5 Important Things You Must Know Before You Buy uPVC Windows in Nigeria:

I know you are interested in using high quality Upvc windows for your housing project. That is why you are on this page. I just want to use this article to educate you on some of the most important features you must look out for when purchasing Upvc windows in Nigeria in order to get the best value for your money.
  1. Double Glazing: Always ensure that the Upvc windows you buy is double glazed. Double glazed windows also known as insulated glass consists of two panes; clear and thick glass separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope. This provides thermal insulation and helps cool down the temperature of your home.
  2. Dust And Odor Elimination Capacity: Make sure that the Upvc windows you are about to purchase are capable of preventing dust and odour from entering your home. The seller must be able to guarantee this. Rotex Glass windows have the capacity to prevent 99% of dust from entering your home as well as blocks offensive odours from filtering in. So, you can simply lock your house, travel for months and still return to find it dust-free.
  3. Sound Proof Qualities: Ensure that the windows you want to purchase must be layered with a gas filled space to absorb noise thus making it sound proof. Rotex glass windows reduce up to 95% of external noise from outside into your home or office.
  4. After Sales Support: Ensure that your Upvc window supplier offers after sales support like installation and free after sales consultation. After purchase, Rotex glass team of experts will help transport the windows to your project location and install it for you.
  5. Warranties: Do they offer warranties on the product? If not, don’t buy. Period! Always demand for at least 1 year warranty so that you are 100% sure that you are protected in case the product falls short of your expectation. Rotex Glass offers up to 2 years warranty on all of its products, so you can buy with rest of mind. If you would like to get more information or ask questions about uPvc Windows, kindly call 08148885555 or email [email protected].
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