to be in the near future?

I want to get married within the next two years, with kids, and living in my own mansion. I want to be a successful businesswoman, a CEO and a happy one too.
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