The Popular facebook IGBOIST GROUP and the shenanigans of illegal and unregistered lottery or Raffle draw has indeed Given me reasons to imagine what may be possibly going on in Nigeria as regarding Gross Abuse of the Vulnerable and Unemployed Nigerians who have the believe that Miracle or Magic can happen and they become will Rich overnight without Hard-working.

Bearing the Cross and Apprehension of the country Corrupt judiciary System and Some Compromised Security Agencies, Nigerians resorted to the FOI Bill which Even empowers the Online Publishers Association of Nigeria (OPAN) the right to fast track Justice through their publications. 

Today most Corrupt Public Officers and powerful Politicians are extremely scared of Social Media Dynamics particularly when coming in contact with any of those OPAN Members.

OPAN today has taken away the Shine of both print media and Electronics Media because Nigerian believe that they are not subjected to any condition to restrict any information from Nigerians therefore Surplus information is usually expected of them.

How is it possible that a Strong, Intelligent Scam that swept the feet of 1.4 million Gullible Nigerians under the very watch of OPAN, perpetuated by one of their money bag members and a Serving Legislator to the Shock of Many Nigerians, and Up till now None of the Online Publishers made any attempt to even raise an alarm against such brazen criminality that is now questioning their credibility. 

Personally I have more Respect for OPAN because of how they have helped my Cause on Sensitization  on Sickle Cell Disorder without Charging me a dime till date. But I find it most worrisome that OPAN long Overdue Silence over the Scam is surely not Ordinary, and this Obviously potends danger to both Human Right Groups and OPAN Respected Reputation. 

Could it be that Likes of Sahara Reporters, Premium Times, Linda Ikeji, Elombahs, Sulaiman Aledeh , Mazi Odera, Fact Reporters, Dele Momodu, Emeka Odogwu (odogwublogs), Eneh Victor Chigozie, 247ureporters and the rest went on Sabbatical Break when this Scam took place?

Only the Youngest blogger among them Blossom Martins Who attempted to caution and protect her followers from falling victim of the Scam was Obviously  threatened from some Powerful quarters to Stop.

Even when OPAN  was openly Copied in an open petition, they are yet to come up with any response to it but have not relented in exposing the ills of the Government in the Cyber Space even in Seconds. 

One can say that no amount of threat can possibly shutdown ones Conscience no matter how Sentiments and emotional attachment was manipulated. 

The Questions remains, When will OPAN brief us on the true Situation report of The Scam Swallowing the IGBOIST GROUP?

Why are the Igbo online bloggers and activist keeping quiet when the Tribe Honourable image was taken to a public riddicule over Individual Selfish interest?

Igboist forum is Popularly Known to be dominated with young female participants and despite all the dirty business going online, FIDA has never bothered to rise up to the occasion to investigate and protect Our young women who are morally Abused and are constantly lured with sweet promises that are never real by a serving Legislator. 

Charity begins at Home and that includes our Revered OPAN.

Nigerians are really watching and getting inpatience will the Mystery of LAWMAKERS who are actually LAW BREAKERS.