Pan-Igbo Group Cautions Against Anambra Election Boycott

Pan-Igbo Group Cautions Against Anambra Election Boycott

Pan-Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ochie Igbo has called on those behind calls for a boycott of the forthcoming Anambra Governorship election to desist as such actions were capable of further undermining the Igbo Nation.

 This was disclosed in a statement signed by the National President of the Organisation, Dr. Chuks Orji and National secretary, Mr. Theo Nwoba.
The group suggested that rather than boycott, the issues should form the basis for supporting the election of a governor that can stand firm against treatment of Igbo people as lesser beings in Nigeria.
Ochie Igbo has observed with dismay that the people fanning the embers of election boycott in Anambra are gaining converts amongst some Igbo youths.

Hence, it has become pertinent to address this matter so as provide our youths with a more intelligence driven approach in their craving for self-determination.
It is worthy of note that Anambra is a very key state in Igbo land and should be seen to be at the lead in the effort to align Ndigbo on the path of self-redemption.

Unarguably, Anambra holds the ace of distraction and direction for Igbo renaissance. Let us take a historical excursion into the past ‘boycotts’ in Igbo land.
In 2006, the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) prevailed on Ndigbo to boycott the 2006 census. The outcome of that unintelligent decision was that Ndigbo recorded a dismal turnout of 16, 381,729 – that is about 11.07%.

Since then, the National Bureau of Statistics, National Population Commission, The Ministry of Budget and National Planning Commission have continued to use this record to gazette the national developmental plan. The Malthusian Theory provides a solid analysis of how population will remain a dominant factor in the indices and dynamics that will determine development of mankind, now and in the future.

In the 2015 election, the turnout of Ndigbo during that exercise seemed to suggest a people ‘traditionally’ nonchalant about political activities. The total number of votes cast by the entire Southeast was less than 3 million. This under-representation of the numerical strength of Ndigbo, in a game that is solely determined by number is moribund. Already, INEC is almost at the third phase of its Continuous Voter Registration, so far, the results from Southeast have shown lacklustre and lackadaisical attitude in the exercise.

Evidently, Ndigbo have shown uncommon knowledge in trading, but the act is subservient to power. State, development, economics and human destiny are shaped by politics.
Our disposition to political activity makes us approach the negotiation table with timidity. We can’t negotiate from a position of strength. Those who promote this word to mouth dissemination that thrives compulsively on an evil news have no idea the damage their pedestrian stance has done to our political perception.

Alaigbo has been technically made nonviable economically through a political process. We are in a terrible infrastructural decay – roads etc. Our God given mineral resources are controlled from Abuja. Yet, Ndigbo have allowed sensitive political decisions to be taken on the streets. God forbid.

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