Nibo Erosion menace and 20 Million Naira Grant: An onslaught of natural disaster!

A mighty and dangerous erosion menace would cut off the only road linking Nibo and Isiagu which is called Ring road as it serves as shortcut to connecting Old Express and
New express road via Nkwelle Awka cum Finotel [Phinotel] Hotel and Enugu State. Many businesses and deliveries ply this route including those operating in Nnewi Industrial zone. Nibo should not allow this menace occur at this point in time as it would damage a lot of things as a storey building near the spot is at stake. See pictures.
Nibo, a suburb of Awka metropolitan town got N20,000,000 for the development and maintenance of the town from Government of Anambra State in 2016 under Dr. Willie Obiano as the Governor. It would be noble to consider such huge amount quite useful 

in making relevant and crucial but critical decision in utilizing the money to initiate development with uttermost preference. This is environmental negligence indeed. The construction of any capital project is a worthwhile but not when there is a life threatening scenario that the money should have gone into to save the life and environment of the community at large.

World environment day is organized every year in June precisely and it is a day set aside to create the consciousness and awareness on the importance of environmental preservation and beautification. The idea is to create the serious impulse to cause the community to save their environment by their deliberate preservative and replenishing lifestyle and environmental administration.

Unfortunately, while the people were busy building Pavilion which on its own is good, but what looks as a threatening erosion menace that if left unchecked would turn to Nanka erosion tourist site were left to the detriment of the Community. Could this approach be called window-dressing or pursing shadow while reality remains? Why should the people of Nibo allow such erosion to grow from mere pothole to deep gulf which is about to collapse the road leading to the Eze Ezeike’s Palace and other town especially ring road connecting axis?

N20,000,000 is more than enough to handle several work of checking erosion sight around Nibo as a town and still put up the Pavilion. It must be noted sincerely that Nibo has the largest civic centre hall within Awka Capital Territory with largest space of empty land within the Civic Centre. No community has such in the whole Capital Territory and beyond. We stand to be corrected. 

This town planned their public civic centre to contain relatively whatever they need to make it a polo park as children has their playing ground attached beside the bank, Tipper Drivers and their Mechanics had their own portion while the Market women were not left out in Eke market days.
More so, in the same Civic Center, Nibo hosts GM Micro Finance Bank. A grassroots banking with a class. (Pix not available now.)

Nibo Erosion menace and 20 Million Naira Grant: An onslaught of natural disaster! Nibo Erosion menace and 20 Million Naira Grant: An onslaught  of natural disaster! Reviewed by Awareness on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 Rating: 5

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