Breaking News: Chief Gogo Nwakuche, Late Mrs Flora Nwapa’s husband disowns son, Mr Uzoma Nwakuche, says he is a fraudster reports that the  first son of the multi millionaire business man and Managing Director of Lake Concrete NIGERIA Limited Chief Gogo Nwakuche, Mr Uzoma Nwakuche has been in the news recently. According to one of the Blog sites in Nigeria, Mr Uzoma Nwakuche was in February 2017 arrested by the operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over a family matter .

 The story also claimed that Mr Nwakuches international passport and other travel documents were seized by the anti graft commission and that it has hampered him from traveling abroad especially for the late mother who was a writer, who was been honored posthumously in the UK.

On the strength of this pathetic story as it were our correspondent moved into action to ascertain the truth from the man at the Centre of the whole saga, Chief Gogo Nwakuche .

Our correspondent visited the Ogbaru street, Independence layout palatial expansive compound of the Nwakuches where he had an exclusive chat with Oguagu Oguta, chief Gogo Nwakuche. In the first instance, chief Nwakuche wondered why his own son whom he treated with love and care more than his other siblings from other mothers could defend so low as to malign the name of the family by the blatant lies he told the press.
According to Chief Nwakuche, he founded three companies when his children were still toddlers and just like other Igbo families, he acquired shares for all his seven sons in the three Limited Liability companies he founded namely; Lake Concrete, Scot Amede and Amede Peninsula.

 He explained that he Alcatel 1000 shares of the three companies to Uzoma Nwakuche which was the highest share from other male siblings who had 900 shares each. Chief Nwakuche said that unknown to him in the year 2015, that Uzoma went to the corporate Affairs commission Abuja and fraudulently removed his name as the chief executive of the three companies , demoted him to a mere director while making himself Chairman and chief executive officer claiming with forged documents that the development was as a result of company resolution from the meeting of the board of director. He forged the signatures of all his siblings who were not aware of his dastardly act.
He did not stop there according to Chief Nwakuche, Uzoma also wrote to all their companies' bankers intimating the about the changes effected in the companies concerned and informed the bankers that he was the sole signatory to the accounts of the companies in those banks. Chief Nwakuche stated that at this juncture the Corporate affairs commission wrote him a letter asking him to clarify the information they had. It was then that Chief Nwakuche discovered what happened, coupled with fact that the bankers wrote him. It was then that he made effort to stop the stealing of 30 million Naira company money which he almost appropriated.
Chief Nwakuche told our reporter that at this stage he wrote a strong worded petition to the Economic and Financial Crimes commission EFCC, who invited him, detained him in the course of their investigation and found out through their investigation that Uzoma opened afresh companies account with Ecobank which he used to defraud the Federal Government the sum of 25 million Naira being part of the contract money for the project being executed by one of bus companies Amede peninsula.

It was on the discovery of all the details of tiger fraud by Uzoma Nwakuche that the EFCC in admitting him to bail kept his international passport in their custody so that he does not jump bail when ever he is required to come to court and answer for his deeds. Chief Nwakuche regretted that he did deserve the treatment his own son is giving him and queried rhetorically whether it is a crime to show love to your child adding that for the avoidance of doubt, he is not retired yet from his businesses and advised any one who wants to run a company to go and ester lush his own and not to according to him " overthrow your father and take over his own business. He called on his friends all over the world to discountenance any story coming from Uzoma as they are laced with blatant tissues of lies.
He said that after their final investigation husband son Uzoma Nwakuche will appear in court to defend his deeds.

Breaking News: Chief Gogo Nwakuche, Late Mrs Flora Nwapa’s husband disowns son, Mr Uzoma Nwakuche, says he is a fraudster Breaking News: Chief Gogo Nwakuche, Late Mrs Flora Nwapa’s husband disowns son, Mr Uzoma Nwakuche, says he is a fraudster Reviewed by Unknown on Thursday, June 08, 2017 Rating: 5

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