OSELOKA OBAZE Wins Anambra PDP Ticket

In recent times now many things has been happening, things are beginning to unfold very well.Since i picked interest in politics,i have not seen or heard any slogan that captured my interest except now "ANAMBRA DESERVE BETTER"
 Your excellency the Governor elect,Mr Oseloka Obaze,the one and only PDP candidate for Anambra gubernatorial election come November 18th.The election is fast approaching and everybody/all contestants from different parties are preparing very hard to win the election.I don't want to go into details about other contestant because i am so much interested in ANAMBRA DESERVE BETTER - Oseloka Obaze. I have heard so much about you sir, your impeccable qualities.First i must say that i was impressed when i knew that your parents is a teacher by profession,implying that you are from a humble background.Your Educational qualities is very much acknowledged too. Being a diplomat is where i am so much concerned. Above all sir,your humble nature which reminds me so much about okwute ndi igbo Mr Peter Obi.Sir i was among the journalist you addressed on the day you introduced your deputy Barri.Chidi Alexandra Oynemelukwe and,sir you assured us all that with her on your side the broad vision of our dear state will be driven to the very zenith where it deserve to be.These were your words in your speech.
  Mr Oseloka Obaze may i at this juncture untie my parcel for you.The bone of contention of this literature is to tell you really Anambrarians deserve better and if by God's grace you win the election and become the governor of Anambra state PLEASE SIR DON'T BE A GOOD MAN TURNED BAD.During campaign politicians always say the best about themselves but after election we began to see their real face.Just like a woman who wants to get married, she hides all her bad character immediately after the marriage,her real self  will surface. Sir,i don't want to see you as a politician but as someone who is patriotic,somebody who is ready to die for Anambra State.We need a lot things in this state.After my final year examination,i traveled to lagos to visit a friend,along our discussion,their was a blast on Anambra State,his friend said"the only development in Anambra State is filling stations and hotels" i was so ashamed of my self and from all indications he was right.We need industries,foreign investment,we want it real not propaganda.Anambra has so many resources to take care of herself. Yes i must admit,Willie Obiano did his best in paying teachers their monthly salaries but Anambra deserve better than that.
  Sir,when you were the MD of ANIDS i barely know you,even when you became the SGF i don't still know you,until now your name begin to ring like a bell in my ear. Sir i know politician cannot be trusted but i want to trust you.Like Chinua Achebe will always say ''The trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership. There is nothing basically wrong with the Nigeria character,there is nothing wrong with the Nigerian land or climate or water or air or anything else.The Nigerian problems is the unwillingness or inability of its leaders to rise to the responsibility, to the challenge of personal example which is the hallmarks of true leadership" .I don't want you to be a victim too,rise and  break this barrier  if you finally become the governor of this State.I want you to be a game changer,but start with Anambra, don't make a false image of your self like when Obasanjo during the ''Thank you tour of Ogun State in August 1979  i quote "Nigeria will become one of the ten leading nations in the world by the end of the century". But,today what is happening in Nigeria absolutely nothing.These are the words of a politician.
 Sir,being a diplomat i believe that you know what it entails,a person who is skilled at dealing with other people. I would want you to to disallow any form of disparity that is lingering his ugly head in Anambra State.The sins of social injustice kills the future.Where one employs his brothers, sidetracking the people who merits the job,thereby putting the State in perpetual stagnation.Please sir i reiterate don't make false image of your self like most politicians do.Charity they say starts from home,so start from Anambra.I will repeat this literature if by God's grace you win this forth-coming election your excellency.
 Sir,before i end this article may i take this opportunity to tell you that it is not the rich who needs your good governance but average Anambrarians on the street.                      
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