Obaze picks PDP nomination form , set to Govern Anambra as he releases his manifesto

www.odogwublog.com reports that front Aspirant in PDP for Anambra Governorship election in Anambra state Mr Obaze Oseloka is about to pick his PDP nomination form today 3 August, 2017, in Abuja,
Obaze told Odowgublog.com that ''I have the distinct honour and pleasure to share with you exclusively in advance, my Compact (Manifesto), attached herewith.

Our mission mandate to redeem Anambra State is simple and clear.  Certainly, ANAMBRA DESERVES BETTER!
 Read Obaze's compact manifesto but this is Obaze's copyright and please aspirants should not modify the contents , just tell us your own
The OHO Compact
Oseloka H.
If elected Governor of Anambra State, I hereby set out my core compact with Ndi Anambra, consisting
of five (5) basics principles predicated on globally accepted best practices of good governance. Since
the essence of governance is to SERVE the people, I have also identified fifteen (15) core areas
encompassing activities and deliverables within the main governance Knobs and sectoral drivers
which my government must tackle proactively, in the public interest, in the four years which I have
undertaken to serve. These are in tandem with U.N. Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs).
The Five Principles
1. Authentic Continuity: Provide authentic continuity and consolidation of all gains – developmental,
financial, economic, infrastructural, educational health etc. made by successive Anambra state
governments, especially the Peter Obi administration, while ensuring stability, civility, frugality,
transparency, political tolerance, and diverse views at all levels. Public expenditure will be
results - b-a sed and project-driven.
2. Good Governance: Upholding the bond of performance between the government and its people.
Providing and delivering proactively through adaptive leadership, adequate and efficient and effective
delivery of infrastructural services and insisting on inclusivity, rule of law, transparency,
responsiveness, equity, accountability, and strategic vision with a view to bridging the trust gap
between the people and the government.
3. Public Policy Ownership: Anambra Government must belong to Ndi Anambra. I offer to translate
the viewpoint, values and needs of Ndi Anambra to core policies that serve collective interest and
guarantee equity at all levels. This will entail the revamp of Anambra Integrated Development
Strategy scheme (ANIDS). Every Anambra community must have a sense of inclusiveness and
ownership of public policy relating to them. I will grant the Anambra Youth Council a role in articulation
of policies and decision-making in order to foster future leadership. Develop sports fully as a
lucrative industry.
4. Inclusive Governance: Representation in government will reflect gender balance, equity, nonpartisanship
and based on clear merit. Promote the respect for the various branches and tiers of
government and support the oversight responsibilities of the legislature, independence of the
judiciary, and the autonomy of the local government. We will conduct Local Government Elections
promptly; and introduce and support the Charter of Townships and conversion of the present
Town Union President-General System to a more operational, self-supporting and self-accounting
Town Councils and Mayoral system in order to enhance grassroots governance and development.
5. Free Media: Finally, freedom of expression, access to information will be guaranteed with a view
to making government business less opaque. We will make government and its business more
transparent and accountable. I will, therefore, send an Executive Bill to the Anambra State House
Assembly that will underline the rights of public access to information. In that context, every
person shall have a right of access to information, which is in the custody or possession of any
public official, institution, or agency at any level of government, without prejudice to State Security.
Anambra Deserves Better
ecurity of Life, Individuals, Food & Environment SGovernment has a responsibility to protect every Anambra person and community. Security
encompasses human security, security from hunger and want; affordable healthcare services; addressing
unmet needs; protecting fundamental human rights and ordered liberties, and guaranteeing an unfettered
environment for the pursuit of personal wellbeing. Securing Anambra must not be achieved through
illiberal and coercive means that undermine constitutional and human rights and human dignity. Education, employment, empowerment, & equity
We must support unfettered investment in education with a view to producing skilled labour forces,
promoting employment, empowerment and equity in Anambra. Our educational and related public
policies must be assertive, introspective and developmentally focused. We must match or surpass the
U.N. prescribed budgetary allocation for education. We must aim for comparative advantage by
ensuring that our youths and students in Anambra educational institutions have top notch facilities that
would enable them engage in productive research and development and compete globally.
We need to restore Anambra peoples’ eroded confidence in Government and its conducts, by ending
marginalization, and broad disenfranchisement. There must be a bond of performance between the
government and the governed. Anambra retains the potentials to lead and outperform every other
Nigerian state. Anambra must utilize its resources scrupulously by resorting to transparent resultsbased
budgeting and policies that give real value for public funds expended. We must not be
contented with Anambra just working. We must think, act and aspire for “Anambra to be First” in all
Restoration, results-based budget and policies
Good governance compels accountability. Integrity guarantees commitment, direction and capacity
for implementation. This dual-track approach, when effectively combined, makes government
purposeful, effective and efficient. For any leadership to excel, there must be a clear vision, policy and
fiscal transparency, frugality, and the broad constituency must be carried along. Such values will
attract sustainable investor equity capital needed for development. We will enagage our development
partners more robustly.
Value added governance, accountability and integrity
Government has primary role in developing physical and organizational structures required of a
functional society, as well as regulating, maintaining and sustaining such public infrastructure and
properties. We must explore the crosscutting niche sectors where Anambra government, consortiums
and individuals can engage in multidisciplinary partnership that adds fillip to Public Private
Partnership (PPP) in all sectors. We must tap into the Igbo ingenuity and exploit Anambra’s industrial
vitality by propagating the Onitsha-Nnewi-Awka (ONA) Industrial Axis to its fullest potentials. We must
incentivize Anambra entrepreneurs in the SME clusters, our major agriculturalists and industrialists,
who create wealth and employment. Anambra’s oil and gas sector remains totally unexplored due to
lack of focus. We must transcend such inertia.
Enterprise, ingenuity, industry & infrastructure
Anambra Deserves Better
- Zero hunger/food security
- Mechanized Farming;
- Sector export value chain;
- Introduce State/Community
Niche Plantations;
- Subsistence Farmers Support
Group (SFSG);
- Tools and Equipment Rentals
- Inclusive, equity-based and
qualitative education;
- Free Education up to JS3;
- Devote 26% of budget to
education with 10% to
support parochial schools;
- Support special needs and
indigent students & school
exchange programmes
State Security
- Federal Presence Support &
Collaboration with FEDs;
- Support Static, Mobile and
Community Policing
- Reform/Standardize AVG;
- Crime Report Reward
- Reinforce Kidnap Laws
- Neighborhood Watch
Gender/Social Welfare
- Empower women and girls;
60/40 gender balance in all
political appointments;
- Gender mainstreaming as a
policy directive;
- Create safety net for the
aged, indigent and those
with special needs;
Sports, Parks & Recreation
- Mandatory Inter-Collegiate
Sporting Activities/Sponsors;
- Develop Two State Stadia ;
- A Mini stadium in 21 local
Government Areas;
-Establish Parks, Recreation
and Open Space Commission
- Build new physical and social
- Upgrades & maintain existing
- Heavy Haulage Routes
- Inter-City Light Rail System
- Self-Support Parking Lots
- Open database on land
- Reform SBA Commission;
- Support Mom/Pop Stores;
- Formalize Street Vending
- Leverage OPS involvement
- Job Fairs /Placement Prog.
- Create Mechanic Village;
- ICT Village/Market
- Artisan Certificate/License
- SGD driven investments;
- Reform Investment Entry
- Inter-state Joint Venture;
- Direct Foreign Investors (DFI)
- Diaspora Direct Projects (DDP);
- State FuGen Savings Scheme
Youths Empowerment
- Training, Empowerment and
Protection (TEP) Programme;
- A Niche Skill Acquisition
Centre in 21 LGAs;
- Train 1000 youths in 4 years on
Digital Space;
- Establish Youth Chamber of
Energy/ Water Scheme
- Incorporate solar energy in
approved building plans and
all public buildings;
- Revive the main state water
works system in Awka,
Onitsha and Nnewi, to
provide portable water.
- Revamp oil/gas sector;
- Drive Derivation rights (DDR)
- Actualize the Onitsha-Nnewi-
Awka (ONA) Industrial Axis;
- Incentivize Anambra
Entrepreneurs in the SME
- Public Private Partnership
- Promote wellbeing for all
Upgrade Primary Healthcare
Facilities in the 177 communities; -
- Provide First Responders
Emergency Medical and
Transport Services (EMS/EMT)
- Mandatory Emergency care
- Introduce Charity Care
- Operationalize Onitsha Port;
Joint light rail partnership with
contiguous states;
- Leverage on local materials
to make Anambra epicenter
of arts and artifacts;
- Co-host Events with MAN;
- Host Trade Exihibitions;
- Hold Annual Arts Festivals;
Alternate Revenue
- Εxpand IGR Windows
- Compulsary WH filing (W2)
- Introduce EZForm Tax Filing;
- IRS Refund/Exemption
- Offer tax incentive as
required to investors
- Traffic/Parking Enforcement
- Urban Furniture Levies
Tourism/Quality of Life
- Create Nollywood City ®
- Handicap access facilities;
- Open Air theatre /Wifi Free
Zones in Cities
- Cinemas & Skating Rinks
- Shopping Centres
- Historical-Tourism sites.
Anambra Deserves Better
Oseloka H. Obaze
Mr. Oseloka Henry Obaze (OHO) is the only credible leadership alternative for Anambra State.
He is an astute leader, visionary, technocrat, good governance and policy expert and a tested
public administrator of high integrity, focus, humility and diligence. It will be recalled that in 2013,
he was the leading aspirant on the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) platform to succeed
Gov. Peter Obi, until he was disqualified on a voter’s card technicality. Anambra can do better.
Obaze is Anambra’s best choice for 2017! He won’t be an accidental leader!!
Since leaving office on 8 June 2015 as the 9th Secretary to the Anambra State Government
(SSG), Obaze has been Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Selonnes Consult
Ltd.® a management and strategic policy advisory entity and OHO & Associates, a good
governance advocacy outfit. He has written widely on policy challenges confronting Nigeria and
made various policy recommendations which were adopted by the Federal and State
Born on 9th April, 1955 in Ogidi, Nigeria, Obaze is a native of Ochuche Umuodu, in the Ogbaru
Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria and a recognized stakeholder who
campaigned vigorously to bring the governorship to the Anambra North Senatorial Zone in 2013.
A writer, poet and policy analyst, Obaze has most recently authored two books, “Regarscent
Past: A Collection of Poems” (2015), Here To Serve (2016); and a forthcoming book, Prime Witness:
Change and Policy Challenges in Buhari’s Nigeria (2017).
Education: Mr. Obaze attended the elite Catholic legacy school, Christ the King College, Onitsha
(1967-1973; his education was briefly interrupted by the Nigerian civil war, from 1967-1970). He
also attended the equally prestigious Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha (1973-1974).
He studied Political Science and International Relations and holds a Master of Arts in Political
Science (M.A.) from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE (1980); and a Bachelor of Science
in Political Science (B.S.) from Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE (1979). He also holds
a of Certificate in Diplomacy from the Nigerian Foreign Service Academy, Lagos, Nigeria (1983);
Certificate in Peacekeeping and Preventive Diplomacy, from the UNITAR/International Peace
Academy Course, Burg Schlaining, Austria (1996); Certificate in Early Warning and Preventive
Measures, from the UN System Staff College, Turin, Italy (1999); and a Certificate in Facilitation
of Dialogue Processes and Mediation Efforts, from the Folke Bennadotte Academy, Sandon,
Sweden (2007).
United Nations: Before returning home in 2012 to serve as the 9th Secretary to the Anambra
State Government (Secretary of State), from 29th June, 2012 to 8th June, 2015, Obaze served
as United Nations official (1991-2012). Mr. Obaze was appointed to the United Nations Secretariat
by Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar Javier on 1 March, 1991, as a Political Affairs
Officer in the Department of Political and Security Council Affairs (PSCA) at the United Nations
Headquarters in New York. As an International Civil Servant, he served in the U.N. with distinction
for twenty-one years, and under four different U.N. Secretaries-General. A seasoned diplo
mat, international civil servant, strategic policy advisor, administrator, writer and literary critic, Mr.
Obaze has a diverse and substantial background in political processes and a wealth of diplomatic,
political and administrative experience, in national and international affairs, including
direct experience working on countries facing complex challenges in Europe and Africa.
Federal Government of Nigeria: As a member of the Nigerian Diplomatic Service (1982-1991),
Mr. Obaze served under three presidents (President Shagari, General Buhari and President Babangida)
before transiting to the United Nations.
Anambra Deserves Better
Oseloka H. Obaze
Anambra State: As Secretary to the Anambra State Government, Obaze served on the State Executive and Security
Councils and was responsible for the coordination and coherence of government’s policies. He was the Chair of the
Board of Trustees of the Anambra State Flood Disaster Emergency Fund, and Chair of the Anambra State Flood
Disaster Relief Coordination Committee and Member of the Anambra State Emergency Management agency (SEMA);
in these capacities, he coordinated the State’s emergency response during the 2012 flood disaster. He was a Delegate
to the South East Zonal Review of the 1999 Constitution held in Enugu on 15-16 November 2012; Delegate to the
Southern Leaders’ Summit Meeting, 24 February, 2014 Calabar, Cross River State, Chairman, Anambra State
Government Handover Committee, February-March 2014 and member of the Anambra State Economic Think-Tank.
Publications: Mr. Obaze is the co-author of Joe Garba’s Legacy, (Xlibris, 2012) and the author of four forthcoming
books, “Regarscent Past: A Collection of Poems” (Ben Bosah Books, 2015), Here To Serve, (Ben Bosah Books, (2016);
and Prime Witness (2017). He has published numerous articles on governance, public policy, political, social, and
development issues, on journals, websites and newspapers. The manuscript for this collection of poems, “Regarscent
Past: A Collection "of Poems” placed second in the poetry category in the African Writers Endowment Publishing Grant
Program for 2004. He also contributed a tribute paper titled, “Achebe, Ike, Momah (AIM): Celebrating the Umuahia
Literary Trio”, in Chukwuemeka Ike: Fifty Years as a Trailblazing Novelist, (Ed.) Kanchana Ugbabe (2015). He also
contributed a chapter titled, “Rethinking Nigeria’s Foreign Policy on The Eve of the 21st Century” in Nigeria: Visions of
the Future, (Ed.) Ngozi A. Nwaneri, (1998) and has collaborated or made research contributions to several published
books, including Ibrahim Gambari’s Political and Comparative Dimensions of Regional Integration: The Case of
ECOWAS (1991); Joseph N. Garba’s The Honour To Serve: Reflections on Nigeria Presidency of the 44th UN General
Assembly (1993) and Fractured History: Elite Shifts and Policy Changes In Nigeria (1995). He is a co-founder of the
Kwenu.com Book Review Forum, which is dedicated to the promotion of books with Igbo & Afrocentric themes. He has
published Literary Book Reviews since 2002.
Honours: A recipient of numerous service and professional excellence awards including:
Ambassador in Campaign Against Discrimination on those with Albinism (2017);
Contribution to Youth Development, UNIZIK Economics Department (2017);
Help To Humanity, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Univ Med. College Students (2017)
Rotary Club (Awka-GRA) Meritorious Leadership Service Award (2016);
Nigerian Institute of Architects’ (Anambra Chapter) Meritorious Service Award (2015);
Rotary Club (Onitsha-East) International Service Award (2014);
Award of Honour For Selfless Service to the State by Anambra Customary Courts Presidents Association (2014);
The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (Anambra) Professional Excellence Award (2013);
Catholic Diocese of Nnewi Public Service Award (2013);
Anambra State University, Students Union Government “Altruistic Gentleman” Award (2013);
Maiden recipient of the “Rev. Fr. Nicholas C. Tagbo Achievement Award for a Lifetime of Service”(2012);
Christ the King College Onitsha Old Boys Association “Distinguished Alumni” Award (2012);
The Anambra@20 Recognition Award (2011);
Christ the King College Onitsha 75th Anniversary Meritorious Service Award (2008); a
Christ the King College Onitsha Alumni Association in America Exceptional Service Award (2001).
Mr. Obaze belongs to several professional and civic organizations. He is member of the Nigerian Institute of International
Affairs, Food Pantry Volunteer, St. James Catholic Church, Woodbridge, NJ (1995-2012); Member and eventually,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Songhai Charities, Inc. of New Jersey (1997-2005); and National Secretary, Christ the
King College Onitsha, Alumni Association In America, Inc. (1998 to 2012). He is a patron of the Ochuche Umuodu Town
Union (OTU). Mr. Obaze is married to Dr. Ofunne Omo Obaze and they are blessed with children. A widely traveled man,
he has visited sixty-four (65) countries. He is an avid sportsman and soccer enthusiast; he reviews books and arts as a
Anambra Deserves Better
OHO’s Policy Insight
May we meet you sir.
OHO: : My name is Oseloka Henry Obaze, I am from Ochuche Umuodu in Ogbaru LGA. I'm retired a career diplomat,
now a governance and policy consultant and a governorship aspirant in Anambra.
Why do you think you are qualified and best suited to Govern Anambra State?
OHO: By training, by experience and by exposure, and comparatively, I believe am eminently qualified to serve as
governor. I'm not looking to be a ruler, but a servant leader, who can add value and bring strategic vision to the
governance of our dear State. I've been in governance circles at local, state, federal and international levels. If elected
governor, I will not be an accidental leader. Moreover, politics is a dynamic process; nothing is static. I'm in politics to
add value and deliver good governance at the highest level. More importantly, you cannot ask the society to defer their
wishes, rights and entitlements to good governance.
The incumbent administration is taunting security alongside payment of workers salary as one of its major
achievements. Do you agree that it has done well in this regard.
OHO: I'm glad the present government has managed to keep security issues on the front burner. The government only
built on a well-established security architecture, mosaic and foundation it inherited. Security may indeed, be the only
area where the government has shown a modicum of continuity. Payment of salaries or pension is routine. It is also a
feat this government has only been able to accomplish because of the enormous savings Peter Obi left in the state
coffers. I'm aware they sold off all the medium and long term foreign exchange saving instruments, some at vastly
discounted rates and converted it to Naira in order to pay salaries. Spending another person's savings or wealth is
nothing to brag about.
Anambra supposedly is an oil producing state. Till now we are yet to be recognized as an oil producing state by the Fed
Govt. What do you think are the problems. What will you do differently if elected the Governor of Anambra State?
OHO: Regrettably, it's the lack of vision and strategic planning that is our challenge. Anambra Government is just a stakeholder
in Orient Petroleum Resources (OPR). What it can bring to the table is to resolve the impasse with Kogi and Enugu
States expeditiously, thus allowing the three states to become oil producing states. There's no loss value in such a
collaborative approach. Secondly, OPR is not fully capitalized. If you do an initial public offering (IPO) for OPR and open
up ownership at par value to Ndi Anambra, you will overcome the funding challenges that is now the cog. That's exactly
what I will do.
The incumbent administration claim that it has attracted over USD 7bn in DFI within the last three years. What is your take
on this claim?
OHO: The figures are spurious and cannot be confirmed. In any case, the total direct foreign investment ( DFI) flow into
Nigeria in the past three years, between 2014 and 2016, was under $10 billion; so did all of it come to Anambra? Go figure!
There is an element of hype and fuzzy math in the government's claim.
What will be the fulcrum of your economic agenda for Anambra State.
OHO: Anambra is renowned for trade and commerce. Our people are gregarious. We must create an enabling
environment, support heavy haulage infrastructure - rail, waterways and inland port. Above all, partnership with the
organized private sector (OPS) will be a priority. The OPS is the real wealth creator not government, so we must support
indigenous enterprise fully, while exploiting areas where we have comparative advantages. We must also focus on
In general, how will Oseloka Henry Obaze better the lives of ndi Anambra if elected Governor?
OHO: I've been blessed and privileged to travel around the world and thus disposed to appreciating what good governance
is all about. Good governance an service delivery is not about grandiose projects; it's about small things that work
seamlessly. The bottom line is efficiency, efficiency efficiency, be it in waste management, education, healthcare delivery
or urban planning. We will strive for utmost efficiency in the most cost-effective ways.
Anambra Deserves Better
OHO’s Policy Insight
How would you describe the administration of the incumbent in terms of delivering the dividends of democracy to Ndi
OHO: Simply, if the incumbent administration was doing so well, it won't be facing the challenges of alternative
leadership. Despite the recession and hunger, the people are not happy. Dividends of democracy is myopically
marginal and sequestered in a particular environ. That is not purposeful leadership.
What informed your decision to join the race for the Government House in Anambra?
OHO: To serve and to add value. I joined in the fight to bring the governorship to Anambra North with a promise of good
leadership. We have not delivered on that promise. We must remediate the situation now. So I'm involved.
What difference will your governorship make?
OHO: Like The Seven Up advert says, 'the difference will be clear'. To govern well, you have to be a good leader before
you get in; not that getting in will make you a good leader. Moreover I'm committed to serving one term. So there won't
be the burden of seeking a second therm. It's work from start to finish - the entire 48 months, if it so pleases God.
What do you intend to make the cardinal focus of your administration.
OHO: Efficient service delivery. Good governance is about the deliverables, to the people; basic needs and all, and allowing
the people to use their God given talent to flourish. Our people should not work for government; government must work for
our people. Needless to say, there must be a secure environment and promises made must be redeemed.
Most Governor's enter the Government House exuberantly and full of ideas. However, the unexpected pressure of governance
tends to make them lose focus and they suddenly become in need of a second term to fulfill campaign promises of
the first term. How do you intend to avoid the pitfall?
OHO: There's leadership and there's leadership. There is something known as adaptive leadership. Every leader brings to
public office his vision, style and political and leadership DNA. Purposeful leadership is about management style, focus
and a full grasp of the imperatives of good governance. If you know how to make institutions function efficiently, that's half
the battle; if you don't, then you will have to grapple with a dysfunctional government. So it's not a matter of correction as
it is a stylistic and operational approach and efficient optimization of institutions, extant laws and available resources.
The poor state of the economy has been severally cited as reason for the slow pace of development in most states of the
country, how do you intend to cope with the challenge?
OHO: Governance is not about making excuses or hype. You must make do with what you have. Above all, you must be
focused, and must appoint honest advisers not sycophants. There will be up turns and economic down turns; the capacity
to adapt remains an imperative.
If elected Governor, how would you like your 1st tenure in office to be remembered?
OHO: Obaze came, he served and he truly added value and made government, transparent, inclusive and efficient. That
ought to sufficient for history and as a legacy.
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