SBCHRO’s moment of verdict on South East leaders and essence of good governance reports that the South East based Coalition of Human Rights and Good Governance Organizations (SBCHRO’s) weekend decried what it tagged near total, if not total collapse of quality leadership and good governance in the Southeast Zone in particular and Nigeria in general.

SBCHRO’s said it is regrettable the rise and institutionalization of transactional governance and bad leadership which has denied the poor masses the opportunity to rejoice and prosper.
Presenting their stand during a media interaction by the 18 groups at Sharon House Onitsha in a statement researched and compiled by Emeka Umeagbalasi for Intersociety and SBCHROs, SBCHRO’s said an accomplished leader in public office should pave the way for sustainable and equitable growth, development and prosperity of his or her people and their society.

They said an accomplished leader must during his stay in office use the public funds for public good and ensure the putting of smiles on the faces of  majority, if not most of his or her own people.

Signatories to the statement were Int’l Solidarity for Peace & Human Rights Initiative (Jerry Chidozie Chukwuokoro, PhD) ; Igbo Ekunie Initiative (rep Charles Ogbu) ; Civil Liberties Organization, Anambra State Branch (Vincent Ezekwueme) ; Foundation for Environmental Rights Advocacy & Dev (Nelson Nnana Nwafor) ;Society for Economic Rights & Social Justice (Orji Andy Ndukwe).
Others were Initiative for Ideal Dev & Emancipatory Leadership in Nigeria (Nwokocha Anozie Innocent) ; Igbo National Council (Chilos A.C. Godsent) ; Forum for Promotion of National Ethos & Values (rep Ugochukwu Onwukwe) ; Easy Life Initiative for Rural Youths (Emeku Uche); Voice of the Voiceless Int’l (Barr Violet Umenwofor-Ezekwike)
The group said it is particularly deeply saddened over the near total, if not total collapse of good governance and visionary leadership in the Southeast Zone, owing not to relent in its promotion good governance roles including expressing the situations in the society without fear of favour.

The statement read in part: ‘’….It is therefore no longer news and new that good governance and charismatic leadership have eluded the Southeast Zone. The Zone is now shackled by transactional governance and chronic bad leadership. As a matter of fact, corridors of power in the Southeast are now majorly under the grip of The Anarchists.  Art of governance has become transaction of businesses in the corridors of power and shameless display of political rascality and immorality.
‘’Many, if not most of the legislators in the Geopolitical Zone are no longer legislating and checkmating the executives for good governance and public good, but transacting by cornering public funds into moveable and immoveable investments. Use of public funds for public good is now strange and has become a thing of the past in the Zone. Many, if not most State and Federal House legislators in the Southeast Zone now operate or own private revenue windows and taskforces.
‘’It is so sad, shocking and disappointing that some university professors and their likes in social settings have now become shoe shiners, dusters of files, carriers of bags, personal assistants and private secretaries to these anarchists and renegades masquerading as executive and legislative public office holders in Nigeria particularly in the Southeast Geopolitical Zone.
‘’We therefore have strongly resolved to revisit and review critically; social, economic, political and security and safety developments in Southeast Zone in the past years including 2017. The events being revisited and reviewed are public interest oriented. The roles played by their key players are evaluated and rated as the best and the worst in the Southeast (1980s – 2017);  involving the serving and former executive or public governance, social services and security administrators in the Zone in the past years including 2017.
In identifying and celebrating dedicated leaders in South East , the group said: ‘’Those with outstanding performances in ensuring provision and delivery of human security (i.e. personal security, food security, health security, environmental security, economic security, community security and political security) as well as public decency and accountability in governance to the People of Southeast in part or in whole; are rated and celebrated as the best personalities of the Southeast Zone (1980s -2017). The public officers so named or recognized are the serving or retired or living or dead (posthumous) public office holders from the Zone; who are serving or had served in executive public offices. Their recognition and celebration have become compelling following the sorry state of governance and its peripherals in the Zone.
‘’In progressive and prospering social climes, achievers and charismatic leaders are celebrated and worshipped as religion and legends; but in Nigeria of today especially under Buhari’s Presidency, such leaders are not only rarely found, but also mocked and hated when found especially by members of the political class or political elites. It is so bad that decency and outstanding achievement no longer have a place in Nigeria’s political space. Failures are beatified and canonized while achievements and their achievers are demonized and marked for destruction.
‘’It is also no longer hidden that membership of political class in the Zone is now dominated and held by jugulars by the black sheep of the society; thereby making good governance and charismatic leadership attainment an act of impossibility. It is so bad that any conscientious political player that operates in the opposite direction while in office (i.e. provides good governance and quality leadership) instantly draws the untamed anger of the immoral members of the political class and marked for total destruction. He or she is further seen and treated as a leper or a deviant.
‘’A clear case in point is the attacks and destructive conspiracies against former Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State by members of the political class; just because he insisted on using public funds for public good during his days as the democratically elected Governor of Anambra State (2006-2014). His remarkable transformation of the State has, till date, not gone down well with the political elites who attacked him for “making them hungry” during his tenure; instead of allowing them access to public funds to loot and plunder at the teething expense of the People of the State in particular and the Southeast in general.
‘’Obi’s achievements in office are second to none since the days of late Dede Sam Mbakwe in old Imo State (present Imo and Abia State and a part of Ebonyi State) and Chief Jim Nwobodo in old Anambra State (present Enugu and Anambra States and larger part of Ebonyi State).
‘’At the level of Intersociety and SBCHROs, therefore, we must at all times insist on celebrating and immortalizing the achievers of our time especially in the Southeast Zone. To this effect, the trio of late Chief Sam Onunaka Mbakwe (from Avutu-Obowo, Imo State), Chief Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo (Nkanu, Enugu State) and Chief Peter Gregory Onwubuashi Obi (Agulu, Anambra State) must at all times make the hall of fame as the great achievers of our time during their days as democratically elected Governors of old Imo and Anambra and present Anambra States.
‘’If it is to be in other social climes, these great leaders and achievers (noted are minuses in Chief Jim Nwobodo’s present reputation and integrity) will eternally be celebrated and immortalized. University faculties, research centers, care or charity foundations and public monuments will be named after them. Their achievements in office would also have been theorized and developed into courses of study in the tertiary institutions.
The statement concluded: ‘’Those of them still living would have been made visiting or guest lecturers and professors in some reputable universities particularly those in their localities. They would also have been invited to chair or sit in the boards of regional and int’l multibillion dollar companies and highly respected and influential foundations and bodies’’.
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