The art of harvest by Livy-Elcon Emereonye

That everyone exists for a purpose cannot be overemphasized but rather the burning issue should be on how many people have actually known and realized their true purpose for existence – and as many that have done, what proportion has taken conscious steps towards fulfilling them without fear or favour? Thus the question: “Why am I here?” What is your true mission on earth? Why do you do the things you do? What drives your passion?
To live, up to this moment, is the greatest privilege of life – enjoy it. Make best use of the time. Some would have loved to be here now at all cost but are not – they died! So make good use of this golden privilege of being counted among the living and be a blessing to yourself and humanity.
Beside the accident of birth and the partiality of grace, we are not by means better than others. Our being with the resultant position and possession are not necessarily our own making. Yes, our achievements are not by any means a result of our might and power. In other words, whosoever we are and whatsoever we have, we receive. Therefore, work for a life not a living. Strive for good stewardship of service; prepare always to give proper account at the right place and appropriate time.
The twinkling of the clock, the passing of the day, takes us towards the fulfillment of our purpose – the primacy of our existence, the obedience of which and timely compliance to its dictates and tune make the difference, making us important (or even irrelevant) but for a while so why not do your part, that which you are opportune, now and well, to avoiding living in regret later?
Without being a clog on another person’s wheel of positive progress, contribute towards wholesome beautification of the world. Within the limits of your ability, paint the imperfect weaves and create beauty lines now that you have the time.
In a simple language, we live to die – and funny enough every passing second takes us closer to the grave. And when eventually you die, how will you be remembered? What will people say about you in your absence?
Instead of occupying yourself with thoughts of domination, destruction and evil, do something good, great and ennobling. Build not destroy all that is good and beautiful; encourage not discourage others with good intentions; strive to establish and promote a level playing grounds instead of erecting walls of mischief, marginalization and exclusion; and if you cannot provide good things, don’t stand on the ways of those selflessly doing so. There is no need labouring to explain out evil when you could have prevented it. Instead of cursing darkness, ignite light and feed the flame regardless of the cost.
Live and let live is the secret for purposeful living but it is very unfortunate that some of us will like to live at the expense of others – and this is responsible for the continuum of evil amongst us. We can kill others just to serve our own interest that expires with time!
Those who resist positive change end up being consumed by the forces against the status quo. Those who consciously and deliberately join the league of evil doers are mercilessly swept away by the consequences of evil deed. Therefore, stand up against a flawed, polarized system until the inevitable, needed change is effected. Don’t fall for any bait or ploy even if it means standing alone and suffering for unjust cause. Don’t follow the crowd without knowing the destination. At the end of every group consciousness is personal reward.
No one can run away from his shadow. Though it can be smeared, conscience cannot be destroyed. Sometimes, somewhere, the small still voice will speak. The things done in the dark have ways of being revealed and exposed by the light. Sometimes, somewhere, we must face the consequences of our actions and inactions.
You may be smart by half but the reward is always in full measure. Don’t commune with those doing evil for there will always be a payback time. Those who connived for evil have ways of eventually working against themselves. Karma is always thorough and merciless so watch your ways and mind your steps.
In pursuit of pleasure, some have gone out of their ways to initiate and do abominable things that end up destroying them and threatening humanity long after they have gone and forgotten yet some of the living learn nothing but rather choose to repeat such abomination with some doing the worse.
Take a good look of yourself on the mirror. Are you satisfied with the image? How will the world be if everyone were to be clowned from you?
If you like continuously lie to yourself and become a big effigy of falsehood just to get even and move with the “big boys”; you can listen to or even tell sweet one sided stories to justify and cover your iniquities and greed but never forget in a haste that after all the acts, in the art of harvest, everyone and everything is compensated (positively or negatively) adequately.
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