www.odogwublog.com brings you the hot reply of Ebubemuonso group to Mbaka's group epistle on Ebube Muonso

I am taking pains to put forward this statement as my heart bleeds at the level of mischief some people would go to put the Roman Catholic Church to scorn.
First of all, I am a professed Catholic and would rather not speak ill of an ordained man of God like Rev. Fr. Mbaka, but as an astute follower of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry Uke, and a proven beneficiary of Ebube Muonso'as immense spiritual exploits, I feel I owe it a duty to my conscience to the Church, to the very innocent Ebube Muonso and to the Holy Spirit to refute with all sense of dignity the callous, malicious and orchestra defamation that have continued to emanate from those who are bent on running themselves into self destruct.
As a Catholic Christian with strong foundation of faith, I was taught never to defame or speak evil of a priest of God and I take it without doubt that Mr. Sam Ukam and his fellow travelers who claim to be followers of Fr Mbaka are rather agents of the devil who are bent over on unleashing the gate of hell on the Catholic Church.
Not that I take your write up seriously as your proven emptiness was laid bare in the very first paragraph of your write up but I think I have to put things right and straight for the sake of unsuspecting and innocent holders of the faith who alongside the Church have become the latest targets of your ill plots and onslaught.
Firstly, I make bold to say that Ebube Muonso has never at any time or place spoken I'll of his revered brother priest Fr. Mbaka. If anything, he has spoken glowingly with unquestionable reverence of Fr Mbaka whom he often refers as the Elijah of our time. His love and respect for Mbaka and other Catholic priests are evident in his routine closing prayer after every crusade where he prays for the progress of all the Catholic ministries in Nigeria including that of Mbaka. This fact is evident in all the adoration tapes and write ups.
Your story of Ebube Muonso calling Mbaka non prophetic and comparing him to Nnamdi Kanu the IPOB leader is only a figment of your doomed imagination. Ebube Muonso for your information is too occupied with spiritual things and would not enter into the politics of love, hate, popularity or affluence with any of his brother priests.
You equally spoke of Ebube Muonso being jealous and plotting the downfall of Mbaka , your  assertions are only laughable because you need to step into Holy Ghost Adoration ground, Uke to feel the weight of this proven man of God and know that such will never come into contemplation. For your hollow mind, Ebube Muonso even with his very years in priesthood has attained an inestimable height. His spiritual achievements are so awe inspiring and no amount of sponsored blackmail can quench the blistering flame of faith he has ignited in the church today. Go to his parish and see the power of the Holy Spirit at work. Again I know he is too busy and plain minded to stoop to any kind of competition with any of his brother priest not to talk of Fr Mbaka a person he holds in high regards.
To say that Ebube Muonso is copying  Mbaka, is it a crime to copy good virtues  from someone. That means that you are a stark illiterate. There is no plagiarism in gospel message. You are so myopic and insensitive, perhaps Ebube Muonso is both a motivational speaker and a scriptural exegets. His homily messages sell millions across the globe. Ebube Muonso has impacted numerous lives positively, you made mention of Fr Mbaka employing people. Do you know how many people that are under Fr Ebube Muonso  scholarship and how many hospital bills he has settled both inside and outside the country.
You have threatened to back your empty claims with facts and the world is waiting. You jobless God forsaken bigots who claim to attend Catholic ministry in Enugu and yet are bent on putting the church on ridicule, you have crossed your rubicon and your time is up big time!
There is no limit to your lies, Well I know that you people are the devils from the pit of hell because passive readers responded to your crazy posts as fake. First of all you called Ebube Muonso a copycat who named his ministry Fr Mbaka's ministry in Enugu and coined his name from Mbaka 's award winning track "Ebube Muonso" (Shekinah Glory) and you claim that to be part of the plot by Ebube Muonso to overuse his brother priest. How pathetic are such claims? Is "Adoration" a trademark? go and look up the meaning of adoration. Fr Obimma Emmanuel's Ministry is called Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry Anambra Nigeria and not Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria. There are so many adoration ministries in Nigeria such as Olu Ndi Enigwe Adoration Minsitry, Chukwubuokem Adoration Ministry, Communion Sanctorum Adoration Ministry, Lumen Christi Adoration Ministry, Canaan Land Adoration Ministry. Why are you all perturbed about Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry. Don't you see that something is fishy. Why is the name Ebube Muonso which was given to him by adorers in recognition of his devotion to the Holy Spirit now causing you sleepless nights? What a shame!
Look at how you people have made a fool of yourselves and your pay masters. Though I know it's an avenue for you and your pay masters to vent your age long frustration. Ebube Muonso is unstoppable and the fire in him unquenchable and has no time for demonic religious bigots like you all. 
Fame is Ebube Muonso 's middle name and haters like you should go and hug a transformer if it so bothers you. Ebube Muonso, a fiery preacher has never hidden his disdain for injustice and marginalization of the Igbos who incidentally constitute a majority of his flock here in eastern Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu visited him because fr Ebube Muonso prayed for his release and God answered that prayer. When others busy campaigning and dilidalying with their political parties , Fr Ebube Muonso was busy going to desert praying for the release of Nnamdi Kanu an innocent man. For your shallow minds, Ebube Muonso  has never made a vain prophesy which is why I am amazed at your claim that he prophesied victory for Jonathan and the PDP. When? Where? You pathetic liars! Speaking of prophesies come true, as far as I have known him, none of his prophesies has dropped on the ground without fulfillment. He was the one that prophesied about Obiano's victory and on the month he prophesied about Nnamdi Kanu, he was released. The week he prophesied about the end of the Ebola plaque, it came to pass and so many others.
As a  matter of fact, the only prophesy on record regarding the 2015 election was Ebube Muonso's prediction of untold hardship as a consequence of Buhari's victory, a prediction that has since come into reality.
You shameless distorters of the fact, you have chosen to again change your initial story of the "Mbaka why" album from being the handy work of Mbaka 's politician enemies to now cook up Ebube Muonso 's involvement in other to destroy the strong bond between Catholic priests and envy of other denominations. How evil are the minds of men.
In conclusion, you are cursed from the day you chose to deride the church of God. To prove that you people are luciferian agents, you even went as far as attacking the office of the  Archbishop of Onitsha, the metropolitan see of the ecclesiastical province to score cheap points. That is the worst you have done, of course I know that you and your pay masters have no respect for churches hierarchy and patriarchs.
No one has ever castigated Ebube Muonso and goes free.. watch out , you people will surely end like others. Mark today's date!!! The beginning of your doom. I know that even your pay masters will not even save you. If all you said about Fr Ebube Muonso are true, then you will go free , but if it was a cheap blackmail and allegation to dent the image of a holy priest, you people are finished.
You demanded a public apology from the man of God, but mark my word today, a public statement of apology is the only thing that might redeem a minute part of your doomed miserable life. It's a promise!

Signed for and on behalf of concerned  Parishioners and Christian Faithful at Holy Ghost Adoration Ministries Uke Anambra state byMr Ifeanyi Nwankwo

In the presence of  
Mr Paul Egwuatu
Ifeoma Anyaora