Mr Godwin Ezeemo's Campaign DG Explodes on why Ezeemo should be elected Anambra Governor

Why Obiano should be changed for Ezeemo - Campaign DG

Says the incumbent only spends on merriments (picture: Dr Chira Obiora; DG, Ezeemo campaign organization)

In the following discourse, Dr Chira Obiora, the director general of Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo's campaign organisation analyses, using topical issues, why the incumbent needs to be changed come November 18, 2017 and why Godwin Ezeemo should be his replacement.

Why Obiano should be changed:

Obiano has failed on his campaign promises.

He was voted in because of his mantra that he continue and complete all of what Peter Obi, his predecessor, has started. But he never did. For instance, the bridge between Nteje and Umunya is still the way Peter Obi left it and is even worse now. Another road between Awkuzu and Umunya is yet to be complete though started by Obi.

Many road are left uncompleted. The flyover peter obi started, which the incumbent managed to complete, he could not deliver it to specification, but has now increased the problems of road users. It was intended to move traffic off the street but with the crossbar, the aim of moving traffic is defeated. Other roads like Ifite road are still left abandoned. The bridge which Obiano managed to build at his hometown and the road at Aguleri Otu are counterfeit; substandard. Some of them have started spoiling. When you want to judge, you judge from what precedence that was set by his predecessors. Quality of Ngige and Peter Obi's road are way better. The truth is that Obiano is yet to add a meaningful kilometre of road since his tenure and he is just in his fourth and last year.


Yes, he was able to put street light but I do not think that is the priority now for our state; putting streetlight that is powered by generator. Other states have used the same strategy and it failed them; Delta State as a case in point. So, why would Obiano embark on a project that has failed other state? Why would he put the people's hard earned resources on such a project when he could have pooled the resources to attract more electric power rationing down to Anambra State. When p

Peter Obi was setting up industrial base at Onitsha, he had to attract a dedicated line from Benin down to the industrial base. We expected the incumbent governor to have more dedicated lines to Anambra state to increase our power ration, and thereby the number of hours our power lasts improves. Look at people; if they want to invest they take it to Emene (Enugu) industrial layout because that is where they are closer to the 11 and 33 KVA grid. In Anambra State, we do not have something like that, given that we have so many industrial base. Using diesel to power street light has never worked. The governor could have put that money in area that is needed.


The claim that governor is exporting billion of naira worth of vegetable is unverifiable. I do not know which airport governor is using to export these vegetables. He keeps telling Anambra people that he has exported vegetable worth of 5 million pounds. Our research however showed that the claims are false. Peter gave us airport at Anambra East; Umuleri, to be precise. Governor did opening ceremony in that airport. This is the second time he is doing opening ceremony in the airport and this time, he said he is building international airport. The Governor does not have right to give Anambra State international airport. This belongs to the exclusive list of the federal government; they are the only ones that have right to give the licensing. We know how many years it took Enugu State airport to be converted to International airport.  Governor takes us as people that lack reasoning and do not understand issues in the state.


Peter Obi gave us an educational system that kept taking first position but today we are coming out 6th in external certificate examinations.

Obiano has renegaded on his campaign promises. I don't see why we should continue in the same pattern. He lacks capacity to improve on what  the predecessor has left. We cannot be doing the same thing and expect that we will get a different result. We will be having negative growth if he continues. We are still keeping afloat because of the depth of the resources Peter Obi left. If we allow Obiano to continue, we would enter a stage where we may not be able to pay salaries. Some institutions have already started experiencing that difficulty presently.

This is why there is need for change and a change that is to specification. The kind of change that is quality, a quality person that has built  institutions, grown businesses from scratch; someone that has understood what it takes to manage resources, people, time and money and how to build institutions with these resource. A change that is directed.

None of the candidates contesting for election today have been able to grow business from scratch and has made appreciable success, save for Godwin Ezeemo. This man who has grown businesses and understands what it means to grow and sustain systems with more than 20 years experience with appreciable progress is better than a technocrat who has only worked in establishment developed by other people. 

To manage a state as complex as Anambra, you must have learnt how to manage time, money, material. Secondly, a person we are changing to should be someone that has a stake.

Godwin Chukwunaenye Ezeemo is the only real stakeholder in Anambra State, among his contemporary politicians. He has over five billion naira worth of investment in the state. Others lack stake. That is why they are not concerned with what affects their region. Look at what the governors are doing in the IPOB/army imbroglio; the governors lack stake and that is why they are not firm enough in their resolutions. Ezeemo is the first person to categorically speak out against the occupation of the south east region by the military because he has interest in the region given his high stake here. We have to start voting in people who have stake in the state, so they will act more assertively in such situations.


These are gotten from federal allocation and should therefore not be seen as achievement. These are people that have worked for their money. Our governors just gets the money from Abuja and he is meant to distribute the money to those who have worked for it. He is talking about salary when we are talking about meaningful projects; building infrastructure, improving our IGR base. You cannot build IGR without having the infrastructure.

We are yet to know what happened to the Paris refund. So, paying salary should not be used as a yardstick for measuring dividend of democracy. It is an entitlement.

Electric Power supply;

 Power in Anambra State is abysmally low. Yes, power is exclusive but you can open solar power farms. We have recent power policies that provides for individuals and states to generate and distribute. We can still work on the existing grid by advocating for more 33 Kva lines to the state to increase her power base. You can attract dedicated lines to such areas as Nnewi, Oko, Ekwulobia with high concentration of economic activities. I do not see any reason we cannot have a way of improving the level of power if they are serious.


Speaking about Anambra rice; there is nothing like that; they just rebag and tag. Like the way Burham rebag cement in the past. People should not be carried away. To start producing quality rice and bagging is not big for state government but the current government is not doing so. He is just doing politics with it. Saying he exports vegetables; exportation of vegetables involves specifications and health standardisation and putting quality control measures in place. So governor is not doing so. We still have a lot of wasteful harvest season. We lack storage facilities in the state for the farm produce. Where are the silos for grains and other storage facilities? It is just business as usual whereby farmers just do their farming, sell and wait for the next season. No investment in value chain facility,  or any aspect of it.

Industrialisation; The incumbent has done nothing in terms of solid investment. The Stanel group that he is blowing his trumpet on is just a retail shop. It is not industrialisation. They are selling finished goods not produced in this state. What is the government doing to improve or encourage his predecessor's investment in our home grown car factory that is about to start export? Innoson motors. But we import Kia, ford and suchlike. So he has not done anything in the aspect of investing or encouraging investors. The government has lost bearing.

Water supply;

 The governor has not done anything. The ones we had have closed down; Awkuzu, Onitsha. He only invests in merriment, propaganda. He would have taken one sector and addressed it decisively. This is someone we do not know what his agenda is besides propaganda.

20 million community project;

This is not how to develop a state. I don't know what 20 million will do for a community. The government would have pooled the money to do something substantial. It is a seed of discord now. It cannot do a functional market in any community or electricity or health system. So what is it for? And until we stop playing that politics, the state will keep going down; the politics of sharing money. The money cannot do anything. It is nothing.

APGA being Igbo party;

PPA is more Igbo party than APGA. Anambra will see more igbo ness in PPA If they vote it in. Their candidate, Ezeemo is someone that has brought in all his investments to Anambra state. That is the height of Biafran spirit. Igboness. He leaves from his house everyday. I wont see a governor that will be more igbo than Ezeemo because he has demonstrated that he is more igbo than all other; the incumbent has not done anything tangible to show he is igbo. Innoson who is our own was not encouraged by his government. We Should develop our place first before we say others are not developing us. 

Impact of incumbent in the senatorial zones;

There is no impact in any of the senatorial zones. The incumbent's only impact is in Aguleri and the roads are even substandard. No standard impact so far. We have existing industries in nnewi and he has not encouraged any of them.

Final words

Beloved Ndi Anambra, do away with the propaganda of Nkea bu nke anyi but vote someone that has a stake and proven capacity, and would therefore hold the state dear. Ezeemo has proven that he is prudent and passionate about taking a

Anambra State to the next level as the top investor's haven in the country. That will reverse the trend of the state. At this stage we have not grown to have institutions grown to the western standard. Ezeemo is the man to provide this.
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