Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah released as celebrations greet Ifeanyi Ubah's unconditional release from DSS

www.odogwublog.com reports that the news of unconditional release of the Chairman, CEO of Capital Oil and Gas, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah was greeted with frenzy jubilation today in Nnewi, Anambra state.

From Onitsha to Nnewi , Awka and Ekwulobia as well as Umunze and Ihiala, it was the news of Ubah’s release that dorminated the discuss among journalists, medical doctors, traders and unionists even Chairman of CLO Anambra state , Comrade Vincent Ezekwueme had told this correspondent that himself with Intersociety Chairman of BOT , Emeka Umeagbalasi have a release on behalf of the Civil Society groups on why Ubah must be released immediately before he was informed he has been released.

At the FC Ifeanyi Ubah International Stadium, Nnewi Anambra Children in their hundreds who gathered for their Children Carnival heard the news and his fans rented the air with all kinds of appellations in solidarity and everybody joined.

Though the event was not for Ubah and was not at the stadium, it was a huge coincidence and the children rented solidarity shouts which would confuse anybody as if Ubah was around in the stadium called FC Ifeanyi Ubah’s fortress.

The first caller to Nnewi Authority Office was the Minority Leader of the Anambra State House of Assembly, Hon Onyebuchi Offor.

Hon Offor who was the lone voice speaking against the illegal and criminal incarceration of the publisher of Authority Newspaper in the House of Assembly said that the release was an answer to prayers of the masses who have enjoyed the philanthropic gesture of the oil sweet merchant.

He appreciated those that stood up to be counted during the trying period of incarceration of Chief Ubah noting that they have indeed written their names in gold as lovers of good.

Also speaking, Dennis Chukwudolue said that the release of Chief Ubah was a welcome development.

Chukwudolue said that the masses in and around Nnewi have really missed the chairman of Capital Oil and Gas who described as God sent.

"It is only Chief Ifeanyi Ubah that has open his gates wide for everybody to come to him for all manner of assistance. Many other affluent personalities in this area are not easily accessible but not Chief Ubah.

"You will not only see him, he will address whatever problem that pursue you to his house and by the time you are coming out of his residence which has become a fortress for the poor and the needy, you will be laughing.

"Chief Ifeanyi Ubah is the only rich person who will see a person selling akara and bread or corn on the street, he will stop to patronize them not just because he needed those things but just to encourage them that there is hope.

Chukwudolue however tasked Nigeria security agencies to learn to be civil and law abiding noting that illegal arrests and detention that has become their attributes here do not happen in other climes.

Preacher hails Ifeanyi Ubah's freedom

Onitsha based journalist turned gospel preacher, Theo Rays Ejikeme also hailed the release of the Chairman of Capital Oil and Gas and publisher of Authority newspaper Dr Patrick Ifeanyi from the custody of the Department of State Security (DSS ) describing it as the hand work of God

Rays who has served as correspondent to the Authority newspapers said he has prior to his release initiated a marathon prayer drive involving some other men of God to ask God to intervene on the case between DSS and Ubah and facilitate amicable settlement of the case so that Ubah will regain his freedom and go back to his businesses.

"On Sunday, I mobilized fire brand men of God to pray for God's intervention for the release of Ifeanyi Ubah, and we declared a marathon prayer race at the auditorium of Unifaith Living Church Ogidi, I said we won't stop until he regains his freedom and go back to his businesses, so God has answered our prayer on quick note" the preacher said.

He said that the continued detention of the oil magnet and publisher of Nigeria's fastest growing national daily newspaper is no longer acceptable hence the prayer to God for his freedom, noting that ubah's absent has began to bear negative impact on those who rely on him for sustenance and even survival.

"When you talk about Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, you are talking about a job provider, a bread winner for many families across Nigeria and oversea countries, a mover of economy of Nigeria and of course a life changer that carries the hope of sustenance and survival of large quantity of the people , so keeping him in detention doesn't work in the best interest of anybody and we are happy for his freedom" he added

In his own comment, a House of Assembly hopeful, Hon Obiora Osuigwe, Chairman, Screening Committee, Ifeanyi Ubah Super Supporters Club said the unconditional release of Dr Ubah is a dream come through.

He noted that every lovers of good and decency have been waiting eagerly for the release of Chief Ubah who by all known standard has not done anything to justify the arrest and incarceration.

Princess Edith Anukwu, a civil servant also told Authority that she has been organizing special prayers for the release of the detained Oil Chief.

She expressed worry that the Igbo is not getting their own fair treatment in the political entity called Nigeria noting that Chief Ubah was subjected to inhuman treatment of illegal arrest just because he is from the South East.

A visit to the ever bubbling Nnewi main market by our reporter revealed that many traders were equally excited about the home coming of Chief Ubah who they described as their person.

"When we were having issues in Lagos, it was only Chief Ubah who came to our aid, others pretended as if they don't know what was happening, I know it was because of that singular feat that he was marked by the powers that be in Nigeria but God pass all human powers." Ikechukwu noted.
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