We need Paradigm Change in Nigeria - Peter Obi

www.odogwublog.com reports that the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has made a strong case for paradigm shift in Nigeria in all aspects of life among Nigerians,  as well as in all aspects of national development. Obi was speaking yesterday at Lagos at an event organized by Potters House called "Paradigm Change."

Obi said that  Nigerians daily demanded change from their leaders in other to midwife a new Nigeria, but he insisted that the most important change should be in the way Nigerians think. "We must get our thinking right and every other change will follow. Nigerians, including Peter Obi, must learn to think about selflessness and the virtues of service. Nigerians must learn to think about what to produce and not what to share. Nigerians must think about the country and her future and not about houses they own in different parts of the world", Obi said.

Speaking further, Obi decried a situation where  over 10 million Nigerians are out of school; where 4 million Nigerians lost their jobs in 2017; where unemployment has moved from 38% to 40% in January. Obi said such negative indices were as a result of poor planning or total lack of planning, caused by election of people without any track of record in managing men and resources.

Obi said that for Nigeria to get it right, that those in authority must invest heavily in education and must start seeing resources committed to education as investment rather than expenses.

Other speakers, Pastor Orhonor, Debora Williams, Pojo Oyemade and Tony Rapu agreed with Obi that what Nigeria needed urgently was paradigm shift from the way things are done to doing them better.

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