Why I’m backing Obaze – Alor, APGA chieftain

Chief Sylvester Nwobu-Alor is a seasoned politician and founding Member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance Party, APGA. A former lawmaker in the second republic, Nwobu –Alor is also the Chairman, APGA Stakeholders Forum. He is however not happy at the turn of events in the party presently.  In this interview, he talks about the need to reposition the party and why he is campaigning for another candidate in another party for the November 18 election in the state

From your public statements in recent times, it seems that you are not happy with the situation of your party, APGA which is seen as an Igbo party. What is the problem?

We have tried by creating a party that is basically Igbo nation-oriented, which we call APGA. I am not saying that it should be a party for the Igbo but it has a base in Igbo land. It is a national party. And we tried to use it to deliver the Igbo agenda of equal opportunity, of justice, of equity, and of good conscience. But at a stage, we discovered that the party was being run as a private organisation and somebody like me shouted. I said, ‘this cannot go on’ because this party won’t last if we don’t restructure the party. A situation where one man is the chairman, the same man is the secretary, the same man is the treasurer, the same man is everything, then that organisation or party cannot go forward. So, I raised an eyebrow and insisted that it would be restructured. I continued saying so because I know that without restructuring, as we are shouting now at the national level, there won’t be progress. There must be internal democracy in all political parties. Where it is lacking, the party will one day disappear into thin air. I think, that is what is happening now. APGA has disappeared into thin air, it doesn’t exist anymore. All the giants of the party; all those who brought the party to existence have left. That is why Obiano is finding it difficult to perform because he has no good advisers and they kept fumbling and you can see where we are.
Just as I predicted about the party, this state is also dwindling and if nothing is done, it will disappear into the thin air. We have problem, serious problem, and it requires God’s intervention to salvage it. And I think it is now; God should come now! The human beings created by God have capabilities, they have knowledge to change the situation and when to change the situation is by voting somebody, who has integrity, who has the capability, who has the knowledge and is exposed enough.

Anambra guber election is around the corner. What is your take on the situation on ground?

We all know election is around the corner and we are very optimistic because we have discovered that if we allow the current government in Anambra to continue in power, this state will be led into total liquidation. But I know that the Anambrarians know where to go at any point in time.  Forget about money that is being carried around, forget about threats and all that; people will vote based on their convictions and  will definitely go  for a person who has been empowered to deliver, who has the commitment and integrity to deliver. And that person, if you allow me, is Oseloka Obaze. He is very well introduced; he is a calm, collected, intelligent and committed person. With him on seat, we can turn Anambara State around. That is my stand on this issue.

But don’t you think it will be anti party for you to be siding Obaze when you are still a founding member of APGA How does it look to convince people now to vote Obaze?

I believe in objectivity and sincerity of purpose. If in my house, my wife misbehaves, yes, it is my duty to protect her but if she is doing a wrong thing, I will criticize her, correct her and possibly force her to do the right thing. That is what I am doing. The issue of being a member becomes irrelevant. If you are a member and your association is peddling backwards instead of forward and you keep quiet, you are aiding and abetting destruction because you know it is moving towards destruction. I cannot sit down and watch the government now, because the party is already gone. But if the government wakes up any time and start performing then we might change our mind. As I am talking to you I don’t have any confidence again in the government. They have not done much to warrant a second chance. There is a saying in Igbo that ‘Okenye adighi ano n’ulo ewu a muo na-ogbiri’ (an elderly person cannot be at home and the she goat gives birth in titters).  I cannot sit down and see things going wrong and I keep quiet. That’s my feeling.

But  there is the argument that he should be allowed to complete his second tenure so that the north could 
 finish theirs for the sake of zoning and equity, what do you think?

I want to tell you, when people talk about zoning, I keep wondering, are we not going to produce mediocre? If you zone presidency to my town, Agulu, and we have not gotten anybody with a secondary school education, we will give you what we have, because it is a matter of right. Now, what do you expect him to do? He won’t perform; he will put mediocrity into governance. That is terrible. I don’t believe in this zoning exercise. Let us come out, conduct a primary and bring out the best person. The entire state should participate. You don’t have to say that it must be from this zone or that zone. It must be open, it must be free, it must be democratic to make sense. Secondly, that he should be allowed to do a second tenure. The law and the constitution shouldn’t be regarded as nonsense. They are made for a purpose. They enact laws and legislation's and it is our duty to comply with these laws and regulations. The fact that somebody won an election and he has a right under the law to contest for a second term, is the right he has; but it is not automatic or a must. Therefore, if he performs well, he can be re-elected but if he didn’t perform well, he will be thrown out.

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