Eke Awka traders in Market 6 hand September to God

www.odogwublog.com reports that traders at Eke Awka under the auspices of  Market 6 association yesterday organized their monthly prayer meeting for the month of September to hand over their affairs unto God for protection and guidance. The prayer session took place at today at the market quadrangle.
Mr Mike Ikwuka who is the President of Market 6 association in his words said that the purpose of the prayer is to call together the men and women in market 6 monthly to pray and commit their businesses to God.
Chairman of Royal line of the market 6 Mr Victor Okafor, who preached during the meeting on the topic: Obedience' took his text from Deuteronomy 28.He said that Obedience is what attracts the blessings of God in our lives, while disobedience brings curses.
He said it’s through Obedience to the word of God we show that we're children of God and we love God Sisters' fellowship International Area 1 was hosted in today's prayer.
Members who turned out in mass shared so many gift items to the market men and women ranging from hand fans, Christian Literature and snacks.
The Area president Sister's fellowship international , Mrs Uju Onuoha who spoke during the meeting said that Sister's fellowship international is a place where women are prepared for marriage, taught to be better wives and mother-in-law, and they have so many chapters spread across Awka.
She said" Sisters Fellowship international is where every woman is encouraged to be because you will be transformed to be a better member of your family whether as sister, wife or mother. In sisters fellowship we have a wife and mother Inlaw and they are taught to live together as mother and daughter.
A woman is taught what it means to be submissive to her husband and be good example to her children. Altar call was made for those who want to experience the salvation of Jesus Christ, they were prayers for and also Eke Awka was dedicated to the Lordship of Jesus Christ against every other god.

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