Obosi and Onitsha arms conflict tori

The Legitimate Role of the Customary Government

Umu Mazi, Ndi Biafra:

I am of the impression that most of us may have heard or read about the "Leri Arms Conflict" between the Obosi and Onitsha Citizens. Actually, this conflict has a long standing history and is parallel to the Jewish and Arabs Conflict of the Middle East.  I became aware of this conflict in 1959 when I was playing with my child hood Friends, John and Charles Iwenofu.  I recall the Port Harcourt General Hospital and Braitewaite Hospital were completely filled up with the casualties of this conflict.  Also, I recall that Dr. Iwenofu, the first Ibo Surgeon of Eastern Nigeria was actively engaged in caring for the Wounded. This is all I know  of this conflict besides that not too long Miss Cordelia Iwenofu of East London contested for the Miss World Beauty Pageant.  From my meager background of Conflict Resolution Management, I would suggest that Dr. Ikedife, Dr. Ekwueme, and Professor Nwabueze should form a Task Force to study this conflict, using the instrument of the Customary Government and design an ever lasting solution.  Umu Mazi Udodiriunu, Ndi Biafra, Ka Amara Buru Nkeanyi.

Dr. Peter Ejirika,CPA
Scholarly Practitioner

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