God is on our side!! BIAFRA wins again!

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God is on our side!! BIAFRA wins again!
It was a great outing yesterday as Federal Court Owerri was filled to capacity .The expectation was high .Tension was high.The Judge was expected to consider a counter motion raised by the legal team of the Nigeria Government.
The Judge arrived the court room by 10.14am with Biafran legal team well represented and led by Prof Nnaji Dikeh (SAN) and Barr Ohaeto among many other volunteer Lawyers.Surprisingly,Nigeria Legal team was no where to be found.They did not send any representative or letter of absence to the Honorable Judge.
The lawsuit between IPOB represented by Bilie Human Rights Initiative and FGN was the first to be called up.The Judge was disappointed that the Nigeria side did not register any appearance and has proven to the honorable court that they are not ready for the historical case.Prof Nnaji Dike stood up to move a motion that the counter motion from Nigeria Legal Team be struck out which the Judge obliged.
There were claps and jubilation among anxious Biafrans inside the court room immediately the Judge-Justice Alagoa announced the ruling in favor of Biafra.
On this note, he said that the Nigerian agents are playing down on the case but promised that the case must continue whether they like it or not. To this end, he adjourned the case to 10th of October 2017 for  hearing.
Biafrans must put their house in order and expect the unexpected.
Ndubuisi Anaenugwu
Director- Directorate of Information,CG-IPOB

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