Lease expiration: Land owners issue 14-days ultimatum to Mgbuka Obosi traders reports that two families, Umueagu Umuota and Omenyi Mmakwu, Obosi, Idemili North
Local Government Area, Anambra state, alleged to be the land owners of
Old Motor Parts Dealers Association, Ugwuagba Obosi, have reportedly
issued a 14-day ultimatum to the traders on the said land to come for renegotiation.

The owners of the land said their tenants have been occupying
the land on lease, and that 40 years of first lease has expired hence the need for them to come forward for renegotiation since the lease
has expired, failure which the land will be revoked and allocated to
other investors.

Briefing newsmen on the preparedness of both families to recover their
land, their spokesman, Engr Chinedu Anachuna, through their counsel,
Bar. Okewo John Ejikeme, said that the land was leased to the traders
between 1977 and 1978 adding that, "since its expiration over 40 years
now, the traders have not come forward for renegotiation".

"The tenure of Private lease is 40 years and that of Government is 99
years because government lease has perpetual succession.

We will revoke the land and sell it to banks or any other investors if
they are not serious" he warned.

He recalled that Chiefs, Nwabuike Anachuna (Ajie Obosi) from Umueagu
family Umuota and Augustine Chukwuemeka Igwebuike (Omenyi of Mmakwu)
Obosi, were the people that allocated the land to the traders on lease
adding that since the allocation that the #40 yearly loyalty agreed
upon by both parties that it will be paid to the land owners, has not
for once been paid, stating that they would also recover the money.

In their own defence when contacted, the Chairman of the market, Chief
Emmanuel Obiagwu, who spoke on behalf of the traders said that he has
not heard about the lease for the first time pointing out that, "some
of the traders who bought the land from Obosi people are still alive
and will know better".

"The Obosi people should inform us through the normal process for us
to understand what they are saying and not going to the press", he

He explained further that, "lease is lease whether private or
government, so until they (Obosi People) write us officially then we
know what to tell them".

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