Obiano to dethrone Igwe Iweka as his PA, Mr. Nnamdi Nkemena acuses monarch of working against Obiano's Reelection reports that the Personal Assistant (PA) to traditional ruler of Obosi Ukwala kingdom, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Mr. Nnamdi Nkemena has exposed what he described as criminal activities allegedly going on in the Palace such; Obtaining Money under false pretenses, land grabbing, diabolism, betrayal, dupe, embezzlement of community's funds, murder, among others, claiming that he voluntarily resigned his appointment in order to maintain his  integrity having noticed that bitter kola never thirst the way it sounds.
In his resignation letter addressed to His Majesty, Igwe Chidubem Iweka (Eze Obosi Kingdom) dated 5th January, 2018 titled: 'Re- My Letter of Resignation as Your Personal Assistant', which was made available to reporters in the state, Mr. Nkemena openly accused his former boss of having deliberately worked against the second tenure of His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano even after allegedly collecting #1m from the APGA led government during the campaign days of His Excellency.

Stating that his resignation was necessitated for the alleged  refusal of the traditional ruler to give him his own share from over eight million N8,009,000.00) said to were brought from political parties' candidates during the last gubernatorial campaign, the man pointing accusing finger on the Obosi throne said the money was allegedly shared between the Monarch and his "beloved son" the Palace Secretary (Chief Shedrack Okenwa.
Buttressing his point, Mr. Nkemena alleged that the traditional ruler of his own community had on Thursday, the 16th day of November, 2017 collected alongside with the Palace Secretary the sum of Five Million (N5, 000, 000. 00) Naira from the candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Hon. Tony Nwoye with oral agreement of delivering Obosi Ward to the party in the gubernatorial election.
On how the over said sum was disbursed, he said; "I am very much aware that only N400, 000 (Four Hundred Thousand Naira only was given to all the youths in Obosi Kingdom, the youths, of course, collected the money and went ahead to vote for United Peoples Party (UPP) and the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, thereby daring you", he alleged.

Accusing the highly respected Monarch of having played double standard game during the election, which later favoured His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano for second tenure, the former confident to Igwe Chidubem Iweka went further to alleged that; "a day after, the APC candidate flooded the Palace with the above stated amount, the leadership of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA dolled out N1, 000, 000. 00 (One Million Naira) only, aimed at delivering Obosi Ward to the party, the promise that was turned out against the state ruling party.
"You and your Palace Secretary met severally with both APC and other political party's officials and collected various sums of money which you people never utilized for their purpose. I am reeling out all these information, Sir, because out of not less than N8, 000, 000. 00 (Eight Million Naira) only you and your "Son", (the Palace Secretary) amassed from various political parties, none (expect N5, 000. 00 ( Five Thousand Naira) only was given to me, your Personal Assistant", Mr. Nnamdi Nkemena stated under face frowned.
Stating emphatically that the Palace Secretary of Obosi has dragged the Monarch to pitch his tent with the APC following an alleged grouse of the state government and the Palace over a relationship existing between His Excellency, Chief Willie Maduabrochukwu Obiano and Mr. Omezie Chukwurah, the resigned Personal Assistant said he had advised Igwe Obosi against such stance, knowing how the Executive Governor of the state held the traditional ruler in high esteem.
"I told Igwe on several occasion that the sitting governor has enough chance to win the election, you and your Palace Secretary insisted that "God will never allow Governor Obiano to win. His Majesty, I tried severally to make you people understand that in politics, there is no permanent friend or enemy but permanent interest, you people refused and worked against the sitting governor.
"You and your Palace Secretary kept collecting money from various political parties while doing nothing concrete for them. It was only APGA that you openly exhibited complete contempt for and even "lit a candle for its failure", Mr. Nkemena narrated.
It was also gathered authoritatively that the traditional ruler, having acknowledged that one of his cabinet members, a prominent man of the community, (Chief Osita Chidoka) was also running for the state most prestigious seat, Nnamdi Nkemena, according to sources, had strongly and sincerely advised the traditional ruler the need for him to pitch his tent with the sitting governor, the traditional ruler was quoted of having said it will be sheer malady for the Palace to support a candidate that will surly fail the election (referring to Chief Osita Chidoka).
"Is that not why people believed you returned Chief Chidoka's money because it would have been a curse on you to take Onye-Ichie's (Cabinet member) money and turned your back on him. All my advice made you and your Palace Secretary to see me as opposition while you made sure cum decided that no money should ever come to me. When the said N5m from APC and APGA's N1m came into your hand, I approached you on Friday 17th, 2017 and your answer was that you had already given out all the money and I told you it was not possible ", Nkemena said.t
Mr. Nkemena however accused the Palace Secretary of being the architect of all the problems not only for the Monarch but for the entire community alongside even as he openly accused the traditional ruler of having been running around, trying to curry favour from Chief Willie Obiano, the Executive Governor of the state as they cannot go back to APC, having allegedly betrayed the political party.

By Nweke Nweke
Obiano to dethrone Igwe Iweka as his PA, Mr. Nnamdi Nkemena acuses monarch of working against Obiano's Reelection Obiano to dethrone Igwe Iweka as his PA, Mr. Nnamdi Nkemena acuses monarch of working against Obiano's Reelection Reviewed by Unknown on Monday, February 19, 2018 Rating: 5

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