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Dear Orji Uzo Kalu,

Having read your warning that you should not be attacked for your comment that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has absconded the country and now is in London, I pray you will not in anyway see this my letter as an attack, but rather as words flowing out of a heart that has so much admired you, but now don't know if I stand confused or outrightly disappointed. Sir, sometime ago in my university days, I picked interest in you after reading your background history. Learning that you actually became a student activist, and even participated in the "Ali Must Go" protest against the education minister of your time, made me admire you so much. 

Your personality enkindled the revolutionary spirit in me and I grew to pick interest in speaking for the oppressed and the marginalized. You paid the price. 

You were suspended due to your active participation in that protest, but this did not deter you from powering on. The school that suspended you has seen how you walked your way into becoming an 8years Governor. From nothing you rose up to something. Some people might say you enjoyed help from your rich mum, but we know that it is not everybody that will be as successful as you became, even with a billion dollar loan. 

You left school to build your own business. Unlike the typical Nigerian who would go straight into crude oil business, and let the corruption in the oil industry grow and transform him into supper rich man, at the detriment of the masses, but you went into palm oil business. You were buying palm oil from the Eastern Nigeria (Biafra Land) to sell in the Northern Nigeria. 

When the business grew, you expanded into buying and reselling furnitures on a large scale. That you became the youngest Nigerian to receive the national merit award from President Ibrahim Babangida, at the age of 26 in 1986, is thought provoking. Your rise to power can not be said to be miraculous because right from the beginning you have shown the resoluteness and determination of a leader. 

Today, as a little boy turned man, I stand to ask, what happened to my man Orji Uzo Kanu? Is he still that student activist I admired so much or has he changed? Does it mean that no revolutionary can ever swim the corrupt waters of Nigeria and come out incorruptible? Sir, reading you this days leaves me wondering. 

And I know many people are feeling same. Watching you refer to Igbo youths as 'abuses hurling boys' all in the bid to be scored as "good" by the Fulani Masters swept off the respect I have for you. Sir, it is quite unfortunate that after Buhari unleashed operation Python Dance II on the peaceful Igbo communities, starting from Afara Ukwu Ibeku, the only thing you were quick to tell the world was how Mazi Nnamdi Kanu absconded from Nigeria to London through Malaysia. In your own words, you said ..."Kanu was not taken away by the military. Kanu went to Malaysia from where he travelled to the United Kingdom Nnamdi Kanu is in London right now as we speak. He was not arrested by anybody. 

He left the country on his own”. Sir, that you made this statement when British government said it has written to Nigerian government asking for the whereabouts of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is also a British citizen is being mischievous and a sellout to your own people. How could you be so insensitive to the plight of your own people? You have been justifying the operation Python dance II, and have said no much thing concerning the torture and gruesome murder of Biafran youths. Sir, when I look at these youths peacefully protesting and demanding for referendum for Biafra, I see you in them. 

I see the boy Orji Uzo Kalu at the University of Maiduguri that led "Ali Must Go" riot. The only slight difference I see here is that you were gifted with suspension while the Biafra youths were mercilessly tortured by Nigerian military, forced to drink mud waters that led to their death, and also kidnap and shot many of them to death. You claimed that you have asked the commander of the 14 Brigade Brig. AK Ibrahim about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's whereabouts and he said they don't know where he is. You also claimed you visited the commissioner of police and he did not know Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's whereabouts too. 

You even vouched for the Department of State Service even without asking them. With these, you concluded that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has absconded to London through Malaysia, using a fictitious relation of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as your proof. These were your words ..."One of his relations has spoken to me and explained everything because I wanted to see him and talk to him wherever he was and see how I could meet some Federal Government officials on his issue. 

I also wanted to see ways of talking to the President about him, and find common ground but his family told me that he has left the country, unless they are lying to me." Sir you also spoke with assurance in these words “I believe, whether he had left the country or not, he is not with the military because i asked the Commander of the 14 Brigade, Brig.-Gen. A.K Ibrahim, who is a very fine and good soldier, well educated and dedicated, and he told me that they don’t know his whereabouts and i am sure, the Department of State Services have the same information. 

I also visited the commissioner of police and he said he didn’t know his whereabouts and that they are also looking for him,” Sir, how did you feel covering for the military that denied ever attacking Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's house, even when the video of the said attack was recorded live on Facebook ? What actually are you protecting ? What is your gain here? What happened to the man that challenged Ex- President Obasanjo's 3rd term bid ? Has the Man suddenly died ?

When you elders act in a certain way against your own people, and yet complain about attack from the youths, I wonder whether being an elder means being out of touch with reality. We all were here when Northern elders backed their youths when they unconstitutionally gave Igbos quit notice to vacate their enclave. We saw Southern Cameroon seek for independence and their leaders resigning from Parliament, all in solidarity with their people. 

But what did Igbo leaders do in the face of genocide against their people? They joined hands with the killers of their own people, due to crumbs from the masters table. Pathetic! Sir, these youths are not angry because you and other leaders are standing against dividing Nigeria. They are angry because they have watched you elders stand every time with their oppressors. You people have disappointed them even when they least expected it. Who would have believed that our Governors, you inclusive, will rise from a meeting after their youths have been extra judicially killed by the Nigerian military, only to support their killers by proscribing the activities of IPOB in South East Nigeria. Something Nigerian government have claimed they looked upto in branding IPOB a terrorist organization. 

Just as you all have the right to your opinion that Nigeria remains one, don't you also think that the youths have right to their own opinion, that Nigeria gives them right to referendum, so that they can decide whether they should be in Nigeria or not. That you leaders felt protected in Nigeria, and your children happy with brighter future abroad, these youths are not sure of their tomorrow. Nigeria have destroyed all the hope they have, killed their dreams and rendered them hopeless. 

Don't you think they have a right to challenge the amalgamation of 1914?, knowing fully well that the people they today see as founding fathers of Nigeria couldn't have signed the amalgamation document that binded the Northern and southern protectorate together, since Nnamdi Azikiwe was born in 1904, Obafemi Awolowo in 1909, Abubakar Tafawa in 1912, Ahmadu Bello 1910 and Michael Okpara 1920. 

Who then signed the 1914 Amalgamation? Sir, you said that Nnamdi Kanu absconded to London through Malaysia and I began to think if Nigeria have common boundary with Malaysia or would he have travelled to Malaysia without his travelling documents because the last time I checked those documents are still with the Department of State Service who illegally abducted him on 14th October, 2015 en-route his homeland. The youths are simply demanding leadership from you elders. 

Something they have seen in the leadership qualities of Nnamdi Kanu. Sir, I simply advice you all to start being leaders devoid of selfishness to these Igbo youths and see them prostrate before you all in adoration. Anything other than this will continue to send you all down until you all end up to the bottomless pit.

May Chukwu Okike Abiama save Biafrans from selfish
leaders. Yours sincerely

Written and edited by Christian Rowland,
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