---17th oct 2017.

During the flag off ceremony of PDP campaign for governorship election come November 18, the chairman campaign organizing committee Mr Okey Aroh said that PDP has been in power for 16yrs and has set the pace but some misguided opposition rendered it clueless. He alleged that the opposition showcased nepotism and hatred for a particular ethnic group. He maintained that PDP is the biggest party in Africa adding that soon Anambra will join the vanguard of PDP. 

The State chairman caretaker committee professor Alphonsus .C. Nwaosu asserts that Anambra State is the light of the nation,stating that PDP cannot be compared with APGA because PDP is a national party. According to him he said that for Anambra to build second Niger bridge we must work with a national party.

The formal governor of Anambra state Mr Peter Obi said that before he left office he told Obiano that if after 3yrs and if he did not do well he Peter Obi will be the number one person to campaign against him. The formal governor alleged that the incumbent governor looted all the money  he left in the office, which he categorically said that the incumbent lack competence. He said that the incumbent governor did not build any road even the one that lead to his place. He urged all Anambra people to support OBAZE that the man he brought out failed him woefully. He made it clear that Obiano was earning an un-deserved  glory saying that he Obiano has nothing to show for the past three years in office.

The national chairman caretaker committee  of PDP Alhajii Ahmed Makarafi said that PDP is out to unite Anambra with the federal government. The national chairman said that after reading Obaze's manifesto, he believed that he will restore the glory of Anambra state. He pleaded with Anambrarian not to  exclude their state from the party that has the interest in the unity of the country, better education for our children, provision of employment for the youths and urge the Anambra people to vote massively for PDP.

The PDP candidate for governorship election Mr Oseloka Obaze arguably said that PDP is on a mission to take the governorship of Anambra. According to him he stated that  Anambra  state is challenged, broken and we must fix it despite the propaganda and that the system is not working. The Diplomat lamented on the high rate of embezzlement in Obiano led administration , Addressing the journalist he disclosed that all the money left in the state coffer for development has varnished.   He said that the true test of governance is the deliverance of it to the ordinary citizen. Meanwhile the governor elect promised the Anambraians that he will only rule for one tenure and step down. He urged  everybody to come out and support him and PDP to fix Anambra state.
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