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Nigeria Bar Association Anaocha branch  holds her 2nd biennial law week/Bar dinner which started on Wednesday  25th October 201 7 Sunday29  October 2017  and was anchored on a central theme tagged,” LAW AS AN INSTRUMENT OF SUSTANAIBLE CHANGE IN THE 21ST CENTURY”. According to the host chairman who is also the chairman of NBA Anaocha Branch, Barrister Basil Obiora Aguigwo, said that theme is most appropriate at this point of our development and transition as a
Nation in view of the change Agenda of the present administration in
the country and the trending global change.The Anaocha Branch of NBA only came into being on Thursday,the sixth day of March ,2014 at a National Executive Committee (NEC)  meeting
held at Ado ekiti in Ekiti state under the distinguished  leadership of Chief Okey Wali, SAN,(past president of NBA). The chairman revealed. He went further to state the branch had its first meeting on 29th day of March 2014 with only 13 members in attendance and was inaugurated on the 1st day of May, 2014 by Chief Arthur Obi Okafor, SAN, who on that day represented the then president of the NBA at the
occasion. The host chairman in his opening remarks said that the branch had her maiden law week/Bar dinner from 2nd to 4th october 2015 under the pioneer leadership of Chief Ogom Chris Adimora who handed over to him on 29th day of day of June, 2016. He asserts that today Anaocha branch has finally grown to a membership numerical strength of 0ver two hundred lawyers and still counting. He attributed all these achievements to the founding fathers/pillars of their branch which includes  Chief Judge of Anambra State Hon. Justice P.N.C. Umeadi,FCIARB, chief  Emeka J.P. Obegolu, FCIARB,(past secretary of the NBA) and Chief Ogom Chris Adimora (pioneer chairman of NBA Anaocha Branch and now the Registra Anglican communion, diocese of Awka.). To our pioneers and Trail blazers, we promise to keep their vision and hopes alive. Said he.

The president Nigeria Bar Association of Nigeria, Abubakar Balarabe Mahmood (SAN) heavily represented by the vice president, Ben Orji ESQ, on behalf of the president commended the branch for the programme. He said tha the Anaocha branch is still very young and are having their second law week. While expressing his joy over the concerted effort exhibited by the branch prayed that the members should remain focused in their aspirations to better the organization. He urged members of
the Anaocha branch to shun bribery for better society. Anaocha branch is the most advertised law week
at the time. He said.

The sector commander FRSC Anambra state Mr Sunday Ajayi thanked the host chairman for honoring him the opportunity to speak to  learned people. The commandant lamented over what has been happening on the high-ways. He said that the accident rate is high adding that safety
on the high-ways is a right not  a not privilege. He asserts that an average lawyer believes that the lawyers are rivals to the Nigerian Road-safety. He maintained that most lawyers are not conversant with the law guiding road safety and sometimes leads to misconception. He pleaded with the NBA to reconcile with the view of building a good relationship between the road safety and the Bar.

 In a goodwill message to the branch by one of their founding fathers, Emeka J.P. Obegolu, ESQ, vice president west Africa PAN lawyers union, Associate member, NBA Anaocha Branch  congratulated the Bar in Anaocha as they celebrate the 2017 Bar week.According to the vice president west Africa Pan lawyers  Union, he said that indeed the week is a traditional occasion in the history of
branches of NBA all over the country adding that it is a period set aside to celebrate the Bar ,broaden the members horizon of the law by continuing legal education.

He went further to explain that the branch annual dinner generally improves the networking of the legal profession. Barrister Obegolu disclosed that NBA Anaocha even though very young but has achieved tremendously within the short period of existence. He maintained that the branch has been set on a  solid foundation by the chairman and excos and with the joint efforts of their friends and close associates
they would achieve more.

The event  which was kick-started with the breaking of kola-nut by his royal majesty Igwe Christain Nwajagu ,witnessed a great influx of eminent scholars, practitioners and professionals from diverse fields who been invited to educate the branch with their respective topics which were all anchored on the approved central theme. Among the keynote speakers were the likes of Dr Chike Akunyili KSJI, KT.SS,
Chike Amobi ESQ, Professor Chidi Anselem Odinkalu ESQ, Festus Okoye ESQ, of lagos branch, Ejike Ezenwa,ESQ, of onitsha branch, Emma Achukwu,ESQ, of lagos branch, Hon. Justice Kalajine Anagbogu (RTD) Chuks Ezeala, ESQ, Professor Meshack Umenweke of NAU  etc.

The event  also witnessed the unveiling and launching of the branch maiden Bar Journal which was presented to  the public for formal launching. Afterwards, the members the branch members proceeds to
Obeludu for the ground breaking /foundation laying of ceremony of Anaocha Bar Center by Justice Arinze Akabua on a two plot of land donated to the branch by Emeka J.P. Obegolu,fciarb.

The maiden Bar journal were carefully edited by editorial Board of Advisors which includes, Professor, Sam Ekwenze, dean faculty of law, Chukwuemeka University Igbariam , Dr Ikenga Oraegbunanm, and Dr.
M.N.Umenweke both of the faculty of the law, Namdi Azikiwe University Awka. Professor Chuks Amari Omaka, SAN, dean faculty of law Ebonyi state university , Hon. Justice D.O.C. Amaechina, Administrative judge Otuocha judicial division.

The first keynote speaker of the event, Professor Chidi Anselem Odinkalu formar chairman of governing council of human rights who spoke on the theme law and social change. The erudite professor spoke
extensively on the need for people to change their attitudes. He said that life depends on law and social change adding that people must learn to value and respect what they have. He pleaded with the Bar to accord the same respect to women lawyers stating that they all went through the process in school to become lawyers.

Speaking at the event, the human rights activists said that one cannot love and at the same time discriminate  ,urged  everybody to do the right thigh if we must get the desired change. He went further to say that rationality is the bane of Nigerian’s survival which has led to a
particular group of people clamoring for self determination and restructuring .He said that it is a pity that Nigerians sing peace but cannot keep it stating that the only thing that can bring justice to
country is the practice of citizenship and advised Nigerians to stop discriminating one another irrespective of his tribe. Stressing that it is of no value describing ourselves as a lawyer when in your own capacity you cannot do anything to help our dying democratic

Odinkalu commended the Anambrarians saying that same is better in terms of choosing their governors and stressed that Anambra can be autonomous by creating a good and comfortable zone.

The second keynote speaker, Dr Mobalaji Ojibara representing the Hon., Attorney General and commissioner for justice Bayesa state, Kemasuode Wodu, said that to be part of the future you have to  be part of the 21st century. He said that the present topic /theme call for more
practical aspect than theoretical. According to him he said that 21st century began in year 2000 with the arrival of millennium.

Speaking on the theme law development and contemporary challenges in Nigeria, he said that many factors such ethnicity ,terrorism, and kidnapping is a bane of development. He lamented on inefficiency in the administration of justice in the country which reduces the trust
people repose on judiciary . He said that the police force is over used while some are poorly equipped and by so doing involving the Nigerian Army to tackle civil crime.

Dr Ojibara, said that the idea of community policing would have prove better as some community cannot control  the security in their community.   He equally advised that the NBA should take part in the
discussion to enrich the people and make sure that the revolution is attained.

Another keynote speaker,  Barri. Umenweke  M.N.(PHD) Who spoke on multiple and illegal taxes in Nigerian tax regime : a clog in the wheels of sustainable change and development. Barri. Umenweke reflects that all governments world wide rely on taxes to sustain their
economies including Nigeria. He added no taxpayer pays taxes willingly unless some form of force is used  or fear of same is in place to be exerted on the defaulting taxpayer. He disclosed that  the tires of
government in Nigeria are meant to imposed and collect taxes within the confines of their of their jurisdiction and /or relevant law involved adding that where the tiers of government do not confine themselves to their statutory allocated schedule of taxation ,this will give rise to double and multiple taxation. He went further to say that people should be educated to know which tax to pay to state
government ,local government, and federal government respectively. The federal government enjoys about 90% of the entire taxes paid by the people. He revealed.

Speaking at the occasion, Umenweke said that the federal government should sit-up and do the needful because people cannot be paying tax and still lack basic amenities such as electricity , pipe-borne water
and good roads.

An erudite scholar, G.U.P. Onwusi, ESQ, lectured on WILL AND ITS ESSENTIALS, while describing will as a document left behind by a person of wishes and what he intends to take effect only at his death.
According to Onwusi he said that in this part of the world most often people are not disposed to making  wills because to many,  it suggest the nearness of death and such impression is wrong. It is better to a
will and qualify ones intention with regards to what you intend to become of your legacies after your death. He said. He advised the public to embrace will stating that it helps cure families dispute
that goes or raises when a testator fails to distribute his estate in his life time , living it to competing interests or claims arising from legitimate children and others claiming as inheritors.

At the eve of the Bar dinner the Anaocha Branch NBA organized an awards given to their pioneers and also a posthumous awards to their various legal icons

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