Kannywood, Nollywood merged for growth of movie industry?

Movie producer, Usman Adeyemi popularly known as ‘Uzee Concept’ wants Kannywood merged with Nollywood for the growth of the movie industru. Adeyemi, in an interview on Saturday in Abuja said merging the two groups together would enhance creativity, better recognition and regulation of the industry.

He said that a single movie that would showcase the different cultural endowments in the country would make Nigeria gain more respect and attention globally. Adeyemi, a former makeup artist turned producer said the existence of Kannywood and Nollywood as separate movie bodies country would not enhance the much desired national unity and collective progress. 

The producer of the recently released movie, “Zero Hour’’ that paraded the likes of Nollywood and Kannywood talented actors said his concept was aimed at bringing the two industry together. “There is nothing like Kannywood and Nollywood. They are all Nollywood; my major target is on how to make them one. “ If you notice, every movie I do now in terms of stars, I bring in people from all part of the country to make it international standard.
 “When Zero Hour came up, I had to bring in different actors like Rahama Sadau, Ali Nuhu and others from Kannywood; RMD and Alex Ekubo from Nollywood. “ I also brought in Robert Peters from the U.S. to come direct the project. So it is a combination of technically sound personality and actors who are professionals, and have good viewership from both worlds. 

“As a producer, I tried to take it to the next level by doing the right thing; it has to be of international standard. That’s why I don’t do many movies now,’’ he said. He said that merging Kannywood and Nollywood into a single movie industry to be known as Nollywood would go a long way to enhance quality of content and output. Adeyemi said the United State of America with single movie industry had cross boundaries and impact the global movie community.

“Nigeria cannot continue to operate different movie industries; it does not tell good of a country with bunch of talents that is struggling to exist in unity and oneness. “We can unite and do better than what we are presently doing; after all, translations can be use to pass on message to the viewers. “The merging of the two movie industries will grow wider viewers from all parts of the country,”he said. (NAN)
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