The attention of Ochie Igbo has been drawn to the pandemonium that broke out in the entire Southeast on October 11, 2017; over the army medical outreach. 
The chaos this generated was similar to the topsy turvydom we witnessed during the war. The panic was disturbing. Based on this, Ochie Igbo wishes to advice the Nigerian Army and Federal Government as follows;

1, Ndigbo are still in a mourning mood, occasioned by the daylight massacre of our sons and daughters on September 10, 2017 in Aba and Umuahia. 

2, There are a lot of people that are still missing, since that episode of September 10, 2017; we are still conducting a thorough research to find out the exact number of our people that are missing. Because of our connection with the other worldly, we are trying all we could to ensure we have good account of all that died, in the cause of defending Alaigbo.

3, The sudden disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu is a trauma that we are still grappling with. 

4, Our people are petrified and traumatised by the experience of the past few weeks. It is bad enough that the FG seems not to care about treating us as humans, by ensuring a post traumatic therapy -  such as dialogue, interrogation and engagement, to address military highhandedness in Southeast. It is painful and excruciating that the military has continued with their Egwu Eke II Dance as a way of celebrating their conquest of Igboland. 
Going forward, it is most disturbing that the army plans to carry on with their medical outreach in Igboland. Please, we are a people with a culture. These attempts, in this mourning period is like a bribe, which we are not willing to take. Lest we mock the dead. It is on good record that we have been schemed out by Buhari's administration, in national appointments against the constitutional provision that recognises federal character. So, why have we been suddenly remembered for a medical outreach? Southeast is in total infrastructural decay. Southeast has been technically made non viable economically. It is quite suspicious that this 'military benevolence' is not following laid down procedures that should ordinarily confer legitimacy on the exercise. 

There are lots of court processes that have been filed, by various Igbo organisations and individuals against the Federal Government, the Nigerian Army and other security agencies. Therefore, to accept any form of medical outreach from a group of people that see us as a people will be foolhardy. This orchestrated insult must stop. Please, we wish to advise the Federal Government to desist from further tormenting our people in whatever guise, as this has the potentials to trigger off an unhealthy reaction that may not be too good for the polity. 
It is in the interest of this country that the Federal Government heed this advice by ordering the army of occupation to vacate Alaigbo immediately. 

Clearly, what happened yesterday is a demonstration by the younger generation of Ndigbo, numbering about 10 million pupils - they exhibited their total repugnance and repudiation to a filthy national army tainted with the blood of non violent and unarmed men and women that the military killed in cold blood. Let us not forget that no matter how the Federal Government play politics with this millennial absurdity, no matter how the Nigerian military may bask in the euphoria of triumph of over our demand to be treated as humans, a day will surely and certainly come, like it has always happened in human history, and they will watch us, with their guns, as we celebrate our freedom. We remain as resolute as ever, fully aware that God has made two things as judges of human action; conscience and history.

Dr. Chuks Orji
National President 
Ochie Igbo

Theo Nwoba 
National Secretary 
Ochie Igbo