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Anambra State is hot and bubbling as different parties flags off their campaign for the governorship election come November 18 2017. Therefore it very pertinent for the people of Anambra to vote wisely to avoid regrets.Manifestos,promises and hopes are been assured to the grassroots who are finding it difficult to feed three times a day.After the election the people that told us that education will be free,our road will be tarred and our youth will gain employment after school will turn their back on us and focus on the bidding of their master.
   On the 20th of october been friday 2017,i witnessed gargantuan crowd at All saints Cathedral onitsha where Tony Nwaoye and his counterparts flagged off their campaign.The whole northern governors left north to Anambra state to felicitate with their brother i would say,to take over Anambra state. It was really indeed a pleasure for me as a young journalist to listen and watch the governor of kaduna state Mallam Nasiri El-fai promised the Anambrarians that if we vote for APC,second niger bridge will be constructed and i laugh and said story for the gods.It is also very satisfying to hear the national chairman of APC John Oyegun to say that to an extent Nigeria politics is based on tribalism. The kaduna state governor also alleged that his excellency former govenor of Anambra state Mr Peter Obi(Okwute Ndi Igbo) arrested him and kept him in finotel hotel so that APGA can rig the election and i said another story for the gods.
   Also among them was the incumbent governor of Imo state Mr Rochas Okorocha, who claimed that he need a brother in aso rock to be able to fight for our rights and thats another story for the gods. I dont want to go on and on quoting what other people said because only this three captured my interests.
   To the Anambrarians we all remember this old saying that says "show me your friend and i will tell you whom you are." To begin my arguement what has APC done for  Nigeria?. What has APC in Imo state done for the Imolite. what has El-Rufai who is not only biased but also a religious extremist done in his capacity to eradicate the Igbo marginalization. If president Muhammadu Buhari was there i wounder what he would have say too concerning the 95%vote from north and 5%vote from south east respectively.
  I can say boldly that Rochas Okorocha has done more harm than good to the people of Imo state and i ask is this the kind of brother Anambra would want to have?. No i guess.If you conduct a vox pop interview with the grassroots in Imo state a hundred of the people you interviewed will tell you that APC will not rule Imo state again.
  The APC led federal government just last month send down nigerian army to the good people  Igboland to quench the rising power of Nnamdi Kalu and his followers. The Nigerian army came down here kill,maim people of Igbo extraction whose only crime was self determination and you are asking the people who might have lost one or two brothers to vote for change.For twelve years now Anambra has been on their own operating under an opposition party and has been suntanning her self.
  We dont need people like Rochas Okorocha who left unpaid salaries to workers, pensioners and spent money on irrelevant things like the stature of Jecob Zuma to tell us who to vote. Anambrapeople dont need people like El-Rufaiwho dont believe in restructuring to tell us who to vote. We dont need somebody like Oyegun a radicalism to tell us who to vote.If your brother cannot respect nyour decisions while the both of you are living in your various houses,what do you think will happen if you eventually move into his house to live.Anambra people shine your eyes and don't let them decieve us.  
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