The shame of a nation by Livy-Elcon Emereonye reports that those who live on excuses, oftentimes,  end up shamefully in pains from preventable or curable causes and easily remedied situations because they give excuses and seek sympathy instead of solutions. Every excuse has the propensity to make a simple problem a complex one so it pays to seek solution not sympathy. Emotions don’t solve problems but rather complicate them.
It cannot be overemphasized that those who justify or do evil for whatsoever reason are the worst enemies of mankind – keep away from them, and no matter the condition shun their association and friendship because evil communication does not only corrupt good manners, it kills good intentions and deeds. It is better to be alone and lonely than to be in evil company that will make you smear your conscience or even share your loyalty; it is better to be hungry and starve than to eat from a buffet where you would be asked to swallow your teeth along with sumptuous meal.
As long as there is the covenant of day and night, somehow, somewhere, we get what we give though it may not be immediate. Yes, we receive what we release. The same measure we used for others would be used for us so be mindful of your actions and inactions. Watch what you support or oppose. Be conscious of yourself and strive to see things from different perspectives. Listen to the still small voice and you would discover that the broad-smooth route that many people follow may eventually not be the right path.
Whatever we value, we preserve; and anything well preserved appreciate in value most times. Our imagination forms our plans but we can’t see beyond our perception and vision. Little wonder lack of vision remains a very tough challenge. Where you are and in what you do, what do you see and why? Change the way you look at things and the things you look at, see, will change, bringing about the relativity of truth.
A people whose sense of existence is predicated on false foundation of division, fabrication, intimidation, manipulation, marginalization and extinction built for idiotic domination can only play well the game of deceit and deception for survival, making hypocrisy a creed, a religion. A people with no value, no honour, will go for anything. Develop self esteem and live for it otherwise you will be priced for a monkey.
The people with shallow sense of life and living whose knowledge of things is flawed and skewed, can easily be twisted with lies - and this is exactly what their rulers (dominant directors) do, using them for political chess game. And like play cards, many fall for this. Yes, for peanut, some people can swear that black is white – and where lies reign, retrogression is inevitable as the people take one step forward and three steps backward!
It is a shame of the people for dullards to rule over intellectuals that midgets defeat giants. In sheer display of ignorance fueled by tribalism, bigotry and fanaticism, the people sheepishly become cheap prey for ravaging cannibals that kill and devour even their offspring and young ones for power; and in idiotic hysteria, the victims out of pure slave mentality justify the act and can destroy themselves in the process. The endless justification and support of evil by those who should have revolted and stopped it is indeed a shame of the people.
It is beyond reasoning why and how darkness can have dominion over light. It is very shameful that in promoting “we” against “them” we end up fooling and harming ourselves – and they cash in on this to unleash absolute wickedness against humanity and thereafter build edifices of evil for personality cult decorated with big frames of shame for in trying to destroy others, they destroy themselves.
We are our own worst enemy and will remain so until the status quo is questioned and challenged. No one can carry our burden but us. Yes, pain is real only to the sufferer. Is your pain burdensome and overwhelming? Seek solutions; take right and timely action.
The struggle for freedom is not a jamboree party so there will only be freedom and justice when we are objective without being economical with the truth. There will be no equal right without equity but don’t forget that where is right there is responsibility with corresponding privileges. Therefore, no people, no nation can exist and go far on nepotism.
Those who silence opposing voices and suppress divergent views for pecuniary gains end up with monumental losses. Those who keep quiet in the face of evil or even support it because their opponent or enemy is at the receiving end often suffer worse fate. Be careful of your conducts towards others’ needs and problems else people will choose to be blind, deaf and dumb to your plight when you might need them most. Don’t rejoice over another person’s pains; don’t even plot the downfall of your enemy no matter how tempting and “good” it would look – it is not by any means a way of civility.
But it is a shame of the nation that we abdicate responsibility and secretly instigate people into evil only to come out to shed crocodile tears promising to get and deal with perpetrators of such dastardly acts. Evil is on the increase and no one seem to care. Nepotism has become a national creed regularly recited in support of “familiocracy” and “grediocracy” for merit and equity to be buried while fanaticism as a redefined act of patriotism receives national honours.
As a people, we are united in division and often emphasize the things that separate than the ones that unite us. We can fast and pray for breakthroughs and successes but can stop at nothing to destroy another person’s business and source of livelihood. On bases of tribe and religion, we show open hatred for others that some can kill their fellow human beings at slightest provocation even for cow. We can pay any price for perpetual youthfulness and longevity but can go to any length to kill others and even wipe out a whole community without any form of remorse – this is indeed the same of a people, the shame of a nation
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