Chief Modestus Umenzekwe
All Progressives Congress (APC) Chieftain in Lagos and Anambra state, Chief Modestus Umenzekwe has again come in defense of Acting President Yemi Osibanjo.

Umenzekwe who is also the Chairman of Adem Industrial and Commercial Complex, Lagos-Badagry Expressway, Lagos state is a die hard supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari. His views as captured by our South-East Bureau Chief Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, Awka

How would you react to alleged nepotsim on the Vice President?

That’s not true and cannot be true for the Acting President I know very well. That it is being said that the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo is conering federal jobs to his kinsmen is mere allegation that cannot withstand any imperical test. It is not true because Professor Osinbajo is such a pragmatic leader who understands the law of Federal character.

In his office I happened to visit sometime though unknown to him, 1 saw Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo and every other tribes in  Nigeria. Osinbajo is above board being a professor of law, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.
A forensic analysis of his activities since he assumed office as the Acting President shows that he has never, never gone contrary to the rule of law governing that office.
Personally, I have not seen Osinbajo, but let me warn that whenever we talk about nepotism and tribalism, we have to be careful. During the time of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, his driver and cook were from the Eastern region. Even the last Ooni of Ife, his own personal cook and steward was a man of Igbo-Delta extraction. So, nobody should accuse Mr. Acting President of nepotism and tribalism.
The wife of the President, Her Excellency Aisha Buhari came back after visiting her husband in London and extended her husband's appreciation to the Acting President for a job well done. Osinbajo has proved a lot on President Buhari''s Management of Nigeria. Let us always talk about unity instead of disunity.
A lot has happened in the true governance of Nigeria since Buhari travelled to London on Medical ground. On the removal of PENCOM- Mrs. Chinelo Anohu; we are not to apportion blame yet on the part of the Acting President until the Federal Government issues a statement to that effect showing why she was not able to serve off her statutory period time. To show his love for this country, the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo over ruled all security advise and visited Maiduguri to see things for himself as a result of recent Boko Haram attack that claimed many lives in Maiduguri. Osinbajo is a thorough man of peace. The other day, he made a two day official visit to Cross River ostensibly all in an effort to make peace within the Navy and the Police. He was in Awka Anambra state the other day to felicitate with his members the Law teachers and made a proactive statement on insecurity and poverty.

What about Minister for Labour, Senator Ngige’s stand on Igbo marginalization? He is supporting it?
It is not true that Ngige supports Igbo marginalization because the clamour of Igbo marginalization, Ngige and Late Chuba Okadigbo started hammering on that longest time. Ngige was trying to draw the attention of our beloved people to the effect that in politics the more you vote any government to come into power the more certain amenities and appointments.

That is what is called the democratic dividend. I know Ngige was quoted out of context by some hostile newsmen. Remember that the six zonal structure being used now in Nigeria, Ngige was one of the major proponents of that idea. Ngige's tutelage in governance began as a provost to the President General of his town Union; and his town (Alor) is one of the most progressive towns in Igbo land.

From there, he rose to become the president elite Professional Aka-Ikenga; and within Aka-Ikenga he was able in conjunction with Ikemba, Ekwueme and others propound the idea of six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

That family of Ngige is associated with the former minister of Agriculture Eastern Region Chief P.N. Okeke who built Presidential Hotel Enugu and Port-Harcourt. As a Minister of Labour and Employment, he has showed a remarkable improvement as the relationship between the labour union and government is very cordial. His name should not "be associated with such falsehood of being against Ndigbo or making such false claim that Ndigbo should not get appointment. Ngige did not say so.

What about Fashola’s stand on Ndigbo and his inability to give us energy?

Fashola is a true Nigerian. Those that have been calling him a failure are indirectly calling him an achiever. Fashola has successfully managed the three principal ministries to a successful end.

Our power generation has improved to the extent that in the next few months Nigerians shall earn more power mega watts than they have when he came in. The other time he told us that only Afam power plant is capable of generating up to 10 mega watts. There has been remarkable improvement on road infrastructure all over the country.
In the South East alone, most of the federal roads abandoned in the past are in the shape of being fixed now. Thanks to the man Fashola who goes about inspecting all the roads round the clock.
I am surprised that some people are criticizing him, calling him a failure. Look at the roads in Apapa, When Apapa road from Ijora to Leventis was very bad and the flyover became a threat, Fashola did not waste time in fixing the road properly. Now the entire Apapa road especially Greek road to Apapa wharf has been in such a situation that it has knocked off commercial activities in Apapa. Fashola is in the process of clearing the whole mess to make it motorable again.

You are active in making Governors both in Anambra and elsewhere, so how would Anambra 2017 be?

The position in Anambra now is an easy work over for APC. We cannot afford to play orphanage politics where we are brought up without parents. The court decision on APGA on 22nd may 2017. At Enugu High Court has said it all. Therefore APC is cruising to victory. Could the government of Anambra state believe that not even a single road has been done in Anambra South Senatorial Zone?
The ones done in Anambra central were done by our man Dr. Chris Ngige and Mr. Peter obi. There is something I will not like to dwell on fully, that is the merriment visit of Anambra state Governor to America for the daughter's convocation. It is so bad and reminds us of an incident in Rivers State when the governor then in 1973 because of his birthday a senior journalist representing Observer newspaper published something to the contrary of the governor, his ADC dealt with the journalist with twenty-five strokes of cane.

That ADC later turned out to be Amanyanabo. After that incidence the Nigerian union of Journalists went to court and briefed Ghani Fawehinml which was the first case Ghani held that brought him to fame before Hon. Justice Ambrose Alagoa who condemned that evil act. Amakiri the victim of that incident was handsomely paid, not quite long the government of River State then was sacked by the military in 1975.1 will not like to have such flamboyant scenario repeated in Anambra for a mere daughter's convocation. Look at the security situation in Anambra state. It has almost collapsed because the act of kidnapping, armed robbery, killing of security operatives by hoodlums and other vices are now on the increase.

What would be your take on the three months ultimatum by Northern Coalition of youths?
From time immemorial the friendship between Owelle of Onitsha, Rt. Hon Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe and the Sokoto Caliphate brought about friendly relationship and association among the Igbos and the Northerners.

The former Emir of Kano Alhaji Mohammadu Sanusi the grandfather of the present Emir through that understanding the Igbos were encouraged by that relationship of Ahmadu Bello.

Nnamdi Azikwe, the former Sultan of Sokoto Alhaji Sadiq Abubakar the father of Sultan that died in Plane crash and the present Sultan, prior to that Mr. Mamman Dike from Asaba who was one of the king makers in the Sultanate, who drove Lord Lugard for forty-six years as a personal driver and died at the Sultanate at the age of over 130 years.

This was followed by Chief Ogbunugafor from Nimo in Anambra State who was the owner of Universal Hotel Sokoto, that relationship brought about Chief Barrister Ernest Egbunna first speaker of Eastern Nigerian who was briefed by Zik and others to free Ahmadu Bello from detention when he was allegedly detained on tax related issue.

Through these incidents Okonkwo Kano from Umudim Nnewi, Chief Jideofor of Alor and Chief Onyido the father of present new Igwe of Ogidi and Chief C.D. Jones Okpala of Akpo a family friend of Alhaji Musa Gashash, the first Northern Nigerian minister of lands, that alone and others 1 am yet to mention brought about the coalition between Ndigbo and the Northerners especially Sokoto and Kano until the Military porch brought into bloodshed in the Northern region.

Only in Sokoto Emirate the Igbo blood never spilled during the 1966 pogrom. Another friend of the Igbo Alhaji Ado Bayero the son of Alhaji Abdulahi Bayero the last Emir he was the friend of Ndigbo especially Chief M.A. Agbamuche former Attorney General of the Federation from Akwa-Ukwu personal legal adviser to Ahmadu Bello. Alhaji Ado Bayero was a personal friend of Ikemba Nnewi when Ikemba was the commandant of the 5th Battalion Kano. With the military takeover in 1966, Alhaji Ado Bayero was made the Chancellor, University of Nigeria Nsukka by Col. Okukwu having removed Zik.
Now the Northern coalition youth having known all these felt that this age long relationship has expiring date hence their three months quit notice to the Igbos. The quest that Igbos should leave North is a blessing in disguise. Igbos are capable of building their home for greater than what they built outside their homes. Most unfortunately these happenings are taking place when the President is not in the Country.
The childhood relationship between President Buhari and late Owelle Chuma Bamidele Azikwe cannot be over emphasized and that is why it is important for the president to return hale and hearty to Nigeria before Igbos will start relocating from the North.
The Igbos over the years had never, never offended their host. The first International Hotel in Maiduguri was built by an Igbo man Late Chief Mbonu from Nawfia. All these things notwithstanding we the Igbos will go before the expiring date.
In conclusion, Nigerians and the world should note that the Igbos have assets totaling over forty trillion in the North, but that will never stop us from going.

Does it mean President Buhari has a relationship with Ndigbo?

Of course yes! It is always said by the Igbos that Buhari does not like the Igbos and as such doesn't want them in his government. I differ with that opinion due to the following reasons.

Buhari is one of the Nigerian leaders that have demonstrated true love for the Igbos. In 1984 he made an Igbo man Chief Chike Ofodile his Attorney General and during that time Buhari has been exposed as an incorruptible leader Nigeria has ever had.

It was during this period that so many changes were made both in Judiciary and social sectors for the good of the country.

In Buhari's first attempt to contest for the presidential position, an Igbo man in the person of Chief Edwin Ume-Ezeoke former speaker in the Federal House of Representative was his running mate.

In his second attempt again, Distinguished Senator Chuba Will before Okadigbo, former President of the Senate was his running mate; until he inhaled police teargas in Kano which led to his death.

To further demonstrate his friendly relationship with the Igbos, Buhari engaged the services of the revered Igbo Legal Icon Chief Mike Ahamba SAN as his Principal Counsel before his swearing in as the President in 2015.

Above all one of his best friends unknown to people was the last Owelle of Onitsha Chief Chuma Bamidele Azikiwe, the first son of first President of Nigeria Rt Hon Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (Owelle of Onitsha).

People criticize Buhari for lopsidedness in the appointment of the service Chiefs, mark you that those offices were badly handled by his predecessors.

Like I rightly said earlier on; in the presidential system of government, the president can choose any person he likes to run his affairs in governance. But that does not mean one can choose everything from one part of the country, but in this case so many things happened.

Look at what is going on in courts involving the past service chiefs down the ladder. With all these happening, Buhari is being very careful; may be in his second term the system must have been cleaned and proper thing done in appointments.

But for the abrupt takeover of his government in the past by now the mess being experienced in the official sector must have been cleared. Remember that during his tenure as the military Head of State, he jailed so many state governors and ministers for corruption.