Anambra 2017: Women appealed to use numerical strength, participate in politics------donates 100 nets, drugs reports that women in Anambra state have been urged to use their numerical strenght to ensure a leader of their choice emerges Governor of Anambra state come November 18th, 2017.

This was the views of the Supervisory councilor for Health in Idemmili South Local Government Area (IDSLGA) Anambra sttae, Hon Dozie Mmaduabum Mnim while addressing Oba women patriotic Union 2017 Home & Abroad General Conference, in Oba.

Mmaduabum further urged them to involve themselves in active politics as that would enable them attain higher political positions as their counterparts in the state.

 He also led a team of medical consultants who enlightened the women on how to cope with some ailments peculiar to them.

Hon Mmaduabum eulogized the various achievements of the women in Oba especially in the present administration led by Chief Dame Janet Okeke starting from their role in ensuing peace in the community and investing on other capital projects like schools, town hall, road,  loan scheme etc.
However, he urged them to come out fully and participate in politics since many of them were literate and highly educated.
“We have many Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Lecturers & lawyers, Teachers among you. It’s high time you contested for political positions in this state or country or at least aspire to be given political appointments as your counterparts like Prof. Kate Omenugha from Nnobi and Dr Azuka Enemuo from Nnokwa who served as Commissioners for Education present and past respectively from our L.G.A. You have the experience and all it takes to lead”, said Mmaduabum.
Moreover, Hon. Mmaduabum who donated, 100 pieces of treated mosquito nets for malaria prevention and over 500 pieces of Metizan tablets for prevention of river blindness and elephantiasis to the women while introducing the team of medical experts he came with, lamented that some illnesses that resulted to various deaths could have been prevented if people adapted to proper health living standards.
In his seminar, Barr. Dr. Ifeanyi Anigbogu (Phd) ,a consultant surgeon and committee member Idemili North & South APGA tactical committee lectured the women on the causes, prevention, symptoms and treatment of breast cancer.
Dr. Anigbogu said that the major causes of breast cancer which is a silent killer include: inhaling of chloro-fluro carbons from exhaust pipes of automobiles, eating of processed/canned foods, excessive heat as a result of ozone depletion, eating food crops cultivated with artificial fertilizer, accumulation of synthetic drugs in the body among others.
Moreover, he said that symptoms of Breast cancer include: malignant lump in the breast, inner itching of the breast, when a women is lactating without nursing a child, seeing your menstruation up to twice within a month, growths in the armpits.
Dr. Anigbogu said that cancer was prevented and can be managed if discovered at the 1st or 2nd stage but becomes inoperable if it enters the 3rds stage.
However he said that breast cancer was preventable if people take to natural foods, fruits & vegetable thereby avoiding processed or canned foods, avoid iced water and drinks, avoid stress, anxiety and greed and advised women to check their breasts every morning while taking their bath.
In a related development, the Mobilizing Health Officer IDSLGA, Mrs. Jane Okpala also lectured the OWPU on signs and management of menopause saying that menopause was experienced by every women from the ages of 45 to 50 when the person stops seeing her menstruation.
“Menopause is one of the changes that must occur in every woman as the woman ages depending on when you see your first menstruation as a girl. For some, it starts as early as 45 years while others may be from 50 years or above, the woman’s menstrual  period would be dropping from 3 days to 2days until it stops finally”, she said.
Mrs. Okpala who was accompanied by the HOD health in IDSLGA, Mrs. Elizabeth Ojei and other Unit heads said that signs of menopause include irritation, temperamental at the slightest provocation, sleeplessness, dryness of vagina, reduced menstrual flow or seizure of menstruation. She however advised them to seek a doctor’s advice during such a time.
Moreover, for management of menopause, Mrs. Okpala advised such elderly women to cut their starch intake to avoid overweight, avoid eating late, take much of soya beans, apply original Vaseline (Blue cell) to lubricate their vagina and make sure they maintain their sex life with their husband to help them enjoy sound sleep. 
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