Galilee Christian Centre, Lagos, Prophet , Williams Onuoha says Biafra will be achieved without war reports that amidst cheers , jubilation for seventh anniversary in Lagos and praying weekend, the Founder of Galilee Christian Centre, Lagos, Prophet Williams Onuoha announced that Biafra would become a nation without fighting a war.
Onuoha, , recalled that many thought he was joking when he said last year that God brought President Muhammadu Buhari for the good of the Igbo. Buhari’s coming, he noted, had smoothened the way for an Igbo nation.
“God said Nigeria will not experience another civil war again and that He is going to settle the Biafra issue without a war. How this will happen is only known to God.
“Last year, I called on the Nigerian government to dialogue with the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu and negotiate with the young man, but my plea fell on deaf ears. Today, look at what is happening. The issue has now gone beyond negotiation. When you are living with somebody and the person is not treating you right, the next thing to do is leave. God has finally intervened in the issue of Biafra and it is settled. The matter is now in God’s hands. It is beyond man. It is above the politicians and the Abuja contractors,” he said.
He called on Igbo leaders to be mindful of how they treat Kanu now. “The hand of God is on that young man. Man cannot destroy him. Nobody should try to fight him, as no man born of a woman can oppose him and succeed. Remember that the Igbo have mourned their dead; it is now a spiritual battle. Kanu is backed by a strong power and he has the youths behind him. My revelations have never failed. God revealed to me four months before the US presidential election that Donald Trump was going to win. Most people didn’t believe me. God’s words must surely come to pass,” he said.
At the anniversary, thousands were given free food, drinks and assorted gifts. Onuoha also called on Nigerians to pray against famine in 2018, saying it is going to be a tough year.
“Money will disappear from the hands of the rich, the nation would witness lots of suicides, because God said the land is polluted with the blood of the innocent and that there is so much evil and He is unhappy with Nigeria. He is mostly unhappy with the leaders, who have continuously deceived the nation. People are suffering while some are happy because they have enriched themselves from the people’s suffering. It is time we began to pray as a people. It is time we drew closer to God in truth and in faith,” he said.
He added: “God said the problem with Nigeria started in 1977, during the FESTAC ’77 festival. It was at this festival that Nigeria was handed over to Satan. That year, all the idols of the world gathered in Nigeria for the country’s initiation. The Bible tells us in the book of Psalm 33:12: “blessed is the nation whose God is their Lord.” How can you hand over a country into the hands of a demon because you seek power to lead? Nigeria and indeed Africa’s problem is the west, especially Britain and France, and God is angry because these countries never wanted to see any good come out of Africa. They have continuously ensured that good African leaders don’t last long. For you to lead, you have to be initiated and dance to their satanic music. People now soil their hands to attain power. Everywhere, you see evil men of God and evil politicians. Today in Nigeria, before you become a councilor you have to be initiated. Evil has taken over totally. God is unhappy and He says; enough is enough. God says they will never be comfortable until the poor becomes comfortable.”
He called on Africans to wake up and put a stop to what he termed the continued western exploitation.

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