Modern Wheel Barrows manifactured in Anambra State

It is said that good things are hard to fine and it cost nothing to have a good item or equipment , but the reverse is the case, at Umudiaba village Nimo  in Njikoka L.G.A of Anambra State, lies the best things of life in terms of local movement of Goods and services.
A man named Mr. Nzeakor Peter Aged 45years with 3kids from the remote area has made himself known to the villagers and the community. Like what a lot of people will say, after school no job, but in the cost of an apprentice who worked and lived in so many African continents is different from the opinions of many people.

As the saying goes in Igbo land, that a prophet does not have a say or is not recognize in his father’s Land, that was the case of this young Entrepreneur at Umudiaba Village Nimo. When he returned, he felt that is time to set up his own business as learnt from some other countries and produced a well built and culturalised Wheel Barrow of its kind called the Anambra Barrows and Enugu Barrows.

Anambra Pattern of Wheel Barrows
Enugu Pattern of Wheel Barrows
Same Enugu Pattern of Well Barrows

The reason why our sons and daughters has failed to lay their hands at production is due to the inability to support or sponsor young growing or already develop talent, instead our leaders and the philanthropies will move to building of hotels, eateries, Beer Bars, Fuel Stations and Estates of all sorts, which will be abandoned in future or miss managed by incumbent leaders or sons and daughters of the so called leaders.
Finished Wheel Barrows
Now the question is does it mean that young entrepreneurs cannot stand, in the case of Mr. Nzeakor Peter, it is a capital NO!! He has taken the bull by the horn to start what he likes doing and at its best, so what he is asking the government, philanthropies, companies and Building Engineer to be patronize and partnership from the State Government of Anambra State his own home town.
The price of the Anambra and Enugu Wheel Barrows are cheap and affordable .
Mr. Nzeakor Peter and His family are begging and pleading with His Excellence of Anambra State Chief Willie Maduabuchi Obiano ( Akpokue Dike Global of Aguleri) to exend his belevolant hands of fellowship to The enterprenur Mr Nzeakor Peter in Nimo who has decided to choose enterprnueship as a means of survival, instead of the hard way the only way and it will of best interest for our action Governor to to know that Mr. Nzeakor Peter presence in his community Nimo, has employed the services of so many young boys from the area, as which has helped in the fight against crime in Anambra state and to its community Nimo at large and also stops illegal Migrations for white collar jobs.

Parts of wheel barrows produced in Anmabra State

Parts of Wheel Barrows produced in Anambra State

Parts of Wheel Barrows produced in Anambra State
With all this things happening here, why do people still patronize the western worlds, Africa must help Africa Grow, And Nigeria Should patronize indigenous products as they are reliable and affordable. Call us on 08162257775 and 08061186334 Email us at [email protected] for supplies and inquiring.
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