Ebube Muonso and Mbaka war of words: Ebube Muonso opens up on the saga ----says the publication is a fallacy

 www.odogwublog.com reports that the Founder of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry Uke, Anambra state , Nigeria, Reverend Father Emmanuel Obimma yesterday spoke on the alleged war of words between him and Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria trending for sometime now in the social media.

Reverend Father Obimma known as Ebube Muonso said he was shocked when his attention was drawn to the publications by his  Personal Adviser , especialy with the things attributed to him and that attributed to Fr Mbaka by people he described as detractors interested in destroying the cordial and brotherly relationship between him and his senior priest, Mbaka.

Ebube Muonso in a brief interview with www.odogwublog.com exclusively warned lay faithful in the Church not to interfere in matters that pertains ministers of God because by so doing they are incurring the wrath, of God, as no lay man can fight for a priest of God, adding that whoever does unknown to him is  destroying himself or herself.       

On the allegations attributed to him against Mbaka, Reverend Father Obimma said such never happened as he has no time speaking ill about a priest of God. He said the publications were a false and described it as hand work of fifth columnists interested in championing strife in the Church of God.

‘’Well, such a thing never happened, I mean, never, never happened. There is no way I will preach against my fellow priest on a pulpit, I have so many things to say, other than ranting and dropping negative statements about my fellow minister.

‘’Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka is my Senior in the ministry, and rather, I love him so much, and I pray for him almost on daily basis, so such a thing has no fundamental in my realm at all, never ever since I was ordained a priest I have preached about my fellow priest on the pulpit, that is not Fr Ebube Munso, may be it is a strategy to put  anarchy and dissension between two priests, but then am very very happy that people who saw the write up did not believe, people know Fr. Ebube Munso, my congregation know what their spiritual director can do, so people debunked that post and even did not believe such.

‘’Let them produce the tape, because all my messages are recorded both on Sundays, according to my Personal Adviser the write up says while addressing my congregation on Monday, but I don’t hold any public gathering on Mondays so the story is a fallacy.

On why he named his ministry Adoration Ministry, and his name Ebube Muonso, Rev Fr Obimma said: ‘’The issue is that I did not nickname my self, it was people that started calling me Fr. Ebube Muonso, when I was newly ordained a priest, when I started healing ministry, people started calling me Ebube Muonso, I never nicknamed my self Ebube Muonso.

Adoration is a place where Jesus Christ is adored in the Blessed Sacrament, that is the meaning of Adoration so, it is immaturity for people to say so. In Nigeria there are so many Adoration ministries, so so many adoration ministries, my own ministry, is Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry , Uke Anambra state and not Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria, “ I repeat it is not Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria.
‘’ Our ministry is Holy Ghost Adoration ministry. There are other Rev. Fathers that have Adoration ministries, so many of them. In conceptual analysis, Adoration comes from a latin word “Adoratio” meaning to give homage or worship to some one or some thing, so that’s why in catholic there are Chapels of Perpetual Adoration where Jesus Christ is adored, where the faithful gather to adore Christ, so no body can claim monopoly of Adoration, let that person go to the dictionary and check the meaning of Adoration, I repeat my ministry is in parenthesis Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Anambra state.

‘’There are Olu Ndi Enigwe Adoration Minsitry, Chukwubuokem Adoration Ministry, Communion Sanctorum Adoration Ministry, Lumen Christi Adoration Ministry, Canaan Land Adoration Ministry  and others, by other priests who are called also into the ministry.

Reverend Father Obimma advised worshipers of Adoration ministries to stop stoking the embers of hatred , jealousy and strife in the kingdom of God to avoid the wrath of God, asking priests to be ware of the antics of ministry destroyers.
His words: ‘’My advice to such people, because also, my Personal Adviser showed me, Reverend Father backs own reply, that Fr. Mbaka Fires back at Ebube Muonso but I know, I am quiet convinced that Mbaka did not say any thing, they just programmed it to steer strife among priests, but they have failed to achieve their aim.

‘’The issue is that I will always advise every priest, for them not to allow their followers and their parishioners lead them into error. It is a very very sensitive issue, I will not like to say anything further, because a brother priest is involved, I believe I have attained some level of maturity in the ministry.

Reacting on the alleged competition with Fr Mbaka, Reverend Father Emmanuel Obimma said he is not competing or copying any priest as there is no competition in destiny.

His words: ‘’I am not competing with anybody, there is no competition in destiny. I am just following my divine call, just like I said earlier I respect Fr Mbaka a lot, even in my seminary days, I fought for him, to the extent of raising my hand on a fellow seminarian, who dropped a cynical statement about him and because of that I was penalized by the seminary authority. My warning to followers of priest is to know that they are dealing with ordained men of God. Just like I said earlier, I have attained certain level of maturity in the ministry, I always subject everything to prayer, waiting to hear from the Lord behind the curtain veil, I believe I have the gift of discernment. So my lay faithful should be warned not to interfere in matters that pertains ministers of God because by so doing they are incurring the wrath of God. You may think you are fighting for a priest without knowing you are destroying yourself.

Reverend Father Obimma concluded: ‘’ Take note , I don’t copy anybody. I don’t jealous anybody. It is only a fool that says what he is not sure of . People are good in fabricating stories against men of God. Why should I antagonize Rev Fr Mbaka when I pray for him everyday and Holy Ghost Adoration ministry prays for him every week?’’      

Written by  Odogwu Emeka Odogwu
Ebube Muonso and Mbaka war of words: Ebube Muonso opens up on the saga ----says the publication is a fallacy Ebube Muonso and Mbaka war of words: Ebube Muonso opens up on the saga  ----says the publication is a fallacy Reviewed by Unknown on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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