Operation python dance won't stop Biafra agitation, ECA tells army

www.odogwublog.com reports that the Eastern Consultative Assembly ( ECA) has told the Chief of Army Staff,  Gen. Buratai that deploying more solders to the South East would not stop the agitation for Biafra. 
ECA was responding to the recent launching of Operation Python Dance by the Army which it claimed was to help tackle security challenges in the South East zone.
Secretary General of ECA,   Evang. Elliot Ugochukwu- Uko, in a press statement Sunday, criticized the Army for the operation which it alleged was to intimidate Biafra agitators to give up the struggle for self- determination.
His words: "The paranoia, the prevarication and the invasion of pythons cannot in anyway alter the resolve of our people, who are completely fed up with Nigeria as presently constituted and have wholly resolved to stay away from Nigerian affairs, including voting in elections, until Nigeria is restructured into a truly federal nation.
"No amount of quit notices,hate songs, cobra or viper dance can stop the restructuring of Nigeria, if Nigeria will survive. 

"The hubris of the oppressor, could only lead to a direct provocation of the peaceful but angry masses of eastern Nigeria, who continue to bear in a remarkable stoic manner, the savagery of the Fulani herdsmen, who clearly are above the law,while praying fervently for the much desired freedom. "
ECA warned of the grave consequences of militarising South East zone which is already suffering political exclusion from the Federal Government.
"Any attempt to slap the honour and dignity of the people, could lead to unintended consequences. We are not perturbed by the desperate follies of  a clueless oppressor.
"For the second time in ten months, heavy military equipment, acquired with oil proceeds are rolled into eastern Nigeria in line with the two year old policy to intimidate,terrorize and silence the long oppressed people of the region,whose only sin is that together with three other zones of the country, they cry for a restructuring of Nigeria, to enthrone fiscal federalism and regional autonomy like we had in the first republic.
"Owners of Nigeria who created 36 unviable states according to their whims and handed us a military constitution,say they are only
ready to use brute force to try to sustain the unworkable unitary structure that has brought misery and sorrow to 196 million Nigerians".

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