IPOB thumps up Senator Ekweremadu

It doesn't matter to the Indigenous People of Biafra who sits at the helm of power in the British created contraption named Nigeria. Though military takeover is a distinct possibly depending on the preference of Britain because to them as long as power remains in the hands of the Fulani north, all is well in their colony. We expect Arewa North to do everything humanly possible to cling unto power even beyond 2023. If truth be told, Nigeria belongs to the core Arewa North courtesy of our colonial masters and that status quo will be rigorously maintained no matter who is in power.
The man at Aso Rock today, claiming Buhari, will dare not run again because the his carefully choreographed public appearances will be unsustainable under the heat of electoral campaigns. His cover is bound to be blown during non-stop crisscrossing of the country at the height of election campaign, so the best way the Fulani dominated can realistically retain their stranglehold on power is through a military coup d'etat. So Senator Ike Ekweremadu is correct in his assumptions. Nigeria is a lawless jungle so anything is possible.
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