What do you usually give in exchange for a transaction? A merchandise purchased at a cost? What do you usually run to those machines with little faces and heavy-ladden backsides for? What do you mean when you say you're broke, dry or empty-pocketed? 

When a country consistently talks about a cashless economy or even says it's facing economic depression or recession, what exactly is lacking? Whenever you hear high-sounding words, speeches and presentations on restructuring, diversification, empowerment, what exactly do you think they're saying? 

My answer is that it is either cash (money) or I really don't know what the heck they are talking about! 

How is your heart? 
Broken? Fixed? Joyful? Sad? Overburdened? Depressed? The list goes on, let me not add more! 

When you're stuck in a relationship so noisome, too loud that the neighbours next door can't even hear you scream! You're shut in behind walls, closed doors and jammed windows, where exactly do you get the air you so desperately need? Oh, it's a marriage! You have tied the knot with this somebody and it's till death do you part? Not just that, you've given life to some other little humans, whose innocence and zest for life laden your heart with guilt, probably for making the wrong choice in a partner or for allowing things get to the point at which they were. 

Now are we only talking about a surface name; relationship or marriage? What about how you started? How you met. What about all the things shared that the world would never begin to understand even if they knew? What about sacrifices, betrayals, temptations, break-ins and break-outs? On which side are you, have you always been? Receiving? Giving? Both? What? Good, bad? Virtue, vice? Well, did you decide you couldn't take it anymore? 

Where are you now? 
Still in? Taking a break? Split up? Separated? Abandoned? Jilted? Dumped? What about the kids? And your family members? Are they on your side? 

I ask again, how is your heart? 
Full? So full? Enormously full? With emotions boiling like a breathing human organ? Had it been we decided to take a peek and let the door open even a slightly bit, would our fate be like the seven strong men that bound Shedrach, Meshac and Abadnego for the flaming furnace? We'd better not dare then!

The only reason you're here is to live and the only way to live is trade! An island wouldn't be so if it weren't surrounded by water. Whatever the land lacks, the sea gives! And whatever the sea didn't have, the land gave! You have to trade my friend! 

There's only one kind of currency that washes your soul. It never makes things better, never changes them, has no effect on any situation! It's just there for being there's sake! 

But you must trade with it to live longer! Discover the power in its powerlessness and have the highest purchasing power! Discover the subtle overwhelming strength in its seeming weakness and exploit it for your very soul! 

If you're full and can't take it anymore, let it out! If you wish to live a little longer than your average years, break those rocks and make us streams! If you're interested in living your dreams and soaring with the wind, give me not a volcano but a spring! 

Cry me and river and your soul will thank you. 
For a worthy exchange of grief for relief; utilise the purchasing power, of the currency of tears.
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