My landlord, Mr Calistus Ilokwu used my daughter Onyinyechukwu for money ritual, family alleged reports that a civil servant, Mr Reuben Obiora and his wife, Martha Ezejigbo of Obiraka-Ezima Uli Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State have reported their former landlord, Mr Calistus Ilokwu to Citizens Rights Directorate, Awka for allegedly using their 18 year-old daughter, Onyinyechukwu for money ritual.

Miss Onyinyechukwu, who is currently mentally derailed, is Ezejigbo’s third child but allegedly lived as house-help with Ilokwu family where they reside at Port Harcourt Rivers State from January 2006 to November 2013.

According to Ezejigbos’, they were residing in the respondent (Ilokwu’s) compound at Umumary village, Ihiala, during which the landlord requested for Onyinyechukwu to be loaned to him and his wife as a maidservant since they were allegedly childless as at then.

Ever since then, the couple said that their daughter usually return home with Ilokwu’s mostly at period of festivity.

However, the plaintiff recalled that trouble started on November 2013 when the defendant phoned to inform them that he was returning home (Ihiala) with their child.

Martha claimed, “That day I was speechless as I saw Mr Calistus car stopped in front of my apartment, and he alighted and pushed my daughter and a ghana-must-go bag containing her belongings down and drove off immediately. 

“Onyinye dragged her bag into our room. Her elderly and younger siblings who were anticipating some gifts from their sister rushed and unzipped the bag. Behold, there was nothing in it for them to eat. We began to stare at her in curiosity. 30 minutes later, she undressed herself and started destroying our properties. We wailed and it attracted our neighbours to come for our help.”

The couple also claimed that they further discovered that Onyinyechukwu’s private part was deteriorating as a result of unknown illness, and immediately took her for treatments at Ihiala General Hospital and other health institutions.

They, however, noted that the virginal disorder was cured but Onyinyechukwu’s insanity continued.

As a result, they allegedly packed out of Ilokwu’s compound voluntarily, reported him to their traditional ruler, and some priests, who reportedly urged the defendant to swear to Holy Bible but he refused.

The family’s sheriff, Reuben Ezejigbo, further revealed that they had visited several churches, diviners and spiritual centres who confirmed to them that their landlord, Ilokwu allegedly used Onyinyechukwu for money ritual.

He added that, “I have sold most of my properties and spent millions of naira visiting hospitals and other places searching for my daughter’s recovery from her present sickness. On the other hand, our landlord we suspect to have masterminded this act is busy buying lands and building estates everywhere in Nigeria.

“I calling on government and authority concerned to help us compel this man to revert whatever he did that made our daughter mad so that she would become healthy again. We also want him to be sentenced to death by hanging if found guilty. Also, all the estates and other properties he acquired immediately my daughter became mad should be dismantled because he had caused us unbearable pains.”

However, when approached Mr Calistus Ilokwu at Citizens Rights Directorate in Awka, to comment on the allegations, he said he would make comment in due time.

But when contacted, Barr. Mrs N.C. Okechukwu, the Director, Citizens Rights Directorate, promised to listen to the parties involved and do justice to the case whichever way it goes.
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