Cornucopia: Senator Andy Uba’s faux pas and Anambra 2017 Governorship Election by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

Senator Emmanuel Andy Uba was a Governor for 17 days in Anambra state before his ambition was cut short. The election that brought him in wouldn’t have been as interpreted by court, hence former Governor Peter Obi returned.
Whatever I write now about Andy would be misconstrued by many busybodies around him but do I owe them apologies to express my personal opinion on Anambra politics?

The barricade on him by aides and associates is unbecoming of a senator, representing the people. They don’t want him to know some facts and truth around the many mysteries they create for cash to flow? Am I a victim? How come I am in the know?
For whatever it is worth, professionalism in journalism has dealt a blow on me. I always state my mind and care less whose ox is gored. Such has landed me in troubles and I expect no less this time. They won’t see the hundreds I have written before now based on their standpoint but this my opinion would cause them bile. They cherish praise singing.  But there is always a moment of truth.

Uba’s ambition to govern Anambra in 2017 is a sheer wishful thinking and nothing further than that. For the two times he went to the senate, he emasculated the processes and stood alone. He detests competition. He has a way of either standing alone or short-changing the process. Was his cash speaking? Has his chairmanship of Senate Committee on INEC got anything to do with that?

Let me not bother you with his election as Anambra South Senator under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the return journey still being contested by his brother, Chief Chris Uba, then controversial BOT member of PDP.
His elder brother, Ugochukwu Uba, was a senator, also in power while Chief Chris Uba for long was PDP BOT member when he was seen as to have pocketed Anambra state against all odds.
Senator Uba made his boy and former NANS President, now in the National Assembly, Hon Tony Nwoye Chairman of PDP while still Presidential Aide to then President Obasanjo. He indeed has a good heart and appointed so many into key national positions including Prof Maurice Iwu of INEC and Prof Chukwuma Soludo of CBN to mention but a few. He always think fast and smart in his dealings unknown to many, even if his PhD and other certificates are under contention, he merits them for smartness and foresighted more than all the politicians put together.

Uba plots with precision and leaves no traces until his acts are perfected. Try him and get lost.
Despite all the good qualities Senator Andy Uba has going for him, if he is the best foot the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has to put forward then the election is going to be a walk over for Chief Willie Obiano if he gets the ticket of his All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) even with all the riggings APC has been associated with as witnessed in some elections allegedly in Rivers and Edo states.
  Senator Uba , a schemer amazed me when he demanded that PDP leaders and members that benefitted one thing or the other from him especially operational vehicles and motorbikes should return them. Sounds illogical and childish but I was outraged he could say such publicly and on tape. Tufiakwa! What a political hara-kiri and a faux pas. How can the APC trust such a man with their ticket? He is just going to be like Rochas Okorocha that APGA sponsored and he kicked the party in the groin , thinking he is smart but  his judgment day is about to begin even having served 8 years. There was no equity in his betrayal of APGA then.

I am not a member of PDP at that but Uba’s statement to a party and members that made him whatever he is in Nigeria was so insulting , irritating and humiliating to the party and members. What was that that Uba gave to leaders, that he could not move on quietly without impressing it on them. Let me ask Uba, if he is going to do restitution on the emoluments and other pecks of office including using INEC at his wish and will in the past 17 years? What was in worthless fairly used operational vehicles he donated to the party years back that he was asking them to return?  That’s why I get angry with the members of PDP for allowing the crisis to fester. What impudence!

Already, Senator Andy Uba has mesmerized the leadership of APC with filthy lucre that the ticket is already his for the asking. Senator Chris Ngige , APC leader indeed but he doesn’t know how to turn things around with money, Uba knows. His first sojourn as Governor, Uba spoilt Anambra people and he became ‘our Igwebuike’ even though I was not part of his fans and media but I loved what he did to people. He blessed their lives before my current boss , Ifeanyi Ubah spoilt them. Oh My God! Thank you Andy Uba, and Ifeanyi Ubah for that bazaar to Ndi Anambra and the rest of Nigeria.

 Many families resurrected from poverty even journalists who were privileged to work with him at that time one night went home, a million richer. Politicians lied against each other to get the cash. Tony Nwoye indeed was at the sharing point and PDP members smiled. But today APGA is in power and even BOT members are singing discordant tunes. What an irony!

But even with all members of APGA in hunger, Senator Uba would be defeated by Chief Obiano and any other at that from APGA because Uba’s have had their fill. I am dead sure for that. Mr Godwin Ezeemo too already defeated Uba even without sharing money like maggot. He is a better candidate and should re-alignment happen, Ezeemo is the next Governor. Topic for another day.

Senator Uba’s greatest undoing is that some of his trusted aides connive with outsiders to organize one political hara-kiri or the other to ‘scam’ him and still present a façade of innocence before Andy, only to come for settlement? His certificate scam, how did it start? Who brought outsiders? Youths protesting against him , asking for his recall and so many others? Though my man, Oderaigbo and his team as well as some social media team, ‘’team AndyUba’ or so are trying to repackage Senator Andy unknown to them that all the hyssop in Cairo would not clean a pig , no matter how one tries, once it has been named a pig. For 2017, Andy is out of the picture but I know his game plan.

The truth is that Andy is scheming to ensure he retains his Senatorial position and not Governor of Anambra state. I can bet he would fail like pack of cards should APC give him ticket. The party and its leadership needed the varve Andy brought in but Ngige already is scheming and he is a master strategy in scheming people out.
Anyway needless worrying over APC’s candidate but I can bet them Andy would not make it as even inside APC he would be fought by many including his former boy, Dr Nwoye , the wise guy, already made a billionaire by Prince Engr Arthur Eze, so much money yet nothing for us as a people, a story for another day.
Indeed 2017 is going to be Andy Uba’s albatross in his political sojourn but alas, he would resurface, stronger and bigger if sincere people are close by. But who knows when and how? For now, Obiano would beat him silly, no matter the style APC comes with!

Odogwu Emeka ODOGWU is a Public Affairs analyst and commentator. He is a blogger of repute@ , also a Media Executive based in South East, Nigeria. He can be reached on 08060750240. E mail: [email protected]
Cornucopia: Senator Andy Uba’s faux pas and Anambra 2017 Governorship Election by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu Cornucopia: Senator Andy Uba’s faux pas and Anambra 2017 Governorship Election by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu Reviewed by Unknown on Monday, June 12, 2017 Rating: 5

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