CORNUCOPIA: Obiano will return come November 18th, 2017 by ODOGWU EMEKA ODOGWU

Cornucopia: Obiano will return come November 18th, 2017 by ODOGWU EMEKA ODOGWU
It was a serious debate inside an Ekwulobia bound vehicle. I love traveling in public transport schemes not necessarily because I have no automobiles, I bless God in that area. This is to gauge the hearts and conscience of the masses over any issue bothering me.

So, I set out to determine whether the Propaganda machines the incumbent Governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano deployed since six months ago against Peter Obi and later his party, PDP and Oseloka Obaze he is supporting has gotten any effect. The over 400 people mobilized for online and conventional media from retired and working journalists as well as Bloggers to push information down the throat of gullible public in the state against any perceived opponent was magical.
It has serious effects on the masses especially the down trodden constituting of the gullible majority. This is because so many of them depend on opinion moulders for their own opinions, only to change them in splitting seconds on influence.

I opened the discussion. I stated emphatically that Governor Willie Obiano has done well and would return unopposed as Obaze , Nwoye and Ezeemo are wasting their times? A Pentecostal Pastor in the vehicle by happenstance names withheld by me, asked why I was so emphatic on that? I said because the masses love him and the projects were numerous.

His response threw me off guard. He asked and I quote? ‘’How can government of propaganda continue to govern Anambra state in this 21st century? Have you not noticed that everything about this Obiano government is either outright lies, half-truth or complete deceit to hoodwink or curry favour? He said everyday ABS Radio reels out billions upon billions of Dollars attracted by Obiano and MOU signed yet there is absolutely nothing on ground. They are busy cornering community lands to their allies in the name of attracting investors. I am pissed off by that level of propaganda which would take the state to nowhere. We kept singing praises of the Obiano administration just for pecuniary interests and it is not funny at all. The team projecting him are desperate but let me tell you, desperate people don’t win elections in Anambra. Remember when Ngige was desperate? Remember when Andy Uba was desperate? Obiano won but when he won, he was not desperate. Now, he is and would not emerge! Quote me on this!  He fumed.

That time he neither knows his left nor his right politically but today he is desperate and his promoters are desperate. I tell you Obiano would come fourth in this election. The hawks around him would teach him a lesson of his life. He would understand what it means to betray a benefactor when he would be down with his closest pals laughing at him and calling him names as they are calling the former Governor, Mr Peter Obi for nothing.

The Pastor mentioned Bishop David Eberechukwu , South East President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and Chief Kenneth Okonkwo, Superintendent General of OCHA Brigade as people who already announced Obiano winner and assured to deliver him through Pentecostals fellowship and OCHA Brigade instrumentality but are today in the past. I personally was taken aback because OCHA Brigade’s death and later that of Bishop Eberechukwu had nothing to do with Obiano’s re-election but the Pastor insisted both men by their acts while alive gave a finality to Obiano’s second term. I didn’t want to discuss that angle so I changed topic.

Before he could finish his analysis, and my change of topic, two men , one a Catholic Catechist or so and a woman Leader either Church or politics at same time as if asked to speak by a spirit hushed him, reminding him that Obiano gave each community N20 Million to construct a project and that the communities were happy about that.

The Bus guard a.k.a conductor interjected by reminding anyone who cares to listen that Obiano would return for a second term whether he has performed or not as at least he added, ‘’our community Aguleri and others have tarred roads and electricity’’. Thank God for Obiano but before he could be asked a question, he added , even if he doesn’t return , we are happy for our son, he did well and our people are happy for him. I got to Ekwulobia alighted and then returned same method.

The Awka bound bus was filled with those who knew better than myself on the running of the government and what true governance is all about. I initiated my topic. ‘The next Governor should be a true patriot like Obiano’. I was eaten raw and unprintable things were said about my Governor. I refused to be distracted and I maintained what I said. I was reminded that Senior civil servants are not happy that Obiano stagnated them without promotion for years and those in school system went for promotional interview, no promotion yet they have been asked again for another promotional interview.

I was reminded that Obiano appointed so many aides without responsibility thus creating nuisance in the system and that he even appointed over 30 Political Advisers last weekend as each member of the House of Assembly presented a minimum of one person for appointment last week of September , 2017. Adding up these appointees, the Obiano’s administration is unnecessarily unwieldy.  The number may be about 1,000 aides , many of whom are appointed because of patronage to  win second term in office. Almost all the Catholic , Anglican and Pentecostal Bishops have an appointee, same with Leaders of almost all groups including Markets , students groups and Transports to mention but a few.

I was speechless as they recounted , how Peter Obi brought Willie Obiano and campaigned for him vigorously only for Obiano to disown Obi for greed of second term, adding that Godwin Ezeemo , Obaze Oseloka and Tony Nwoye are preferred candidates because Obiano has shown enough ingratitude that he would reap such from his supporters when time is ripe. They mentioned Victor Umeh in bad light but I am not concerned about Obi and Umeh’s palaver today. I have had enough of their headache.

I was reminded that so many of the projects started last September 2017 after 4 years Obiano was elected was a fluke to be stopped once election is over. They were worried that Amansea-Ebenebe-Ugbene-Ugbenu road with a spur to Awba Ofemmili road then to Otuocha was abandoned same with Amansea-through Ndiukwenu –Mamu River -Awa road in Orumba among other strategic roads started by the previous administration in the name of continuity were abandoned. They pointed out so many lies told by Umeh’s press conference and Radio programmes and concluded that Obiano is not fit to return as Anambra Governor. A security officer in the vehicle said he heard Agulu Lake hotels had been completed and being furnished but the driver from Agulu shouted: ’’ big lie and this propaganda won’t work for them’’, ‘’ Obiano has failed the communities even with his N20M that has turned so many communities apart’’, ‘’the N20M was for the President General and the Traditional Rulers to give him second term but he would be disappointed’’. He alighted at Amawbia and was not there for us to argue further on his postulations.

I was left baffled as one man concluded that the greed and avarice amidst men in power or close to power in Anambra today is unbelievable. He said Peter Obi should be blamed for Obiano’s poor outing as Governor Anambra state as Obi claimed he knew Obiano and trusted him, but, that Obiano, he knew not only betrayed him but has tried in vain to reduce him to nothing. Another person warned us to stop mentioning Obi and Umeh as they are not contesting 2017 elections. My journey ended abruptly.
But before I left a youth submitted that all the contenders for Anambra state Governorship election released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) are same as he was unable to discover the most suitable to be elected Governor of the ‘A’ state. I was confused really.
He said he used the first parameter, which was answering calls of the electorates and all of them failed the litmus test. He has called all of them and none answered his call or replied his texts. Is it former Minister of Aviation, Osita Chidioka of UPP, or Industrialist par Excellence, Godwin Chukwunenye Ezeemo of the PPA, or Technocrat and administrator par excellence, Oseloka Obaze of the PDP, not to talk of a comrade in action and spirit, Tony Nwoye of the APC, even Willie Obiano of the APGA , the incumbent Governor? They don’t regard the electorates. They are only interested in themselves and their accomplices and allies.
Before this time over three and half years ago, Obiano picks his calls and returns text messages but after he was sworn in, things changed but he still reads his texts and mails and even reacts and responds to mails until after his second year, the mails got stocked unless from members of his team or important personalities or people in privileged office or position. So he is even better, he submitted.
If those striving to govern us could not answer our phones, who will? You place several calls to their phones and text messages yet not a reply, but woe betide you if anything negative to their ego happens. They would be the first to call you and even spent quality time when it was not apt talking. This is indeed another eye opener for me.     
ODOGWU EMEKA ODOGWU, is an Editor and Publisher based in South-East and can be reached on 08060750240 or via email [email protected]
CORNUCOPIA: Obiano will return come November 18th, 2017 by ODOGWU EMEKA ODOGWU CORNUCOPIA: Obiano will return come November 18th, 2017 by ODOGWU EMEKA ODOGWU Reviewed by Unknown on Sunday, October 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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