Uwazuruike to be sent on exile by Fyne Boy, Kanu’s brother as he knows Kanu’s whereabouts

 Prince Emmanuel Kanu a.k.a Fyne Boy is the younger brother of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
He spoke on the labeling of Ndigbo the most foolish tribe in the world by the founder of Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike and his alleged link to the disappearance of the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.
What do you have to say about the allegation by MASSOB founder, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike that IPOB was founded on falsehood?
I think anything that is genuine, remains very genuine. Just like in the Christendom, you don’t force people to come and worship God, but when people see miracles take place, they tend to believe you. So, in the case of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, people have seen the genuineness of the IPOB leader and the steps he has so far taken. So, it is up to the world to tell if Nnamdi kanu is doing the right thing or not and not Uwazuruike because as a blind man, he cannot see anything good that is coming to Biafrans. Again, as far as we are concerned, Uwazuruike is nobody in Biafra land.
Your brother was accused of being a mole, lured into the struggle by the Federal Government to truncate the struggle, is that right?
If Nnamdi Kanu is not genuine, how come he established Radio Biafra when Uwazuruike was unable to fund the one he established earlier? Nnamdi Kanu announced his coming to Nigeria for a change and the agents of the same Nigerian government Uwazuruike said bought him over arrested him. Have you seen the foolishness in his reasoning? When the IPOB leader arrived the country, he was not prosecuted but persecuted and kept in prison for so long. Nnamdi Kanu never bargained for his bail and that is exactly what happened.
You spoke about Nnamdi Kanu establishing Radio Biafra, but Uwazuruike claimed he was the one that did and employed your brother who he alleged betrayed him. What’s your reaction?
Uwazuruike you know is always economical with the truth. The whole world knows that he established his radio station in 2006/2007, which was closed after six months because he was unable to fund it. In fact, Nnamdi Kanu had to leave London to meet Uwazuruike here in Nigeria, Uwazuruike refused to release money for Radio Biafra and my brother had to work and used his personal money to sustain the radio station until it became difficult for him to do that. After waiting for a long time to see if Uwazuruike could bring money to revive Radio Biafra and nothing was coming forth, my brother established Radio Biafra, this time around under IPOB and not MASSOB since the one under MASSOB was dead. Uwazuruike should hide his face in shame because he was unable to pay his workers and take care of other exigencies of the station, which was the major reason Radio Biafra under MASSOB shut down.
I heard Uwazuruike said he had made money before forming MASSOB, but I want to let the world know that Uwazuruike was a poor man even when he came back from India, he was nobody. He formed MASSOB for the sole purpose of money making and he truly turned the organization into a money making machine and not to actualize Biafra as he is falsely claiming. While Uwazuruike used MASSOB to collect money from the Federal Government apart from the ones contributed by members he pocketed, on the other hand, my brother refused to be given oil wells and also refused to collect money, that’s where the great difference lies between them. Uwazuruike always has evil intention; that was why he kidnapped my brother in 2009 and I gave him 24 hours to release him and after releasing him, he invited the DSS to arrest my brother at the Ojukwu Bunker which they did, all in an effort to ensure he was eliminated.
Within the circle of the Biafran struggle, your brother is seen as a usurper who came to reap where others sowed. Is it true?
I know the person that is saying that, specifically it is Uwazuruike. It is not right because we all are agitators; every single Biafran is an agitator depending on how you want to agitate. Some of them agitate fraudulently and that is the difference between Uwazuruike and Nnamdi Kanu; it is as simple as that. Everybody who is genuine in the struggle has one thing at the back of his mind and that is to make sure that Biafra succeeds. In fact, that is the bone of contention between Uwazuruike and Nnamdi Kanu. The IPOB leader refused to be compromised, he said ‘no, I will not be part of what you are doing, if you want us to organize Biafra genuinely I will work with you and realize Biafra’, but when he saw that Uwazuruike used the struggle for money making, he said ‘no, I will not work with you.’
What people do not know is that Uwazuruike has been compromised a long time ago. No freedom fighter goes about building hotels and estates; no freedom fighter goes about campaigning for his oppressors. Apart from the ones he did before, it is on record that he has of late been holding meetings with politicians especially those from the Northern part of the country, what is it for? Those meetings are they in the interest of the struggle or for his personal gains? That was the case at the tail end of the Goodluck Jonathan administration; he was meeting government officials and collecting money from them, it is not done anywhere. If you want to be a freedom fighter, you have to focus on your people not the same people you say you have rejected, you still go behind to dine and wine with them as Uwazuruike has been doing, it doesn’t work.
Is it true that IPOB brought falsehood to the Biafra struggle as alleged by Uwazuruike?
I think that is a very wrong assertion that came from Uwazuruike, although everybody knows that he criminalized the Biafra agitation until when Nnamdi Kanu came on board and who of course everybody believed in. And from the steps so far taken, the whole world knows that Nnamdi has truly taken genuine steps, steps required to realize Biafra. So, whoever that is saying that Nnamdi brought falsehood to the struggle, I will expect that person to tell us the meaning of falsehood in this particular instance. So, to me, I think what Uwazuruike has done again is to exonerate Nnamdi in the real sense because if the IPOB leader has a doubtful character as Uwazuruike and is not following the right track at the right time, I don’t think anybody will talk about him, so, he has set the right pace, which everybody is following.
What do you make out of statement credited to the MASSOB leader that the Igbo are the most foolish tribe in the whole world?
I think he is the only foolish Igbo man we have so far come to know. How could someone in his right frame of mind say the Igbo is the most foolish tribe in the world when in fact they are the most resourceful, enterprising and intelligent people. The truth remains that when Uwazuruike was deceiving his Igbo tribe with his abracadabra called MASSOB and the people followed him without questioning where the money they were contributing was kept, for Uwazuruike, they were wise people. But when the people had better alternative in IPOB and jettisoned him and his ways, they became the most foolish tribe in the world, that is Uwazuruike for you, an ingrate who decided to insult his people he rode on their back to become what he is today. Having said that, that shows you to what extent Uwazuruike has gone to collect money from the Federal Government to rubbish his own people. Have you heard of a Hausa or Yoruba person no matter the level of provocation dressing their tribes in such robe? This is to tell you that he is not a genuine freedom fighter, he is only fighting for his pocket and when the people said no to that, they became foolish. If we have a foolish man in Igbo land, it is Uwazuruike.He is a drowning man; I’m even confused in all of this because he is no longer the leader of MASSOB, but that of BIM. For all we know, he has been expelled from MASSOB, the current leader of MASSOB is Uchenna Madu. So, having lost out even in his organization, he is now going about condemning his own people to see if he could make money out of it because he is a Federal Government agent.
Is there anyway Nnmadi Kanu could reconcile with Uwazuruike?
Well, if the Nigerian army will release Nnamdi Kanu from where they kept him, I don’t see any reconciliation coming because Uwazuruike is a saboteur; he sold my brother to the Federal Government. He had a hand in the military raid of our country home because he collected huge sum of money by the Federal Government for that purpose.
What next for the Igbo struggle?
Uwazuruike must go into exile whether he likes it or not for betraying his people and at the same time insulting them. Nobody in his right senses will insult his people the way he did, that tells you how far he has gone to rubbish his own people for the sake of money. He is the man that will tell few of his followers to use Biafran international passport and Biafra vehicle number plates while himself will be using those of Nigeria, have you seen this type of human being before? Like I said, at the appointed time, he must go into exile because he is not worthy to live in Biafra land.

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