Biafra group condemns anti Igbo song reports that the Biafra Liberation Council (BLC) has condemned the anti Igbo songs circulated in different sections in Nigeria, warning that it is a wake-up call for Nigeria.
BLC said the song is a veritable signal to Ndigbo that people should return to their geo-political zones saying that was how the 1994 Rwanda genocide between Tutsis and Hutus started.
Austin-Mary Ndukwu, Administration Secretary of the BLC made the assertion while speaking to newsmen.
"Whoever is fanning the embers of bitter hatred against our people should go down history lane and see that at the end of it all, the oppressor realizes that what he planned from the onset rather works against him", Ndukwu said.
According to him, Igbos will not be cowed by the song, rather it has jolted them awake and to be alert, saying "we will never be caught napping when it will time for muscle flexing which is becoming so manifest as the days roll by".
The BLC Administration Secretary said the complaints over the song is an unnecessary debate but a wake up call for people to return to their ethnic Geo-political zones.
He said in time, things will be obvious saying "one thing is sure, nobody lives forever. Time will tell", Ndukwu said.

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