What is your take on the call by Igbo APC leaders on President Buhari to re-contest despite hike in the pump price?

APC is one party I know that gloat in propaganda and avarice. They have nothing to offer. During the time of the former President Gooldluck Jonathan, economy was stable but APC came with the propaganda that his administration was marred with corruption and corrupt people among other propaganda tools, but during his administration, our GDP rises and inflation was at a single digit number which has increased more than two digit numbers now.

If we allow President Buhari and his APC members to continue, many Nigerians will die of hunger and starvation. Like you rightly pointed out, fuel pump price during Jonathan’s administration was N85 and people were complaining and when President Buhari mounted the saddle, he increased pump price to N142 and people were saying we shouldn’t border that he will do well and we should give him time.  From that price, he hiked it to N160 and N200 during the yuletide to get at Christians. The fuel scarcity during Christmas was a ploy to increase the pump price which they have succeeded in doing as official rate now is N160  and nobody seem to be complaining. The activists which constitute mainly of the Westerners that make up the APC are just keeping quiet. Nobody is condemning the act.

They said Nigeria has come out of recession and I don’t believe that at all. Nigeria is still in deep recession. In terms of corruption which they claim to be fighting, nothing is being done. Their fight against corruption is parochial as this is the most corrupt administration I have ever seen since I joined business. The exchange rate is never same because it can only be gotten through the Hausas. There are people who get dollars at about N190 for the cabals but dollar is at N300 for others, what a hell is that? They are epitome of corruption, yet they are fighting corruption. Some corrupt PDP leaders who amassed the wealth of this nation with impunity are today the saints in APC while they are the criminals in this nation.
During Jonathan’s era, Nigerian economy was the fastest in the entire black nation, followed by South Africa but today, South Africa is over 1000 miles ahead of Nigeria, what a shame?

APC government is the worst I have ever seen and it is saddening that some people are calling for President Buhari’s return. I am not even sure that APC will win any elective post in Nigeria talk more of Buhari coming back to rule. The wife of the president, Aisha Buhari affirmed in the recent time that cabals have hijacked her husband’s administration, the Muslim fundamentalists and fanatics constitute greater part of his administration where they only promote and propagate Islamic agenda that will favour them alone. That is why the Miyetti Alla said the havoc they wrecked in Benue under the guise of herdsmen will repeat itself whether it pleases the government or not unless they are given a grazing colony. What impudence!
Is it not surprising to everyone who cares to know that Fulani herdsmen are killing armless citizens in the presence of the security agencies yet, government did not see any reason to proscribe them or name them a terrorist group but rather said it is a communal clash. Who do you think is fooling who? The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi said that, the Sultan of Sokoto also said that they were not remorseful of what happened that it was a reprisal attack, an indication that it was a planned deal. In fact, this government is bad and I have no single confidence in them and not sure they will return unless by divine providence or rigging but if on free and fair ground, APC should be packing their belongings to leave the Asoc Rock.

I pray for peace, progress of every Nigerian. When I talk of progress, it encompasses good health. We should cultivate the habit of prayer as prayer conquers all things and provides solution to every problem on earth. Anybody that lives the live of prayer, God will not allow any temptation that is above him to befall him , even if such temptation comes, there must be a way out to come out of it. Therefore, prayer is the greatest.
Your call on the ministers of God who commit all sort of evil to lay the foundation of their churches?
I encourage ministers of God to be Christ like and again any minister of God that toes the part of evil to draw crowd is not of Christ Jesus but from the devil. The Bible said we should train up a child in the way of the lord that he will not depart from it when he grows up. Any foundation that is inculcated into a child at the formation stage is what he or she grows up with.

Having stood as godfather/sponsor for over 50 couples and having married for 27 years advice our couples?

Good relationships between husbands and wives can easily be transferred to the children. A man suppose not to claim that he is the bread winner and do wrong and fail to apologize when he offends the wife. In families where such happens, the wife may say that she is not a slave or a house help and such may lead to crisis in a family and when that comes, it can be transferred to the children, parents or marriage sponsors. So, the key to every marriage is humility and patience.
I advise couples to be patient and wait upon the Lord for His time is the best. If husband and wife have any misunderstanding or challenge, let them settle it within themselves through dialogue or meet their sponsor. Some of our children that approached us, we settled them amicably.

Who do you think is to be blamed for children’s poor attitude in some families?

In that case, the two are to be blamed. A woman stays closer to the children more than the man. Where I can fault women is when they shy away from reporting to their husbands the children’s wrong attitudes for reprimand. It is the duty of a woman to do that because they stay closer to the children. The children, most times, respect their father more than their mothers. But women  sometimes, protect the children even in the misgivings because they won’t want them to be punished without knowing that they are actually not doing them any good.
So, I can say without fear of equivocation or contradiction  that women are to be blamed for poor attitude of children in some families but I can say that both husband and wife have a role to play in children’s up bring in the society.

Advice to youths?

Against all odds , no matter the business line one is into, greed and quest for quick money must be eliminated for progress to come. Success is not easy but it takes patience and skills pertaining to your line of business or trade even in Education , same law applies. If any youth is diligent, I assure you he would be successful and this digital era of chasing women like if they are competing, young men must avoid women if they must succeed. Why steal to please a woman? Why steal to meet up expectations of society when you are still an apprentice or a starter? Shun excess baggage and pursue your destiny , asking God for grace. The same advice goes to young ladies. Once you are focused, everything would be fine.

I advise men to put God first and commit their needs to his hands, work hard and in due season God will bless them. And to the ladies, they should keep calm so that God will reward them with good husband at the appointed time. Wearing of indecent clothes, and exposing some part of the body is not what makes a woman beautiful, but rather her good character. Whatever trade or skill they are into, they should be steadfast and look up to God.

Interview by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, Publisher www.odogwublog.com ,08060750240