Failure of Christianity behind the problem of Ndigbo in Nigeria - Evangelist reports that an Onitsha based journalist, author and gospel preacher Evangelist Theo Rays Ejikeme has observed that the continued failure of Christian churches to live up to their billing as the light of world and salt of the earth in addressing the problems of life is the root cause of problem facing Ndigbo in Nigeria today. 

Evangelist Ejikeme the founding Minister of Sounds of God and Solution Ministries who spoke in Onitsha while introducing what he called Special Prayer Focus on Ndigbo, stated that the marginalization of Ndigbo in Nigeria setting is consequent upon the failure of the churches to draw the attention of God on the challenges facing Ndigbo and raise a high degree of political awareness among its followers. 

"Permit me to say that Christianity as being practiced by many churches today has failed to address the problems of humanity and Ndigbo being a Christian dominated region or race is a victim of that failure" he said adding that the Special Prayer Focus is targeted to inspire churches in Igbo land to draw the attention of God on plight of Ndigbo in Nigeria and raise high political awareness among the people.

The Evangelist who is also the founder and coordinator of Desert Ministers Forum attributed the failure of Christianity to misplaced interested among church leaders who are more interested in raising money to buy acquire worldly things, build cathedral and schools than raising converts into the sanctuary of God according to the Bible. 

""In John 1:12, the Bible says that those who believe are empowered to be sons and daughters of God not worldly rich son and daughters and that is what they ambiguously teach in non Christian worship centers. At non Christian worship centers they tell people that they were born to rule but in the church they ask you to bring money as offering, tithe and donation as such will attract God's blessings. 

"Offering tithe and donation attract blessing really but where are the result in the society which is clearly being ravaged by corruption and poor performance among leaders who are notable church members as well as cultism, homosexual, violent crime among and drug addict among the youth who where born into Christian families" 

The man of God informed that God has inspired him to retool people into more effective Christian life adding that the Special Prayer Focus is aimed at proving lasting solution to the challenges facing Ndigbo.

"Ndigbo are currently in a situation of tumult and bustle like a wounded Lion with some calling for Restructuring of Nigeria and some agitating for the restoration of Biafra, all these are good but we have  to seek the face of God and ask for wisdom and direction" he said


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